Sunday, April 27, 2014

Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes to Kill Macro-Color Eyeshadow

I am a very happy Armani fan today! Although I had not expected to see the new Giorgio Armani Beauty Eyes to Kill Macro-Color Eyeshadows at the counter before next month, today I found that they had just arrived at Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallerie.  There were many colors from which to choose, which lured me into purchasing nine. I may go back for a few more. I left be hind a pink that's lovely, and I also put back a smoky shade that I wanted. Nine was enough - for now.

I was shopping the floor with Michal Reinhardt from Le Métier de Beauté - an amazing artist - and he helped me select the nine that came home with me. I'm thrilled with all of them!

I photographed them in numeric order, left to right, picking up with the next number with each photo. Here are the shades I purchased.
  • Asphalt #3
  • Wood #4
  • Khaki #6
  • Tadzio #9
  • Beige Nudo #10
  • Écaille #11
  • Ice #12
  • Green Viper #17
  • Corallo #23
I know you may think I lost it when I got to Green Viper and Corallo, but you have to see them when applied lightly with an eye shadow brush and patted into the skin - or mixed with other shades in the collection. They are magnificent!

I'll give you an introduction today, but I plan to feature these beautiful colors in greater depth after the predicted rains stop this week. I want you to see some of the combinations that you can create with these gorgeous shadows.

I took my swatch photos in full sun, using a sponge-tipped applicator to apply the shades. They are pigmented, so one swipe was all I needed to show the colors.  Remember that even though they are pigmented, you can apply these colors as sheerly as you wish. I swatched on my arm in numeric order. The first photo directly below shows #3, #4, #6, and #9 from top to bottom. The second shows #10, #11, #12, #17, and #23.

Asphalt, Wood, and Khaki all have a satin finish and will serve as my contouring and emphasis shades. They are typical Giorgio Armani fabric shades - the kind of colors that force you to step back and admire their complexity. Tadzio is the shimmering taupe that I had hoped to see in the Tom Ford summer palette. Tadzio is the real thing, and I think it's drop-dead gorgeous.

From these shades, we more to three more subtle shimmers: Beige Nudo, Écaille, and Ice. Beige Nudo is one of those perfect neutrals we all need. Écaille is a perfect shimmering gunmetal. It's hard to get white right, but Armani did so with Ice. It's pigmented, applies evenly, and brightens the eyes beautifully. Michael and I played with it and decided it's a winner.

Green Viper and Corallo should not be ignored just because they are bright in the compacts, and you should never apply them with a sponge-tipped applicator as I did for these photos. Michael and I were amazed as he applied them on our hands with a brush. The green of Green Viper blends down to an extremely sheer pastel, and the coral shade is peach when applied properly. We both gasped when we looked at the swatch on Michael's hand. No one had tried it before me (we took off the protective covering on the tester). Did they make a mistake!

I will attempt to get the press release to tell you more about these new Eyes to Kill Macro-Color Eyeshadows, and I promise to show you some pretty arm applications later this week. For now, know that your favorite Armani Beauty counter may also have received them. Call or go look!

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


wendy said...

hi charleston girl! it always figures with me that i get very sick when new makeup collections come out. i finally have my voice back and i found out that both chanel and guerlain are completely sold out of everything! i know i can order it elsewhere but, i really like to test it first before i purchase. gosh, you really made me feel better! well, i always do when i read your posts. i'm thinking tadzio is a must have and the coral shade. what a pretty look for summer and simple too for us busy working girls! could you please recommend a brush you would use for the coral color? what blush and lip color would you wear with corallo? i'm thinking a nude lipstick? thankyou very much for this awesome post!! xxxxoooo to you!! p.s. no new eyeshadow for guerlain summer?

Anonymous said...

I love the last two colours-they will look amazing on you. And I bet you may be feeling a tiny bit better, since you can perk up at the new colours! i hope this is the case. Be well, and thank you for all the hours of enjoyment,

Unknown said...

I love the Corallo. Just beautiful!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fran says:
Color Me Loud has done a review of Tadzio, it looks gorgeous on her. You've confirmed with your swatches how lovely these shadows are. I do prefer mono's over palettes.

Lisa said...

#11 Ecaille, drop dead gorgeous!

Unknown said...

So beautiful your selections are!! I too am in love with Corallo! What would you match with that from the rest of the collection?
Just to give you an update CG, I ordered the Guerlain Terracotta bronzer/blush and the Terracotta perfume as well :D I have already recieved the bronzer/blush duo. It is so beautiful that I have yet to touch it ;) you know how that is. I will soon I am sure but for now I am preserving its prestine beauty. I even joked that I might put it under a glass clioche! ;D haha!
Thank you, as always, for your delicious reviews. I look forward to them.
Best, Charli

Jo said...

Thank you for the preview. I saw these on the NM website this week and got all excited. There are at least three shades I would be comfortable ordering just by looking at your swatches but I'm going to wait until I can get downtown next weekend to check them out myself.

Just read on the internet that George Clooney is engaged! Wow, miracles DO happen ! LOL

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Meredith said...

Wow, these all look really beautiful. So nice to be able to acquire really fine products. Can't wait to see them in person. I think your photos are excellent.

Tricia said...

The last two colors are so pretty. I have never tried those kinds of colors but I think its time to try them for its so perfect for Summer/Spring.

Rebekah said...

You just made me the happiest woman ever! I preordered 8 shades from Barneys last week...complete blind buy! I am a huge Armani fan so I had hope that they'd be worth I can't wait till I get my mitts on them! They haven't shipped just yet...ohhhhhhh the wait!! Thank you so much for this post CG!!

roxymisha said...

No one does these colours better than Giorgio Armani! What a treat it is to see these swatches. Amazing how makeup can pick up our mood - your excitement about these is infectious!

Eileen said...

Such a beautiful selection, Charlestongirl! I can easily see how a color like Green Viper could function as an over glaze or as a soft wash of color on its own. It's a vibrant, tropical hue that will be lovely when paired with summer's creams, caramels, and burnished sandy shades. I'll definitely want to take a look at that one. It just looks like so much fun!

EllenB said...

Thank you Charleston Girl for showing us these gorgeous eyeshadows. Your pictures are always perfect! I really want the gunmetal shade. Their all great colors but that one really stands out to me.

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I agree with Fran about preferring monos over palettes. These are stunning! Just the right amount of shimmer and not too much.