Thursday, June 2, 2011

Giorgio Armani Beauty Gloss d'Armani - Part 3

I had decided to forgo a Part 3 on Giorgio Armani Beauty's new Gloss d'Armani ($28). I think I showed you enough to whet your appetites in my Sneak Peek, Part 1, and Part 2 - three features on one new lip gloss! Then Eileen left a comment about Rouge #400, a red she described this way.

Every now and then, a translucent red will come along that makes my heart skip a beat. #400 was just such a red. It's a beautiful, neutral red that is neither too warm nor too cool in tone. And, because it's a gloss, it has that all-important transparency and delicacy.

After that comment, I had to see it and, it turns out, buy it. Eileen was absolutely right. Gloss d'Armani is a red gloss to love. I can't wear red lipstick. I don't like to lead with my lips, and my coloring is so fair that it looks ridiculous on me. I can wear red gloss, as long as it's transparent and the shade doesn't lean orange. This is a perfect red lip gloss for me.

Here is a swatch photo of Rouge #400. My photo was taken in full sun. Isn't it gorgeous?

If this isn't your shade, check out my earlier features, linked above. They should tell you everything you need to know about Gloss d'Armani, Giorgio Armani Beauty's newest lip gloss sensation. It's now available at an e-commerce site, Nordstrom. Here's what they have to say about it.

More than a mere gloss…concentrated high-definition color-fusing shine, comfort, and lasting hold. Inspired by icons of the cinema, Giorgio Armani re-introduces glamour with Gloss d'Armani. Gloss d'Armani's flexible velvet applicator adds volume and defines contours instantly and effortlessly, with an expert touch. Color-Fil Shine technology boasts a translucent base that traps pigments and pearlescent particles for a hydrated, silky-smooth feeling without any stickiness. Comfortable, stay-fast color is like a second skin that remains true for eight hours without fading or migrating.

Nude beiges, at the heart of Armani's color DNA, are expressed in luminous tones, draping the lips in a sheer chiffon-like veil. Desaturated pinks, from rosewood to raspberry, add an extra dose of chic to your style. Like moiré silks, the plum shades combine shine and depth of color. Rouge 400, the incendiary signature Armani shade, now comes in a sheer version for an astonishing, explosive effect.

I'll say! Rouge #400 in Gloss d'Armani is a hit at my house. Thanks, Eileen! Anyone who wants to browse or purchase Gloss d'Armani should be able to find it at any Armani Beauty counter.

Photo at top courtesy of Nordstrom; swatch photo by Best Things in Beauty


Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup said...

Why must you tempt me with these posts? I hope to make it to the nearest GA counter to check these out in person. After the disappointment with the EB gloss I'm in the market for a new one. I just hope my counter has these by now!

Charlestongirl said...

Laughing, Hopelessly Devoted! Your addiction is as strong as mine.

Eileen said...

Charlestongirl, that red looks perfect with your skin tone. I'm so glad you like it. It's an interesting red in that it seems to lean cool or warm depending on the wearer's skin tone. I guess that's what being neutral is all about.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Eileen. When I looked at it in the tube, it looked orange-toned. On the skin, not at all! Love it!

Lucy said...

Eileen was right - love this red. Thanks, girls. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, Lucy!

Eileen was spot-on when she described it for us. Love it!

lovethescents said...

I'm so glad I held out for a while in purchasing glosses. These Armanis are so beautiful looking! Not available at our Armani counter yet, I should see if I can get them online. Thank you, Charlestongirl and Eileen!

Unknown said...

OMG I can't believe you caved and got another one!! My kinda gal ;-)
I wonder how this compares to Chanel's Rouge Allure Extrait de Gloss in Emoi? I LOVE itfor a sheer red gloss.

Eileen said...

Hi Perilousy Pale,

Chanel's Extrait de Gloss and Gloss d'Armani are different in formula and effect. Whereas Chanel's "extrait" falls somewhere between the Glossimers and the more opaque Lip Laques, Gloss d'Armani doesn't pretend to be anything other than a gloss. More sheer and translucent than the Chanel, the Armani's strength is in enhancing or reviving whatever lipstick you are wearing. For those of us who prefer a more subtle approach to red, #400 is a beautiful solution and is pigmented enough to be worn alone.

In regards to color, on my lips Emoi is a stronger and decidedly pinker red than Armani #400 which is a transparent true red. They are both beautiful, but my personal preference is for the understated elegance of Armani.

Unknown said...

Thanks Eileen!

Charlestongirl said...

Hey, PerilouslyPale!

You knew I would cave, right? All it took was Eileen's glowing description.

Charlestongirl said...


I love this...I can go to work and count on you and others to provide such good information. Thanks!