Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday This and That

Since I started Best Things in Beauty, I have not suffered a winter like this one. There are very few days when the sun shines, allowing me to take photos. Look at the forecast for this week. See Tuesday? When they say partly cloudy, they really mean you may see the sun briefly if you get lucky. I've seen another photo from the same source that shows a mostly cloudy day. I will be at work and won't have the luxury of running outdoors at the exact time the sun graces us with an appearance - if it does. After that? Next chance will be Saturday. Now I understand why people get depressed in the winter.

I have new makeup and no photos. I hate the thought that they will go unshared because summer collections will be making their way to the counters by the time I can get outside to take photos. The only thing I can tell you is that I love my new Chantecaille goodies; the Clarins neutral eye shadows for winter are very nice; and the new Tom Ford Lipsticks are worth a look-see. I do have photos of a gorgeous new Rouge Bunny Rouge eye palette, but I have not been given the go-ahead to show them to you yet. I'll write this week and beg.

This week, I'll try a new approach and devote the week to beauty treasures that don't really need swatch photos to describe. I think I'll have time to write on most of the days.

What have I been doing?
  • Caring for Mom's string of bad luck. (FIOS went missing again this week.)
  • Bought a new Audi.
  • Shoveling snow (small amounts at a time, thankfully)
  • Chipping through ice.
  • Keeping my outdoor animals well fed so they can withstand the horrible cold.
  • Buying snow boots.
  • Suffering over human treatment of animals - and people's treatment of other people.
I am boycotting the Olympics. I will not watch on television. The moment I found out the Russians had hired "exterminators" to rid the Sochi area of stray dogs by poisoning them, I wrote off the Olympics. While rights groups have gone into the country to round up and protect the dogs, the damage that was done to Russia's reputation will remain in my mind forever.

Today, I learned that a healthy young giraffe was shot to death by the Copenhagen Zoo, despite a worldwide protest and offers from other zoos to take him. Why? To prevent inbreeding. The easiest way to prevent inbreeding would have been to allow another zoo to take Marius. Now he will be lion food. What must that poor animal have thought as his keepers turned on him? I cannot post the photo; it's too graphic. I find this act so reprehensible, I must now add Denmark to my "bad countries" list - the one that contains countries that hunt whales; condone killing sharks for their tails, throwing the sharks back in the ocean to die; and the ones that jail human rights activists. It's an ugly world out there. Sometimes its hard to find beauty when you cry through the news. Even Colonel Meow died.

I have been spending a lot of time - too much, probably - on Facebook, and I can recommend some sites for finding feel-good stories. Here's only a sampling of the sites that make me happy.
  • The couple writing Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary deserves sainthood. If you like dogs, browse the site and you will be hooked.
  • Sir Stuffington is a cat who lives with rescued cats and dogs with two women who are also saints. Their photos and stories are heartwarming.
  • I love Bengal Cat World. I see Charlie's distant relatives there.
  • Recycled Doggies shows us that there are people with big hearts.
Even though it may seem so, I haven't given up on Best Things in Beauty. I may have to shift the emphasis for a bit. Maybe I'll try to improve my skills in writing about fragrance while I wait for spring, hoping those groundhogs were all incorrect.

I can continue to laugh about the Dr. Perricone paid content (infomercials) that air on DC's NBC station on Saturday evenings. If the brand is so great, why do they need to stoop to the level of Dr. Oz and kitchen gizmos. Have you seen one of these half-hour celebrations on Perricone's "brilliance"? 

I miss you!

Photo courtesy of NBC Washington


Nemo said...

Hi, Cg. Couldn't agree with you more on the Olympics! I never was a fan of them anyway, because I can't stand the Olympic mentality which is too much like the cop mentality and the military mentality and the Catholic mentality: follow orders and do what you're told: don't ask Qs and don't be an independent thinker. I was not brought up that way, thank God. And I never was a fan of the Russians! Brutish to be sure. As soon as I heard that about the dogs, I hate'em all the more. And I hated it when that former ice queen Irina Rodnina (sic) did a racist photo of Obama. What a stupid B---h! (You'll never print this, I know, and that's OK). Who says the cold war is over? I just came across the giraffe story and that's it for Denmark, too. Hate these people!!!! Give me a cold-blooded murderer any day! On a more heartening note, there is another facebook page for you to see: Rescuing Philly. It's all about 3 LA lady police officers who found an injured pit bull on the sidewalk and saved him. Their efforts have turned big time with their facebook page and web site because now they rescue doggies all the time and pay for all of it with donations and find them forever homes. If I were rich, I'd establish a Philly East and South and support all of them as charitable foundations. Dream on, huh? As for makeup, the reason we exist, there has been nothing lately. Everything seems to have come to a halt. I have been enjoying my CHANEL spring and also my last year's CHANEL spring. I have to drive about 40 miles one way to my job and the roads have been frightening because of the snow. Lots of closures and accidents. And yes it is depressing. But I hear spring birdies, especially the one whose little song sounds like "kitty kitty." Please hang in there because God knows we need your passion above all else and your love for all things four-legged. Please kiss Charlie for me.

