Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter!

Whether it's a holy day for you or a holiday opportunity to celebrate with friends and family, I hope you enjoy your day.

I saw my Easter bunny yesterday! He has been scarce lately. My garden used to be populated with darling bunnies. They do a great job munching on weeds - and the occasional herb. I hadn't seen one in months (because I was inside so much this winter? there was too much snow and ice?), but yesterday a big bunny was out and about. I guess someone told him it was Easter. I hope he lays low when the foxes are around.

I wish hats were in style around here. They seem like the perfect accessory for Easter. Fancy hats are still appreciated in the United Kingdom, within the African-American community, and in the deep South. They know how to wear hats! I love seeing the ladies, all decked out in their pastel outfits, wearing coordinating hats to church on Easter Sunday. These days, many of us wear wide-brimmed hats to garden or at the beach to keep the sun off our faces. You can't even find fine, fancy hats in the stores - the kind Kate Middleton has been photographed wearing. Am I alone in my wish for a resurgence of fashionable hats?

Mom finally "gave" and agreed to go out to Easter dinner. Mom, one of my very best friends, and I will be going to an Italian restaurant close to her house. It strikes me as an odd choice, but Mom chose it, so off we will go at the end of what's predicted to be a beautiful afternoon.

Enjoy the day!

Kate Middleton photo courtesy of; other photo sources unknown


Kiss & Make-up said...

Happy Easter! Id' say go ahead and wear your fanciest hat! ;-)

Behindthepillar said...

I am enjoying hats - mainly fedoras - more now than at any time in my life. I always get compliments when wearing a hat - they are the middle aged women's best friend if chosen carefully and the right shape for your head. Last Easter I was in New York and there were some great millenary creations to be seen on the 5th Ave parade. Wishing all a very Happy Easter. Susan, London

roxymisha said...

Happy Easter to you and all your devoted readers. Enjoy your dinner with your mother.

A Lovely Inconsequence said...

Happy Easter!

My mother and I are going out Italian too. And guess what? I'm wearing a hat! A very nice vintage straw hat with a wisp of flowers along one side - not too fancy but definitely a hat. Keeping the rest simple with a lavender linen jacket fitted and long, navy pants, navy slingbacks. Will be wearing my new Poppy King lipstick too.

Love your blog CG and worry all the time you're gonna stop writing and disappear. We over 50 fashionistas need you!

bisbee said...

Easter is neither a holy day for me nor a holiday of any kind, but I wish all who do observe or celebrate a very Happy Easter!

If you love hats, then by all means, wear and enjoy them. I don't have a lifestyle which would fit with a hat, so I really don't miss them at all. I'd wear one only for keeping the sun off my face, but I've always hated myself in a hat!

grlnxdor said...

Happy Easter, Charlestongirl! I love the look of all those fancy hats, but I'm afraid that here in the Midwest--with all of the wind--they would have a hard time staying on my head!

Bonnie C. said...

Happy (belated) Easter to you too! Hope you had a fun dinner with your mom and friend :-)