Sunday, May 9, 2010

Coming Attraction: YSL Solaris for Summer 2010

In a sultry shift from the spring cosmetics collections, Summer 2010 from YSL Beauty promises to be "free and passionate." Here's a preview sent to me by a YSL Beauty marketing rep, along with some of the photos she provided.

The Yves Saint Laurent woman plunges into a new adventure filled with sun, sensuality, and exotic makeup colors with the radiance of desert golds refreshed by Mediterranean blues, and the intensity of reds vibrating with light. Born of the elements, her essential and solar beauty is a force of nature. Her complexion is a hymn to the luminous nuances of the safari lands. Golden and copper like the sand of the dunes, it captures and reflects the exquisite glow of the sun at its zenith.

The look plunges deliciously into the coolness of waterproof Riviera Bl
ue, lined in Blue Lagoon, with delicate arabesque on the eyelashes. Pink Lychee or Blood Orange lips stir desire, fuchsia lacquered nails tap a rhythm… the flamboyance of reds like an elixir of life, a concentrate of Yves Saint Laurent passion.

Three new TERRE SAHARIENNE ($50) bronzer shades will be added to the line.

There will be new limited-edition selections for eyes, lips, and nails!
  • FARD LUMIÈRE AQUARÉSISTANT N° 19 - Riviera Blue $30
  • ROUGE PURE SHINE N° 93 - Pink Lychee $30
  • ROUGE PURE SHINE N° 94 - Blood Orange $30
  • LA LAQUE N° 142 - Ultra Orange $20
  • LA LAQUE N° 42 - Ultra Violet $20
The following new and delicious basic shades are being added to YSL's stunning color selections.
  • FARD LUMIÈRE AQUARÉSISTANT N° 5 - Golden Sands $30
  • MASCARA AQUARESISTANT N° 7 - Blue Lagoon $30
  • GLOSS PUR N° 7 - Pure Sorbet $30 (all glosses seen below)
  • GLOSS PUR N° 8 - Pure Watermelon $30
  • GLOSS PUR N° 9 - Pure Hibiscus $30
  • GLOSS PUR N° 10 - Pure Redcurrant $30
I'm a huge fan of ROUGE PURE SHINE and GLOSS PUR, so I'll be eagerly awaiting the arrival of these sheer beauties at stores in May/early June. If you want a sultry pop of color for summer, be on the lookout!

Update 5/12: The collection is now available at the YSL Beauty Web site (free shipping with all makeup orders through May 18 - use code SUMMER10 at checkout).

Photos courtesy of YSL Beauty

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