Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Coming Attraction: CREED Royal Service, New Limited-Edition Collector's Fragrance to Begin CREED's Next 250 Years

To mark this year's successful start of CREED’s second 250 years as a fragrance dynasty, sixth-generation master perfumer Olivier Creed created Royal Service, a unique, new, very limited-edition fragrance hand-blended with flowers, fruits, and spices from CREED scents worn by the royal and famous women the CREED dynasty has served since 1760. Royal Service, the ultimate imperial women’s fragrance, will be presented in a sculptural hand-blown glass decanter with a numbered leather collar, a vessel that will never again be produced. Only 1,000 decanters, each presented in an heirloom box, will be offered worldwide.

This singular fragrance is a masterfully crafted and personal journey through CREED’s service to queens, empresses, princesses, and First Ladies, some of the world’s most exceptional clientele in fragrance.

The top note, like the opening of a palace door, is the bergamot of Princess Grace’s CREED Fleurissimo, the fragrance she wore on her wedding day. The next impression provides a fresh modernity: the orange zest of Love In White, the fragrance worn by two 21st century First Ladies. To this bright, gala opening, Mr. Creed skillfully added a hint of crisp Mediterranean grapefruit.

The middle note is iris from the favorite CREED of Empress Sisi of Austria-Hungary: Fantasia de Fleurs, commissioned by the legendary beauty. Mr. Creed added youth and a contemporary feel with a dab of neroli and gentle daffodil.

The base of Royal Service is the musk of Queen Victoria's intoxicating CREED fragrance, the famed Fleur de Bulgarie. Alongside is the amber from CREED's Ambre Canelle, worn by Argentine First Lady Eva Peron.

I had a remarkable opportunity to sample Royal Service yesterday, and I experienced love at first whiff. It's an extraordinary fragrance - one I must own. I felt an immediate personal relationship with Royal Service - as if it had been created for me. My serendipitous introduction to Thomas Saujet, President of CREED North America, on a day when I wasn't anticipating anything special to happen, reminded me that sometimes life's most memorable moments come when we least expect them.

In the United States, Royal Service will be available exclusively at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, the CREED boutique in New York (reached at (877) 273-3344), and The size will be 6.8 ounces, and the edition will be priced at $1,750. There will probably be fewer than 300 bottles available in the U.S. In Canada, Royal Service will be available from Holt Renfrew.

Royal Service will be available about the third week in November. That gives me some time to come up with the money to purchase it. Yes, my friends, I must own it, live in it, and enjoy it. There are some "needs" in life that must be satisfied. Royal Service entered my must-have list at the top.

Based in Paris, CREED is the world’s only luxury fragrance dynasty passed from father to son in an unbroken line since 1760, serving more than eight royal houses, leaders in every field, and the discerning public for more than 250 years. I own and adore many CREED fragrances and would love to have a few in my collection that I don't currently own, Windsor among them. Consider CREED's first 250 years of distinguished history and what the next 250 years may bring. Royal Service is a stunning way to bridge two eras.

Photo courtesy of CREED


lovethescents said...

This is beyond out of my field. Pretty bottle,though...I should hope so! It would be quite inappropriate if it were sold in a cardboard, juice box :-)

Charlestongirl said...

LOL, Lovethescents, you know that CREED sees to every detail. :)

Perhaps I will have to share with one of my favorite fragrance fans.

Clarisse said...

Of course it was created for you, Charlestongirl,lover of beauty and Empress of beauty blogs:-) Your description sounds perfectly gorgeous!
I've never been to the Creed parfumerie in Paris, that's a mistake I'll need to correct soon!

Charlestongirl said...

Oh my, Clarisse, yes! If/when I visit Paris, it will be on my must-see list. You beauties in France are so lucky to have a CREED site nearby. My closest one - other than NM - is in New York.

peniam said...

To tell you the truth(but maybe I shouldn't ;), I don't know this brand.. I will definitely go to find the boutique soon ;)

Charlestongirl said...

Peniam, CREED has a scent for everyone. Check out the Paris boutique!

Rosamaria said...

I have many decants of various Creed fragrances, but Winsdor is my only full bottle. I adore it. One of my favorites in my collection. I will definitely have to try Royal Service. Excellent post. This is my first time commenting. I love your blog.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Rosamaria!

I've wanted Windsor forever. It was never available when I tried to buy it, but now I'm "on the list" to get it in early December. Can't wait! Glad to hear there's another Windsor fan out there. :)

Thanks for the kind words about the blog! Please keep reading my labor of love.