Tuesday, January 25, 2011

YSL Créme de Blush for Spring 2011

YSL is featuring its popular Créme de Blush ($38) for Spring 2011. There are five shades available, spanning the range from light peach to bright fuschia.

The unique cream-to-powder blush offers a luminous, radiant, and healthy look, particularly to those of use who have dry skin. The remarkably soft formula feels silky upon application, ensuring a seamless result with very little blending required. Because the non-waxy texture will not break through makeup, it is an excellent touch-up tool for use throughout the day. I love cream blushers, so I was predisposed to love this one - and I do!

YSL suggests applying it with your fingertips, gently patting on the apples of the cheeks and blending up and outward toward the hairline. That's how I apply it. It's so easy.

Here are the shades being featured.
From left to right, they are Velvety Peach, Powdery Rose, Silky Praline, Fuschia Temptation, and Rouge Passion.

Créme de Blush was introduced in fall of 2009. At that time, there were three shades available: Velvety Peach, Powdery Rose, and Silky Praline. All three have been re-released with the Spring Look, and two new shades have joined the lineup, both darker and brighter.

For some reason, I had passed on Créme de Blush in 2009, and it became impossible to find. The YSL counters slowly but surely sold out of all of the shades. So I was happy to see it returned to the YSL line-up. I purchased Powdery Rose online. It appeared to be the best shade for me. I'm very pleased with it. Here is a photo, at right, of the Powdery Rose container. It's propped up on a YSL makeup bag. It looks very bright, but on the skin, it's perfect - a pretty, natural, pure pink.

My swatch photo at left shows the shade applied to my arm. I applied it with my finger and took the photo indoors in sunlight. It doesn't take much product to achieve a nice, defining blush, so go easy at first. You can always add more, but subtracting, particularly if you've applied foundation, is impossible.

I love this color, and now I'm wondering if I would also like Velvety Peach. I don't remember checking that shade out in its prior incarnation, so I will see if I like it when I can get out of the house. I'm looking forward to going somewhere other than physical therapy!

Photos at top courtesy of YSL Beauté


Amy said...

Thank you for posting this--Fuchsia Temptation looks hot! :)

Charlestongirl said...

You're welcome, Amy! Yes, Fuchsia Temptation is hot...tropical, vivid pink. If you skin can handle it, you'll be hot too!

Did you see the February Allure, with the feature on hot pink and red blushes and lips? Makes me think of that.

Munichjoolz said...

Yea! I got the pink and peach ones online in summer 2010 just before they sold out everywhere and I love them both so was sad that I wouldn't be able to replace them once I'd used up the tiny pots...I think I'll be buying sooner rather than later this time.. The peach especially is gorgeous.

Charlestongirl said...

That's good to know, Munichjoolz! I've been toying with the idea of ordering Velvety Peach. Thanks!

The Sooj said...

Those look beautiful! I need to get a job stat so I can afford some higher-end products. (Well, that's not the only reason or indeed a major reason, but it would be a nice perk.)

YASMINE said...

I want all of them! I'm so into creamy blushes right now from Nars to Illmasqua...
Thanku for sharing this with us!




I'm now a follower


Charlestongirl said...

Hi Saint Jean,

Yep, jobs help! I would be in big trouble if I lost mine! It feeds this beauty addiction.

Charlestongirl said...


That's so cute! Thank you! :)

Nina said...

Great review! Do you know how these compare in texture to the DiorPro Cheeks blush?

DivaDebbi said...

I am drooling over the Powdery Pink! This looks gorgeous. I just purchased Josie Moran's Petal Pink Argan Color Stick, which I am liking well enough...but ooohhh I wish I saw this post first!!!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Debbi!

I need to do a side-by-side comparison of the Josie Maran blush, which I have, and Powdery Rose. I'll send you a photo!


All my makeup is packed up at the moment (I had to get everything out of the way before my knee surgery). If I recall correctly, the Dior blush is a little more "mousse-like," but has the same look on the skin. I didn't like the Dior shades as much as I like the YSL shades. I remember that much!