Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lancôme Bronze Sensations for Summer 2011

Lancôme has new bronzers for summer 2011 - to help you go from zero to sun-kissed in minutes. There's something for everyone with the new Star Bronzers. Star Bronzer Long Lasting Bronzing Powder Natural Glow ($35) has a soft shimmer, while Star Bronzer Long Lasting Bronzing Powder Natural Matte ($35) offers those who prefer a matte bronzer just as many shade choices. It's been the season for fabulous new bronzers!

Natural Glow is available in three shades: 01 Lumière, 02 Solaire, and 03 Riche. This sheer silky-light powder delivers a natural sun-kissed glow in any season. The light-reflecting pigments ensure a radiant, glowing result. The lovely, smooth texture blends effortlessly and evenly for a beautiful glow.

Natural Matte is equally pretty! The blend of mineral pigments and absorbent micro-spheres ensures long-lasting smoothness and a perfect matte finish for your skin. Like its sister bronzer, if offers a fine texture that blends effortlessly, and Lancôme says the finish does shine or dull throughout the day. Natural Matte is also available in three shades: 01 Suntan, 02 Sunkiss, and 03 Sunbath. Cute names!

Both bronzers are suitable for all skin types, oil-free, and fragrance-free (yea!). Lancôme promises they will not promote acne.

As you would expect, so far I've purchased the lightest shade in each formula. I wanted to show you my photos of the two compacts to illustrate the difference in their finish. Suntan, the Natural Matte one is shown at left. Lumière, the slightly shimmering Natural Glow bronzer is shown above. I call Natural Glow shimmering because I can see subtle shimmer in the compact and on my skin. It's not at all over-the-top, and I think even matte lovers may find Natural Glow enticing.

I waited until very late in the day to get outdoor swatch photos for you. I had, after all, had a makeup trip to heaven earlier in the afternoon. For my swatch photos, I applied each bronzer with a sponge-tipped applicator, heavier than I would apply it on my face. I applied Suntan at the top of my arm and Lumière below it. Even though they are both the lightest shades available, Lumière is the lightest of the two. You wouldn't realize that by just looking at the compacts.

I doubted my own photos when I looked at the swatches. I knew I had applied Suntan (matte) at the top of my arm, with Lumière below. However, the compacts tell a different story. I double-checked everything today - just to ensure I wasn't on some kind of makeup high when I took my photos. I know I tried to apply the bronzers with the same number of applicator swipes. If you look carefully, you can see that the bottom swatch does has shimmer, while the top one doesn't.

The two photos were taken in different, but fading, light. Because I love both bronzers, I wanted to go ahead and show them to you. Suntan is perfect for contouring, and Lumière adds a pretty glow that I've swept all over my face. Natural Glow is so natural, I think even shimmer phobes will like it. Neither appears to be orange on me - a common problem with bronzers on my fair skin tone.

The starburst pattern stamped into these new bronzers makes them as pretty in the compact - at least for now - as they are on the skin. I think Lancôme has a hit on its hands. You can find the new Lancôme collections for summer at Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Saks, other Lancôme counters, and Lancô I had not found the colors at Nordstrom Tysons as of Tuesday.

Don't forget Camp Gorgeous at Neiman Marcus through this weekend. Friends & Family is ongoing at Lord & Taylor. They are offering a 10% discount in the beauty department. If you didn't get the card, ask for the discount anyhow.

Photo at top courtesy of Lancôme; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Eileen said...

When I went back this morning to take another look at Lumières Bizantines and read the latest comments, I was so sorry to hear that dawn's early light found you sore and a bit more battered than you had originally thought. Take extra good care of yourself today--especially that knee. You should be wearing your Lumières out on the town this weekend; not spending the time at home with an ice pack on a propped up knee. But then again, you're our own redoubtable Charlestongirl and we all know how hard it is to keep a good woman down :-)

Eileen said...

Now, on to Lancôme! The bumper crop of bronzers and bronzing luminizers has really been extraordinary this year. Even when I haven't been particularly impressed by the rest of the items in the summer collections, I've always found myself captivated by the bronzers. They've come a long way and now offer more shades, textures, and finishes than we would have ever imagined a few years ago. Over the past three years, I've gone from owning a single Guerlain Terracotta to owning two Guerlain, one Dior, two Chanel, two Nars, one Bobbi Brown, one Edward Bess, one Chantecaille, and last but not least, one Lancôme. And I was once the young girl whose pale skin and waist-length black hair earned her the nickname Vampira! True, I don't have all of them in my current rotation, but I think it's interesting that I now have a drawer dedicated to bronzers. The times change and so must we :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Eileen!

As the day has progressed, my body has "loosened up" a bit. Still feel a little battered, but I'll be fine. :)

Hasn't this been the Year of the Bronzer? I just got a few more too! Can't wait to get photos and show everyone. I've been converted!

lovethescents said...

That is strange about the shimmer and the matte swatches. I think I prefer the top swatch, the one without the shimmer. On your face, which do you prefer?

I'm happy to read you're feeling a bit better. Take it easy, Charlestongirl, and stay away from banana peels.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents!

I think the decision would be 50-50 among bronzer fans. I actually like the Natural Glow the most on me, but that's like asking me to choose a favorite child. :)

Thanks. I loved your comment. The Washington Post has become as useful as a banana peel, so I had a good laugh.

MaviDeniz said...

wow, if my skin would like like the girl's pic above i need this compact now!! lol

Charlestongirl said...

Just use the best skin care you can afford - and a little bronzer, MaviDeniz, - and you can!