Monday, April 12, 2010

Edward Bess - Inspired, Elegant, Luxurious Cosmetics

There's nothing like discovering a new luxurious and elegant makeup brand - purchasing, receiving, unwrapping, and sampling. I have been curious about Edward Bess for months. First, Gaia at The Non-Blonde piqued my curiosity. Then, I explored the Edward Bess Web site. When it came time to purchase, I called the Edward Bess counter at Bergdorf Goodman. I had the tremendous luck and pleasure of speaking with Susan Babakhanova. I explained to Susan that I wanted to try a variety of Edward Bess products, and I needed help. I told her my skin type, hair and eye color, and she took it from there. Her selections were all spot-on!

Edward Bess is sold in the United States only by Edward Bess and Berdgorf Goodman. The Edward Bess Web site is elegant - and minimalist. No hype, just photos, short descriptions, and prices. Visit and you'll understand why I needed help.

Here's a short bio of Edward from his Web site. Naturally, his birthplace attracted me as I dreamed of the mansions South of Broad, a coastline of unspoiled beaches, the hidden gardens, a Rainbow Row of townhomes, fabulous food, and the glamour of a cosmopolitan city tucked in the South!

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Edward Bess would discover his muse early on. With an innate sense of style and attention to detail, Bess was transfixed by varying degrees of beauty and the dichotomy of sleek and sexy with pure and provocative. These early images would serve as the impetus for his eponymous cosmetic line, a vehicle where Bess could channel his refined vision of how women should look, whether impeccably groomed or naturally seductive.

From attending Manhattan's prestigious Professional Performing Arts School, where he studied theater, to living among the fast-paced world of modeling in London, Bess collected and honed inspiration along the way to cultivate his idea of beauty.

The result is his finely tuned collection of cosmetics. Susan suggested I start with the Collections. Midnight Sun ($175) seemed like a natural. It is housed in an elegant, beautifully crafted wooden box lined with suede and embossed with Edward's name. The box itself is a work of art, and I will be using it for jewelry long after the makeup is depleted.

Inside are three products: a must-have Ultra Luminous Bronzer in Desert Sun, an All Over Seduction highlighter in Sunlight, and a Luxury Face Brush. The pieces capture the warm glow of naturally luminous skin bathed in the sunlight of a secluded beach. The collection is simply gorgeous.

There are two Ultra Luminous Bronzers ($48) by Edward Bess. Daydream is best for women with cool skin, and Desert Sun is perfect for warm skin. Neither has a trace of orange. The cases for the bronzers scream luxury. They snap shut with authority, and they feel polished in the hand - like a smooth rock you might find on the beach, its surface polished by years of the flow of the tides. Turns out I can wear both shades. Although Daydream, the lighter of the two was made for me, a light application of Desert Sun (preferably with a fan brush) gives me an entirely different look. The ultra-fine powder bronzers impart a sheer, believable warmth to the skin, luminous, but not sparkly. Because the color is buildable, you can control the intensity easily for everything from a suggestion of spring sunshine to a serious summer look.

All Over Seduction ($38) comes in two shades: Sunlight and Afterglow. Susan knew that Sunlight would be perfect for my fair skin, and it is. Shown here in a photo taken in full sun (with the sunshine glinting off the polished black case), the highlighter has an incredibly smooth cream finish for use on eyes, cheeks, and even lips. It illuminates with sheer, natural color. The keyword is "sheer." It imparts a natural glow, leaving me looking naturally radiant.

The Luxury Face Brush ($56) is expertly crafted with hand-shaped, natural bristles set in sleek weighted metal for superb, precise application. It feels good in the hand and great on the face - and it's perfect for applying the Ultra Luminous Bronzer. Do you need it if you have a good brush collection? No, but it sure is nice.

Did I purchase more? You bet! I'll save the rest of my adventures for another day. If you are tempted to experience the luxury of Edward Bess, give Susan Babakhanova at Bergdorf Goodman a call at (212) 872-8826. She will provide professional and friendly assistance - no hard sell, just great information.

Photos by Edward Bess and BTiB


Fab Over 40 said...

I love Edward Bess products and have had the pleasure of meeting him twice. Such a nice southern gentleman. The second time I saw him was about 1 year after first meeting him and he remembered my name even!

Charlestongirl said...

I am so envious, Fab. I have to plan another trip to New York to meet him.

KathyT said...

I would love to try these products, so I need to bite the bullet and order some of them. Daydream and Sunlight sound perfect for me. As a South Carolina native, anything from Charleston sounds good to me! I hope that you are going to tell us about some of his eyeshadows next. Congrats on your wonderful purchase.

Charlestongirl said...

Kathy, that's exactly what's next. I will be telling you about the shadow collection. I want to get my own photos because the collection photo on the Bess site is not "true."

Thanks! This really is makeup worth the money.

Lydia said...

Hi. I love Edward Bess products; Daydream is one of the very few bronzers I can wear, and it's impossible to overcook, even on my fair skin. His eyeshadows are gorgeous.

Charlestongirl said...


I'm so glad to hear it! I agree that bronzers can be hard for us fair-skinned types to wear, and the sheerness of the Edward Bess Daydream makes it so easy to work with.

I LOVE your "overcook" expression! An inspired comment about an inspired makeup line. Thanks!

LissaSioux said...

I'm really excited to try his line as it embodies my MU philosophy of chic 'believable' makeup. being in France though, it's hard to get a good idea of colors. I'm willing to order the bronzer sight unseen, but do you have any eyeshadow swatches i could get an idea from? thanks!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lissa!

Check out this BTiB link. I swatched every shade but Nude.

Glad to hear your are an Edward Bess fan! Join the exclusive club!