Anonymous said...

We had a string of somewhat sunny days north of Seattle, WA and I'm grateful. We had snow overnight and I'm off to fill the bird feeder and birdbath. I'm pretty sure our small feathered friends here will appreciate some easy food. Have a great Sunday!

ChristineV said...

The dogs in Socchi got to me too. Did you see the picture where a stray made it into the opening ceremony? Also Russians are outraged. One man drove over 900 miles to pick up a dozen dogs (all his car would carry) and took them home. Watch. Write the network to express your outrage. If you aren't watching no impact to the TV idiots.

If enough of us complain, they will do a story that shames Russia for its inhumanity. They are trying so hard to put a false face on this inhumane act.

Eileen said...

Dear Charlestongirl, it sounds like you have seasonal affective disorder big time! I hope you're able to spend a bit of time outdoors every day other than the from-the-house-to-the-car-to-the-office variety. Fresh air, light exercise, and seeing new sights go a long way towards lifting the spirits. Easy for me to say living in sunny SoCal! This winter has been relentless and absolutely brutal on so many of the states and so I hope everyone who must endure it is finding a way to maintain good spirits.

On the beauty front, I was very pleased with my Tom Ford lipsticks. I bought the shimmery Summer Fling and luscious Paradiso and am very happy with both of them. I've talked about them a lot on some of the other blogs and, since many of us read the same ones, I won't repeat myself :-)

For anyone who lives near Thousand Oaks, CA, Marcus Monzon will be at Nordstrom's for two days--2/12 and 2/13. I believe he still has a couple openings. If you're interested, you can call Gisu at the Guerlain counter.

I've been trying out Tatcha's new Indigo collection and am very pleased with the results. It's not meant for everyone. It is for people who have eczema and other forms of dermatitis. My rosacea is usually very mild and well controlled, but for some reason, the last few months I've been plagued with flareups. SKII Mask-In Lotion has helped tremendously to calm my skin overall, but I was still getting outbreaks on my cheeks. So, when I heard about the Indigo collection, I though I'd give it a try. I was won over by the way in which it soothed my irritated cheeks, calmed the redness, and diminished the bumpiness. Now, as soon as a flareup threatens, I use the concentrated cream on the area of redness at night. The next morning my skin looks and feels so much better. I keep the goodness going during the day by using a bit of the Indigo body butter to moisturize the problem areas. The cream concentrate is dark blue (indigo--duh!) and looks blue on the skin, but the body butter becomes invisible when rubbed in. As I said, the Indigo collection isn't intended for everyone, but people who suffer from various forms of dermatitis might want to take a look at it.

As for the spring collections, I'm still waiting to see Clé de Peau's La Boheme, but other than that, I'm set until the summer collections arrive. It's never ending, isn't it? :-)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone. Those of you back east and in the midlands, stay warm and in good cheer.

Anonymous said...

Hello CharlestonGirl,
I have been following your blog for many years, a daily reader, but have never felt compelled to write in - until today.
I remember when you started moderating comments - your entry that day talked about being respectful and building a community that uplifts and supports.
Therefore, I was shocked by some of your own comments painting an entire nation as bad based on the actions of a very few. And I am upset that you posted Nemo's comments today - the words are full of hate and vitriol to entire groups of people.
So, CharlestonGirl, I am seeking to understand your choices today.
"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Anonymous said...

Charlestongirl, we are snowed in, too. My children are giddy with joy and it is on the brink of melting. I hope your week will bring some sunshine and happy news. I have been feeding the little critters around my house diligently and have an abundance of birds but feel for the geese which cannot find food with all the snow everywhere. I hadn't heard about the giraffe story - how sad - but had heard about the dogs. There have been interesting commentaries on the Olympics in Socchi.

Eileen, a lighbulb just went on when I read your post. I have the breakouts on my upper cheeks, too and always thought I just had to live with them. Is there anything one can do about them? I have used Dr. Hauschka for years and have had good results. Am experimenting with the Chanel jour/nuit/weekend, too. I thought perhaps my cheeks need more exfoliation but it sounds like my skin might be similar to yours with a little redness in it. I am looking forward to the new Chanel quads - Chanel spring wasn't that great for me. Just ordered TM pink dune and am a bit disappointed. Perhaps, it'll look better with the sun out.

