Friday, May 28, 2010

ESPA for Father's Day

During the next two weeks, millions of women will be trying to figure out what to buy for their children to give to their fathers for Father's Day. It's an annual dilemma. I have a solution to offer you: ESPA SHAVE RITUAL ($86.50), a treat for both of you!

ESPA sent me two products to try. I should say "to have a friend try." As much as I like testing beauty products, I couldn't imagine testing men's shaving products. I did, however, spend a good bit of time inhaling their products. The scent is clean, fresh, and absolutely addictive. That's why I'm proposing that you considering ordering something from ESPA for Father's Day. Why not transform him into a scented nuzzle-man?

Skin care is finally starting to become important to men. Their skin is thicker than ours. It produces more sebum, has more hair follicles, and has higher levels of collagen and elastin. These intrinsic differences, coupled with increasingly pressured lifestyles and a natural desire for simplicity, led ESPA to develop effective men's skin-care essentials tailored to address men's needs. Their fabulous products will prepare, nourish, and protect his skin while invigorating his senses - and yours.

The SHAVE RITUAL gift collection is perfect for Father’s Day. It includes both ESPA SHAVEMUD and ESPA POSTSHAVE, as well as a cotton cleansing mitt for quick clean-up. Shaving is a daily event for the majority of men. These products will make it a luxurious experience, instead of a chore, by preparing his skin for a close comfortable shave and then calming any irritation after shaving.

SHAVEMUD ($38.50 priced alone)
is an absorbent mud that doubles as a deep-cleansing and purifying mask, is suitable for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin. It combines an effective shaving preparation with a deep-cleansing mask. It will leave his face feeling smooth, cool, and refreshed. This rich-textured shaving mud will help his razor glide across the skin for the perfect close shave. White China clay (Kaolin), renowned for its highly absorbent properties, will help to draw out excess oil and impurities. My friend Paul, who tested these products, loved it.

POSTSHAVE ($50 when priced alone) is a soothing gel that will calm any irritation or redness after shaving. Natural extracts of tea tree, lemon, and soothing thyme, combined with the protective properties of evening primrose oil, help to balance oil production without stripping or drying the skin. Paul said that POSTSHAVE left him feeling pampered.

The company also sent SKINBALANCER ($58), a light and non-greasy cream-gel moisturizer that helps to calm and purify oily, congested, or combination skin. White thyme, sage, and lemon actively work to soothe, cool, and correct any skin imbalance, leaving his skin feeling clean, smooth, and hydrated. Even skin prone to oiliness can become dehydrated, so it is important that he use the right moisturizer to regulate oil production while keeping the skin healthy and supple. Men should use a moisturizer, and most of them don't! Paul does (he had been using AVEENO every day - now he's using SKINBALANCER).

What Paul and I liked about these products - beyond their luxurious performance - is their fabulous clean, fresh, natural fragrance. The natural plant ingredients make their scent so delectable while still masculine. Why not perform the morning routine with something that will delight?

You can also feed good about helping our environment when you purchase ESPA products for men (and women)!

ESPA believes that purity counts. In the development of their products, they strive to use ingredients that are as natural, pure, potent, and effective as possible. All their precious plant extracts, restorative essential oils, and deeply nourishing marine elements are ethically sourced, and all the raw ingredients they use are from sustainable supplies.

The ESPA product cartons are completely recyclable. Product containers, where possible and practical, are manufactured using glass, which is recyclable. Their plastic product containers can also be recycled to make lower-grade plastics. All their shipments are sent using biodegradable chips, which has reduced the use of bubble wrap by over 85% in the last two years. I think that's pretty cool!

Last, but not least, ESPA is against animal testing, as am I. They do not test their products on animals and have never done so. The raw materials they use in their products and packaging do not contribute to habitat devastation of endangered animals, and their product range is suitable for vegetarians.

Check out the ESPA Web site (US link). There are many spa products to tempt you. Maybe you'll find something for yourself while you're there! Isn't that the point of gift shopping? One for them, two for me! They offer free standard delivery in the U.S. for orders over $70, and you still have time to plan for Father's Day!

Photo courtesy of ESPA

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