Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fraicheur d'Argan Body Lotion

I am so lucky! Every so often, a nice PR rep discovers that there's something I like, and she (or he) asks if I would like to test a product I haven't tried. As long as it's related to beauty and looks fascinating, I'm game. My skin doesn't always know whether it's "coming or going," given all the change it endures, but I'm pretty attuned to the ingredients in a product to be tested before I ask my sensitive skin to participate in my blog tests.

Recently, a nice person representing Argan Place asked if I would like to test a line of beauty products containing argan oil. If you have been reading Best Things in Beauty - and glowing reader comments on the amazing effects of argan oil - you'll know I said yes in a heartbeat.

A Fraicheur d'Argan Body Lotion arrived at my door (regularly $28.95, but on sale for $24.95 now), and after a quick glance at the ingredients, I used it. I love it! This is going to be serious, long-lasting love, not the flirt-and-go type. I just wish they had sent me everything! I get greedy when I find something I love. I guess that comes with being a beauty addict.

What do I look for in a body lotion? I have a few set criteria that all body lotions must meet. Above all else, a lotion has to smell good. I don't want a body lotion that smells like BENGAY (unless I have a cold) or patchouli - or cloves, cinnamon, or one of the spices that makes me run for cover. Scent (or lack of it) is very important to me. Most products have a scent of some type, even if there's no fragrance added - the scent of the ingredients shines through. Effectiveness is a necessity (dry flakes must be banished). Then, I consider how my skin feels while wearing the lotion. Does the product absorb, or does it leave grease blots on my clothing? I don't need grease on my Armani silks! I want to see smoother skin that doesn't have a propensity for teeny-tiny waves (you'll know what I mean by "waves" if you have dry skin).

Fraicheur d'Argan Body Lotion meets all my criteria! Specifically formulated for daily use, Fraicheur d'Argan gives your skin intensive, nourishing moisture. After two weeks of daily use, it will transform dry skin into healthier, more nourished, and hydrated skin. This fluid-textured body lotion nourishes and delicately scents the skin with a clean, fresh, and natural fragrance.

I can't put my finger on exactly what it smells like - simply put, it's really nice. I can tell you what's in it. In addition to argan oil, the ingredients include urea, plum oil, small-leaved linen extract, rose extract, shea butter, seaweed, micro-algae, sunflower oil, aloe, shea butter, and many other botanical extracts and oils. There's a beautiful natural cocktail in this body lotion, which leaves my skin hydrated and smooth. A little of this lightweight, fluid lotion goes a long way, which means the 4.25 ounce container will last a long time. A nickle-sized pour into my palm takes care of my arms, chest, and feet.

Why is argan oil such a miracle ingredient? Argan oil is extracted from the nuts of the argan tree. This tree is found only in southwest Morocco. Argan trees were first seen and reported in 1510 by the explorer Leo Africanus. The tree belongs to the tertiary age and over time has adapted itself to the diverse and difficult environmental conditions specific to its native area.

Argan oil is full of essential fatty acids, such as linoleic acid, the precursor to vitamin E. This has made it a very popular product because it is an effective anti-aging, moisturizing, and antioxidant ingredient. Scientific studies have demonstrated that the use of argan oil has corrected age-related loss of moisture, dehydration, and elasticity of skin. Argan oil also contains tocopherols - double the amount in olive oil.

In beauty products, argan oil reduces wrinkles; increases elasticity; and revitalizes cell functions that have been affected by stress, smoking, sun, or pollution - facilitating skin regeneration. Under-eye "crinkles" can be reduced with argan oil. Not just for those with dry skin, argan oil reduces oiliness because it has sebum-regulating actions and also reduces or eliminates unsightly acne, chicken pox scars, and blemishes. Argan oil works wonders for pregnancy-related stretch marks if used regularly. It also strengthens brittle nails. Frizzy, dry, or damaged hair? They could be history with just two drops of argan oil, which adds shine to your hair, prevents damage due to exposure to the sun and other pollutants, and improves elasticity to reduce hair breakage.

In short, argan oil does it all, and its popularity is growing as people discover its unique properties. I am smitten with the Fraicheur d'Argan Body Lotion. I want to try the Vitalité d'Argan Body Butter next. There's also a body scrub, a hand cream, and plenty of items designed for use on the face.

You can see them all at Argan Place, which is located in Montreal. They offer free shipping to Canada and the U.S. for orders over $50, so I'll be combining everything I want to try into one order. I may even purchase a gift or two. If the rest of the items are as appealing as the Fraicheur d'Argan Body Lotion (and I'll bet they are!), these products are luxury defined.

Photo courtesy of Argan Place

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The argan oil nut said...

Argan oil is great for both skin and hair. Apply on hands and rub your hair without reaching the roots.
However there are 2 things to consider: the cosmetic-grade argan oil is expensive and skin, which is the human's largest organ, should be given some rest.
It is therefore wise to alternate physical application on the skin with food-grade argan oil intake. You get the benefits from the inside out at a much cheaper price.