Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jo Malone to Introduce Cologne Intense

In a departure from the "traditional" Jo Malone fragrance families, the company will introduce Cologne Intense in July. Cologne Intense draws its inspiration from the Middle East and is expected to appeal to Jo's Malone's Middle Eastern customers, with scents that are familiar, but mixed in novel ways. I'll bet the new fragrances will be international hits!

Dominic De Vetta, Jo Malone’s Global General Manager, told WWD that the launch is part of a company-wide strategy to respond to regional consumer preferences. “We wanted to start playing with deeper, richer ingredients, and we wanted to offer more consumers that experience in a very Jo Malone and modern way,” he said, adding the collection was created to appeal to “fragrance connoisseurs” as well as the brand’s Middle Eastern clientele.

De Vetta explained to The Moodie Report how one of Jo’s last creations before retiring, the now-iconic Pomegranate Noir, partly inspired the new quartet. “This is a richer, deeper fragrance that was memorably described, in our view, by New York Times fragrance critic Chandler Burr as ‘like spraying a layer of twilight’ over your body. We thought that was an interesting image, because it also highlights another unique angle of Jo Malone fragrances, which is that they capture a certain quality of light.”

When it debuts in July, the collection will only be sold in about 35 stores globally, including doors in Paris, London, and New York. The collection, which was blended by Christine Nagel of Fragrance Resources, includes familiar Middle Eastern notes with a modern interpretation: two florals, one spicy, and one woody.
  • Amber & Patchouli, which has notes of amber, patchouli leaf, and guaiac wood, emphasizes patchouli with a supple, suede-like finish, resulting in a seductive, spicy, woody fragrance
  • Oud & Bergamot, described as a fresh interpretation of the dark, hypnotic scent of oud, derived from the heartwood of the aquilaria tree, with additional notes of bergamot and an orange granite accord based on natural extracts of lemon and orange
  • Rose Water & Vanilla, billed as a twenty-first century translation of the traditional Arabian Rose Mokhalat, imbued with a modern Jo Malone edge - the rose and vanilla are complemented by neroli overlaid with the sweet, floral woodiness of petitgrain
  • Iris & White Musk, a blend of violet, Casablanca lily, white musk, and iris notes, is said to be composed with beautifully controlled contrasts
Sounds like I'll be on the lookout for Iris & White Musk, although Rose Water & Vanilla may appeal to me too. I have to admit that on the surface, this collection does not appear to have been designed for my floral-loving (and some would say rather unsophisticated) nose.

The packaging will reflect the "darker," richer spectrum of Jo Malone's fragrances. Following the rules of fragrance mixing, you will want to spray Cologne Intense first, and then apply one of your lighter scents to "make it your own."

I'm such a Jo Malone fan. Even if Cologne Intense isn't tailor-made for me, I can't wait to smell the new fragrances!

Sources: WWD, Jo Malone, and The Moodie Report
Photo courtesy of WWD


KathyT said...

These fragrances sound really interesting. I like oud in small doses because it can be a bit overwhelming on me. The iris one sounds good to me, and I'd like to see if how the Cologne Intense layers with the lighter fragrances. I want to try the Oud and Patchouli one to see how Jo Malone treats those fragrances. It sounds like there could be something for everyone!

Charlestongirl said...

I agree, Kathy. Can't wait for a sniff!

Bari said...

When I first saw the name Cologne Intense, I assumed it was meant literally - that the fragrance would be stronger and more lasting. My complaint with many colognes is that they need to be refreshed so often and change after application to a powdery, more generic scent. So, when I want lasting scent, I dab on a little (coincidentally) Jo Malone bath oil, which is indeed 'intense.'

Charlestongirl said...

Good tip, Bari! Oils always last longer because they are so concentrated.

Eric said...

These new colognes sound really nice. I can't wait to try the woody one.