Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Giorgio Armani Beauty Rouge d'Armani Downtown Collection for Fall 2011 - AKA Armani Hollywood Ambers

From Giorgio Armani Beauty, the Rouge d'Armani Downtown Collection for Fall 2011 ($30) offers six new, limited-edition shades that are a perfect complement to your fall fashion. The collection arrived at Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria last week. The Downtown Collection is also referenced as Armani's Hollywood Ambers. The United States and Europe have given these lovelies different collection names, as I mentioned yesterday in my feature on the new Gloss d'Armani shades.

I played with the new shades with Erin Vega, Armani Product Specialist, at Neiman Marcus. I selected one, Brown #205, to bring home with me. A couple of the shades were a little too dark for me (in my opinion). I know they are perfect autumn colors - just not for my face.

When you take a look at my photos, you may think, "Why on earth did Giorgio Armani Beauty categorize this shade with the browns?" On my lips, this shade does display its brown side. It's actually a hard shade to categorize. It might also fit with the plums, reds, or pinks. So remember that you can find some incredibly lovely colors in a category toward which you might not gravitate naturally. I love browns, but perhaps you don't. Check out the colors in person if you can and forget the categories and numbers.

Let's take a look at Brown #205. I would describe it, after wearing it, as a warm, deep rusty rose - and yes, with a lot of brown in it. The brown is more evident on my lips than it is on my arm. It is about as dark a shade as I can wear, and I would definitely limit its wear to the fall season and traditional fall fashion.

The color is intense - almost opaque. It looks best on me blotted and enlivened with one of my Gloss d'Armani plum or mauve shades. It's incredibly gorgeous when used as a stain (blotted) and topped with the new Pink #507 Gloss d'Armani. That combination looks like it was made for me, and it's amazingly long-lasting.

The pairing of Brown #205 with Pink #507 takes the "rust" out of the shade. Rust tones and I have a difficult relationship. If rusty roses are your colors (you "Autumn" seasonal color types or redheads), you need to dash right to your favorite Armani counter or order online. Brown #205 is your color, and it's a limited-edition.

I won't recite the other five shades in the collection. You can see them at this link. The tube photo will change to display the color you select, so that helps to take the guesswork out of ordering online. I love that feature.

The Hollywood Ambers (or Downtown Collection, whichever you prefer) will keep us happy until the holiday collection arrives in November. These new Rouge d'Armani shades are available online at Giorgio Armani Beauty and at Armani counters and boutiques.

I did order a second shade (Beige #109) from the Hollywood Ambers today, taking advantage of the discount Giorgio Armani Beauty USA is offering right now. With any $50 purchase, you will receive a 15% discount and free shipping if you use the code EXCLUSIVE at checkout. The offer is valid from now until October 20. Hurry! It's a great time to buy.

Photo at top courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Unknown said...

You are out to get me aren't you? ;-) You even had throw in that it's perfect for redheads....*sigh*

Charlestongirl said...

Hi PP, well it is... :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review ... I am trying to decide on which colors to get, and question the online swatches. Is it possible you could give a brief description of the others based on your memory at the store? If not, that's okay-I will order away. I never complain at having too many Rouge D'Armani lippies. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anon!

I can't do any better than the photos at the Armani link. Anything darker than the one I purchased will be very dark - that I can tell you!