Best to everybody,

ame said...

I, too, am boycotting this Olympics, though admittedly I don't really give a rip about them any year they're on. They do a horrendous job with their coverage anyway, I don't want to watch Bob Costas babble on about stupid inane crap or some crap commercial, IF I watch an Olympic event I want to watch the EVENT, ALL OF THE EVENT, not some watered down version of it. I have NO interest in giving them ratings for supporting this regime's horrendous treatment of animals, the gay rights (or lack thereof), the conditions they've had 7 years to mitigate yet are still beyond unprepared for, and so forth. I was hoping more people would boycott and not watch it or speak of it at all in the first place, so that Russia would get less of a boost, and the Olympics as a whole would just get less of a boost. But unfortunately, 'murrca doesn't seem to give a crap about what's wrong with the world and that country.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted too, with the giraffe killing and the parents allowing their children to watch and, of course, the ever present mobile phones recording every move. There are no words really.

This weather is very dreary and miserable most days but once February is done I know the worst is over.

Eileen, I have just purchased Tatcha's lip balm, the cleansing oil, gentle rice powder and dewy mist and look forward to using all of them. I have dermatitis and will take your recommendation on the new Indigo collection and look into it right away. Thank you for your words on it.

Nemo, your posts in the past have always interested me but please remember that there are surely people of Catholic faith viewing the board. Many of them do not go along with everything as you think they do and have their own minds and reason.

Running with Scissors said...

Hi CG, I haven't commented for a long time, but this post was very moving. I didn't know of any of the animal welfare stories you mentioned, so thanks for enlightening me about that.... Christy xxx

roxymisha said...

We miss you too CG. I am not interested in watching the Olympics either and I too am horrified at all the horrible things that people do to animals. The giraffe killing was upsetting and one idiotic radio presenter was making jokes about it! Such insensitivity.

We are having unprecedented heatwaves in Australia and yesterday was the worst fire hazard day in 5 years in Victoria, coinciding with the 5th anniversary of 'Black Saturday' when 173 died in bushfires and many people in beautiful countryside lost their homes. So tragic.

Keep well and enjoy your new Audi.


Charlestongirl said...

Hey Nemo, I was raised a Catholic. I think that taught me the difference between right and wrong - and for that I am grateful. I no longer go to church because of the Catholic official beliefs, but I have hope that Pope Francis will help turn things around.

I am sick about the recent, horrible stories about the treatment of animals. When are all the people of any nation or faith going to stand up for God's creatures? I will look up Rescuing Philly.

Charlie sends purrs. He understands that we get passionate about animals.

Natalya said...

As I am reading many ugly and disrespectful comments towards the whole nation with approximately 142 million people, I wonder what time & place I live in. Nemo is accusing Rodnina of racism but says : “I hate'em all the more.” WOW!!!! My kids who were born and raised in the US (not “American” after all as they are full blooded Russian) asked me why there is so much hatred towards Russia recently. I cannot help but tell them about Nazi Germany and the jews. Germans were good Christians who did attend churches but hated the jews. There is NOTHING beautiful about anti-Semitism or hating a different nationality/race group.

Charlestongirl said...

OK, all, it's time to remember that passion often makes people exaggerate their feelings. Or that the actions of a government make people hate its citizens. How many people have condemned Americans because of the wars in the Middle East? Or set our embassies on fire?

When the people of our world share values, then we must advocate to protect what we share. If the Russian people respect and agree with the government's actions, then they are going to suffer the same kind of criticism that citizens of the U.S. suffer for advocating for democracy in Middle Eastern nations.

Most U.S. citizens want us out of Afghanistan, but feel powerless to demand that of our government. Perhaps Russians are in the same spot? Unfortunately, a government represents its people.

Please do not make me close comments on this post. Let's think instead about why people hold strong opinions and agree (or disagree) with a thoughtful post I saw today.

"I like flaws and am most comfortable around those who have them. I myself am made up entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions."

Charlestongirl said...

I thought about it a bit and decided to close comments. While I did not agree with all of Nemo's sentiments, I didn't want to censor her. I happen to know she is a good person, who has a life you might admire if you knew her and her good works. You clearly don't have that advantage.

I expressed my feelings about animal welfare, and suddenly the conversation has turned to the heinous extermination of people if the Jewish faith. Time to close this conversation.