Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Frugal Find: Giovi 5 Eyeshadow and Baked Powder Palette

There I was, browsing beauty at Rite Aid. I had gone over to see what they had that CVS didn't. I saw a small display of these baked palettes by Giovi U.S.A., which were made in China. Maybe the "U.S.A." part of the company name is supposed to distract you from their manufacturing origin.

There were four distinct colorways, all with the same item number, MU1001. Called "5 Eyeshadow and Baked Powder," they beckoned with colors that appeared rich, complex, and definitely worth their $5.99 price. I was prepared to consider the $5.99 a write-off of sorts just so that I could satisfy my curiosity. Once I sampled at home, I was shocked; it was love. I went back the next day for one of each!

The only way you can tell one palette from the next is by the baked powder shade in the center bottom. However, even with the same powder shade, the eye shadow shades are different from one palette to the next. This is the first one I purchased. The rose shadow is scary on me as an eye shadow (would be pretty on one of my chocolate-skinned friends), but it's a gorgeous blush. I have to pick it up carefully with a contoured blush brush, but it's worth the effort. The color is fabulous on the cheeks.

I started my experiment by applying my usual eyelid primer. Then I used the peach-toned nude powder (largest circle of baked powder) over the primer. It creates a subtle gleam, but it's not at all sparkly. None of the colors are. On each day I have worn these shadows, I have used the shade at 4:00 as the overall lid color. It's also a peach-toned nude. The first day, I used the 2:00 shade as my crease/accent color, and I had a glowing copper look. The second day, I used the noon shade as my accent color. It's a green-toned brown - totally gorgeous. I had a great look that was hard to characterize. The third day, I used the rich taupe shade at 7:00 as my accent color with a rich, neutral effect. All three looks were pleasing.

These shadows survive the day with color as well as they start it. I think they would last 24 hours if my body would! At 15-16 hours, I pack it in, call it a day, and clean up my face to prepare for my night skin care. I continue to be amazed by how good these shadows look right up until the time I do that.

I have no idea where you might see these baked shadow palettes other than Rite Aid. I have browsed the Web for Giovi and found various products and sources. Strange that one mentioned natural ingredients and FDA approval. Apparently, I wasn't the only one with reservations about the "Made in China" label. Regarding the FDA, I have no idea what they were talking about. The FDA doesn't approve cosmetics. I have no way to evaluate the purity of the ingredients. I'm just hoping for the best.

I have thrown my reservations aside. These palettes were a very satisfying frugal find.

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