Monday, May 10, 2010

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick

Revlon's new ColorBurst Lipsticks ($8.99) provide pigmented, opaque color for this season's dramatic lip. After slowing to check them out at CVS multiple times, I decided I had to try them. There was a buy one get one for 50% off offer, so naturally, I bought two.

Revlon's Elasticolor technology is said to provide immediate color release and "hug lips with a burst of weightless color that feels like a second skin." I am not sure what that means. I can tell there's lipstick on my lips because it's nice and creamy (good).

The new lipsticks are available in 20 shades, so there's bound to a shade for everyone. Selecting a color can be a leap of faith with the usual dilemma at drugstores - no testers. The only way to select a color is with the little colored "cap" at the top of each tube. Despite that handicap, I was able to find two colors that I like.

Here they are on my arm in direct sun and shade. The shade photo, while a bit dark, shows the finish better than the sun photo. They are not as shiny as they appear to be in sunlight. I would adore them if they were!

The color at the top in each photo is Carnation, with Mauve below. My favorite is Mauve. They have a creamy feel on the lips. I would call their finish "satin." My personal preference would be for a shinier finish, but I know that many prefer a shine-free, vibrant lipstick look. I wore Carnation this morning and applied gloss over it to get a bit of shine. The lipsticks have no detectable taste or fragrance (good), and the color lasts as long as most "regular" lipsticks.

I would recommend Revlon's new ColorBurst Lipstick to anyone looking for a rich, opaque lipstick that feels good on the lips and is "affordable."
The lipsticks are available at drugstores, where you will often find BOGO offers, and mass market stores. If you go to the Revlon Web site, you can find a $3 discount coupon!

Top photo courtesy of Revlon

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