Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Giorgio Armani Beauty Uptown Mauve Collection Swatches

The Giorgio Armani Beauty Uptown Mauve Collection Rouge d'Armani swatches for which you have been waiting are here - at least four of them! Constrained only by my bank account, I purchased four of the new shades (so far).

Because all of these are limited-edition shades, I am going to have to hoard them. I will purchase more as soon as they arrive at Saks in Chevy Chase, Maryland. I'm sure Loyd will select the shades he thinks I should have the moment they arrive and call me. He's a love. I already want more of every shade I selected from the Armani Beauty Web site.

Rouge d'Armani hit the beauty world by storm last year. From the classy case, with its magnetic snap, to the gorgeous colors, these are the first long-lasting lipsticks that ever snagged me. The shades stay vivid on me for hours, surviving light snacks and drinking (water, of course). I should have predicted this because the colors didn't wipe off my wrist easily with a tissue when I first tested them last year. It takes a serious makeup remover to get them off, and that's a good thing. Armani promises eight hours of wear. I don't get eight hours, but they last as long as any long-lasting lip color will last on my lips. It's a tall order for a lipstick to survive my napkin obsession at mealtime.

The Rouge d'Armani lipsticks have a very soft and creamy texture. Historically, dry textures kept me from embracing long-wear lipsticks. Most felt like chalk on my balm-addicted lips. These feel great, even without Armani's fabulous Lip Shimmers added as a topcoat.

No swatch photos I take are going to do these shades justice. I adore the new, more sheer Rouge d'Armani that was promised with the Uptown Mauve Collection. It's my kind of lipstick. Here are the shades I purchased, top to bottom, with the photo taken in full sun, making them look shinier than they are.
  • Beige #105
  • Pink #515
  • Pink #516
  • Plum #606
I think every single one of these shades is incredibly gorgeous! What do you think?

You can purchase them now at Giorgio Armani Beauty's Web site and at Armani Beauty counters very soon.

Top photo courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty


Victoria said...

oh, those look so pretty!

Clarisse said...

Love the four of them; if I had to choose only two it would be Beige105 and Plum 606, but I'd rather have them all!!!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Victoria and Clarisse!

I love all four of them. Gee, Clarisse, if I could only have two (heaven forbid), I would select Pink #515 and Plum #606 because they have a little more pigment while remaining transparent. Glad I don't have to make that choice!

MarciaF said...

So so pretty. Thanks for these swatches. I'll have to check these out for sure.

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, Marcia!

Everyone is going to need at least one of these. They are must-haves. I can't wait to see all the shades lined up at Saks!

Julia said...

Do you think 516 and 605 are suitable for day, or are they more night-time appropriate? Thanks for the swatches!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Julia!

Both are entirely appropriate for day. Their sheer quality makes them gorgeous for work (or play).

They are not sheer lipsticks, but they are more sheer than the original shades of Rouge d'Armani, making them perfect in my eyes.