Friday, May 7, 2010

Giorgio Armani Beauty Mediterranean Palette

Oh happy day! My Giorgio Armani Beauty Bronze Mediterranean Palette ($85), my Mother's Day present from my two beautiful cats, arrived with today's mail. Not being one to stand on ceremony (after all, they don't realize what a nice present they gave me), I immediately opened it and started to play. I took some photos to show you that every color in this palette is sheer and gorgeous.

My photos of the palette's two levels here were taken in full sun. Every single shade is exciting! The shadows and the bronzer are extremely sheer, leaving a beautiful summer tint that's hard to overdo. The bronzer is a good color - not too brown, not too pink, and not muddy on my face (as some bronzers can be). It leaves a subtle hint of sunshine in a shade that's natural looking.

The photo of the bronzer on my arm is the best I could get. Taken in full sun, it disappeared. So, this photo was taken in strong, but indirect light. You can see how sheer the color is (and I applied it with the Armani Blender Brush so that I could pick up enough pigment to make the shade show up in a photo). Applied with a blusher or powder brush, it's even more sheer - translated into extremely wearable and versatile. I am going to use this bronzer often - starting this weekend to make it look like I have sun-kissed skin, without the sun exposure.

The luscious shades in the shadow level of the palette are Olive Green, Emerald Turquoise, Copper Gold, and Pale Green. They are placed on my arm, top to bottom, Emerald Turquoise, Pale Green, Olive Green, and Copper Gold. There really is a difference between the olive and pale green shades, although it's hard to see in the photo to the left. The photo at bottom right makes the difference in color and intensity more clear, with the Pale Green at top and Olive Green below.

I am so happy with this palette! I can't wait to play with it at Saks with Loyd Cassler. Loyd always devises unique combinations of colors - ones I haven't tried.

Right now, you can only purchase the Bronze Mediterranean Palette at the Armani Beauty Web site. It will arrive at Armani counters soon. Hopefully, it will be at Saks in Chevy Chase, Maryland when Tim Quinn arrives for the May 21-22 event.

Photo at top courtesy of Armani Beauty


Dagny said...

Thanks for swatching! I was curious to see how these looked. Very pretty!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Dagney, you're welcome! I am really thrilled with this palette. :)