Thursday, September 2, 2010

Murad Eye Lift Illuminator

When I saw Murad Eye Lift Illuminator ($35) on Sephora's Web site, I thought it had potential. Murad is known for excellent skin care. Here is the description that captured my attention. I'm sure it would appeal to just about anyone.

A problem-solving brightener that minimizes the look of dark circles while lifting, hydrating, and de-puffing the eye area. This neutralizing violet formula helps restore a youthful look, visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promoting even skin texture and tone. It instantly minimizes the appearance of dark circles, while stimulating micro-circulation for long-term dark-circle relief. High concentrations of antioxidants, hydrators, botanicals, fruit extracts, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids ensure optimal effectiveness. Increases skin firmness by 50% in 15 minutes for a visible lift.

What gave me pause was its violet color. It seemed counterintuitive to me that violet could minimize dark circles; normally you would use an opposing color to red to do that. However, Murad is a good company, so I ordered it. I should have trusted my instincts. Eye Lift Illuminator did absolutely nothing for the skin around my eyes, and it certainly didn't brighten my eye area. As for its skin-care properties, my fine lines were just as visible. I experienced no increase in firmness or reduction in puffiness. There were no lifting effects. It wasn't even hydrating. The nicest thing I can say is that it didn't irritate the sensitive skin around my eyes.

The customer reviews at Sephora are contradictory. They range from total disappointment to sheer glee. Some customers have returned it after two weeks of use. Others found that it met its promises. Figure that out!

This product is working for someone. I would love to understand the appropriate skin type, skin tone, and age group to which it's targeted. At Sephora, there were no common threads among its fans. Has anyone else tried it?

Photo courtesy of Sephora


Clarisse said...

A violet shade on dark circles!!!..After hearing the make-up artits at Armani counters advising you to use peachey to orange colors (and this works) I'd have been reticent to try! You were very brave, Charlestongirl, to do the test and no wonder it didn't work...Could it be possible people from Murad would have written the praise? that's just a question, I have NO idea and don't know the brand, so I am not biased or anything but it seems strange some people find it works when so many say it doesn't..Another mystery and I don't have a clue;-)

Charlestongirl said...


You hit the nail on the head! Sephora doesn't write the descriptions; the makers do.

Effective and color-correct concealers/correctors are offered by Armani, Bobbi Brown, and a number of great companies. They cracked the code. The tones of Touce Eclat are perfect, as many women know.

The violet does "somewhat" disappear on application, but it still puzzles me why it was used.

I'm not brave - just curious! And you know I hate to write "bad reviews." I will, though, when I feel a "duty" to warn readers not to waste their money.