Friday, October 14, 2011

Dior Holiday 2011 - Les Rouges Or - Or Vernis Collection

Glowing in a haze of new light, nails are transformed into precious accessories. Injected with a golden powder as delicate as that of a goldsmith, Dior Vernis cult shades gain shine, intensity, and depth. The jewel-like nail varnishes are available in four shades, including the limited-edition Gold Varnish, the perfect gold shade.

I thought I could resist. I couldn't. Once I saw these colors swatched at Neiman Marcus, I "needed" them. Doir's Or Vernis Haute Couleur Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer ($22) for Holiday 2011 was irresistible.

I purchased #221, Or Divin, and #611, Exquis. They earned their names; they are divine and exquisite. Or Divin is a very sheer gold - one that's elegant, not flashy. It's a gold you could wear to work. Exquis is a taupe brown with a hint of gold. Like Or Divin, it shines, particularly in the sun, but doesn't scream. I think it's an extremely flattering shade. Dior described the collection as refined. I think that term is a perfect descriptor.

The other two shades in the Or Vernis Collection are red - one brighter than the other. They are beautiful, but the golden ones are the two that caught my eye and wouldn't leave my mind.

Dior's Les Rouges Or Holiday 2011 Collection is available at Neiman Marcus, where I purchased my lipsticks from the collection, and should be available at all Dior counters. The collection can be seen (and purchased) online at Nordstrom.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Unknown said...

I really, really want Exquis - drool! Nordstorm had everything but this color when I was there earlier this week.

Charlestongirl said...

Ava, I think Neiman Marcus Tysons still has it. Give Kathy a call at 571-212-8399. I know they had only one left of one of the shades I purchased after I bought.

Charlestongirl said...

My oh my, Ava! I just checked, and it's gone. Write me. I can part with half for you.

Unknown said...

Just saw your message, Charlestongirl! Thanks for the kind offer, but I ordered it from Nordies. Looks like this color is flying out of the stores.