Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Polly Foot Primer - Wear Your Favorite Shoes!

What a find! Polly Foot Primer ($17) is an all-natural foot primer designed specifically to help prevent friction between you and your favorite shoes. The perfect compliment to any shoe no matter what style. How many of us have worn a new pair of strappy sandals only to find the straps cutting into our feet within a few hours? I have problems with new shoes that haven't adjusted to my horrible bunions - the ones I inherited in a double whammy from both my mother and father! Polly can provide you with the confidence to wear your favorite pair of shoes - new or old - without fear of impending blisters and pain.

Forget ugly bandages or moleskin! Polly Foot Primer is an all-natural, clear, color-free, and fragrance-free veneer that acts as a barrier between your bare foot and your shoe. Polly is made from natural and organic ingredients, such as aloe vera and grapeseed oil, that leave your feet naturally soft and pampered. Polly’s packaging is also 100% recyclable so you can feel good about minimizing your impact on the environment. The Foot Primer is compact too so you can carry it with you for touch-ups when you have a very long day.

Before putting on your shoes or socks, apply Polly to all the places your shoes rub you the wrong way, whether the tops of your toes, the sides of your soles, the backs of your heels, or bunions.

Once you realize how well it works, Polly will provide you with the confidence and freedom to dance the night away, strut down the runway, stand all day to lead a meeting, or travel in style while wearing your favorite shoes. Not only does Polly turn a two-hour pair of shoes into a six-hour pair of shoes, Polly also soothes and restores your feet so you can be sandal-ready all year long.

Christina Klein, a total shoe fanatic and Polly's founder, described a "defining moment" in her life.

At 16, I walked through the Nordstrom shoe department at Christmas for the first time, surrounded by sequined peep toes, feathered pumps, jewel-encrusted strappy sandals, and thigh-high platform boots in the yummiest suede imaginable. It was my version of a sugar-plum fairy dream with Manolo’s, Jimi’s, and Prada’s swirling around my head! Coming from a family that was more Payless than Prada, my heart raced, my palms sweat.

In 2009, in another defining moment, she found the inspiration for Polly!

On a business trip in Mexico City in 2009, determined to wear my Dries Van Noten Betty Boop-esque satin pumps for a full day, I concocted a primer from ingredients in my beauty bag that I hoped would spare my feet from the inevitable. Boo-boo free 16 hours later, I had the inspiration and initial recipe for Polly.

I tested Polly Foot Primer. Little did the company know they had asked a woman with foot "issues" to try it out! There are the bunions (funky bone growths that stick out), which keep me in flats. Even my flats have to be cut just right and made of very soft leather these days (or be sneakers like the ones Tim Quinn had on last week - such chic Armani sneakers). I'm too stubborn to have that potentially horrible surgery, so I just adapt. Polly Foot Primer was especially kind to my feet when breaking in new shoes at work. The pressure spots didn't blister! Not only that, I was able to wear some strappy shoes that I had avoided. I have no idea why this wonderful product is effective - it just is!

Polly Foot Primer is a little hard to find. You can purchase it at Fred Segal or online at GlamourJunkie.com. If you are interested in learning more about Polly, you can check out the Polly Foot Primer Facebook site or follow on Twitter @pollylovesshoes. If you get blisters from your favorite shoes, do your feet a favor!

Photos courtesy of Polly Foot Primer and Stressmarket.com


ilikegranola said...

I love Polly...I'm so bad at wearing heels but with Polly, I have a bit more confidence that I can make it through the day...

Charlestongirl said...

Hi there,

I would "kill" to wear heels again, but I also have neuromas, which means I have to keep weight off the balls of my feet. I'm a mess, huh?

At least I have Polly to make me comfy in new shoes or ones that used to trouble me. I'm a happy Polly fan!

Fab Over 40 said...

I must give this a try! I wonder if it will help with the allergic reaction I have on my feet from metal touching my skin?

Charlestongirl said...

We gave Kari's question to Christina, and she didn't know for sure. Sweet lady offered to send her one to try and let us know!