Monday, June 13, 2011

Paul & Joe Beauté Limited-Edition Collection for Summer 2011

Very recently, I dipped my toes into the Paul & Joe Beauté line. Paul & Joe Beauté is a collection of makeup, skin care, and accessories designed by Paul & Joe fashion designer Sophie Albou. I don't know why I had dismissed the line as being a little "young." Maybe it is, but I was smitten with the gorgeous sea blue colors of the Summer 2011 Collection and decided to try a couple of items. Doesn't the scene above want to make you dip your toes in the ocean?

According to b~glowing, Paul & Joe cosmetics are for women who are totally self-aware and fueled by an inner confidence. Paul & Joe makeup and skin-care products are said to create women who are brimming with so much determination to enjoy life that they may seem a little hedonistic - savvy, stylish, and not afraid to address their needs and desires. Women who have these qualities, and at the same time project charm, passion, and compassion. These are the women for whom Paul & Joe Beauté is made. Who could argue with that?

I ordered three items. Naturally, I wanted the Bronzer B - Siren 001 bronzer/blush compact ($40). It looked like the signature piece in the collection, with the breathtakingly cute sea life design nestled into a baby blue compact that includes a mirror and a fairly useful brush for travelers, shown in my photo below left.

The oil in Bronzer B allows the powder to glide on smoothly and evenly leaving a luxurious veil of sun-kissed color, while the water-repellant properties ensure perfect coverage of skin imperfections and blemishes. This perfectly paired duo is just the burst of color your skin needs to look suntanned and stunning without standing in the sun all day.

Yes, I know I have quite a few new bronzers - enough to last a lifetime. I saw Bronzer B as a hybrid, a mix of a blush and bronzer, and I was right. Fair-skinned gals can use it as a bronzer, but anyone with light- or medium-toned skin will consider it a pretty, summer blush. For those with dark skin, I think it will get lost. When I received it, I had no idea why the directions say we should sweep the color over the entire face. I thought that would be a little too colorful.

My swatch photo is muddied by my bruised arm (sorry). I applied the powder with a sponge-tipped applicator at the top of my arm so that I could get enough pigment to show you that it's a very light peach shade with just a hint of brown (no pink). The green arrow points at that swatch. I also applied the powder with its brush in a large swatch below the arrow. I hope you can see the subtle peachy color in the center of my arm. It's very light. The color near the edge of my arm (at the right in photo) is bruising from my "Chanel fall." It's darker than the blush. Bronzer B has a glow, but no shimmer.

Is this piece a must-have? No, I wouldn't go that far. It's a very nice summer blush for me. I will use it as a blusher and to add color to the high points of my face. Maybe I could sweep it over my entire face; it's so light, it wouldn't look like a bronzer mishap. It will be hard to overdo the color.

After one sweep of my brush, the Paul & Joe logo was gone. The sea creatures are stamped into the powder, so they will stick around a little longer. The pretty blue compact will be around as long as the powder, but it is plastic. If you purchase Bronzer B, don't drop it on a ceramic tile floor - or leave it where a rambunctious Bengal can get to it.

You can find Paul & Joe Beauté at b~glowing, Beautyhabit, and DermStore. I'll show you the eye shadows I purchased either later today or tomorrow. What say you? Have you used Paul & Joe?

Photos at top courtesy of b~glowing; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


lovethescents said...

Hi Charlestongirl, thank you for this review. I have never tried the makeup but have sampled their two fragrances, Blanc and Bleu. Blanc is a big heliotrope bomb and Bleu reminds me a lot of Aquolina's Blue Sugar.

This bronzer/blush looks very pretty against your skin tone. I'm afraid it might be too light for me. The texture sounds lovely, though! And I find it particularly thoughtful that it comes with a brush....too many bronzers and blushes don't and I find that a nuisance.

Your poor arm! I barely noticed the bruise until you pointed it out....

Clarisse said...

I've never bought any P&J make-up and it's not easy to buy it either if you don't live in Paris. It looks as if it is a make-up to collect rather than to use: their packagings are always lovely, cute etc.. but the products are not up to the mark: the colors are very light and too sheer, that's what people who have used this make-up complain of. But they do have cute things: last year they had 3 lipsticks with showed a cat's head and I almost fell for them...but either you kept them intact and looked at them or you used them and then no more cat! Charlestongirl, I'm not very good at putting a link in my comment so I'll e-mail it to you and if you like you can add it so that everyone can see those cute lipsticks:-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents!

I got a laugh out of your description of a heliotrope bomb!

Glad the bruise isn't as apparent to you.

If your skin is significantly darker than mine, I don't think you would like this blush. It's quite subtle. The color is just fine for me, though. I should try it on someone at work with darker skin.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse!

I saw those lipsticks last year and decided they were too cutesy for me. Maybe this line is young. :)

I like sheer and light colors, so I can wear the colors I purchased. See what you think about the eye shadows when I get the photos up.

lovethescents said...

I think my skin is somewhat darker. I'm not good with those skin code numbers....the one I'm really after is that Chantecaille Poudre de Perle....we'll see.