Monday, March 3, 2014

Chanel Jardin de Camélias Illuminating Powder from the Jardin de Camélias Collection

This exclusive creation, a sheer "ivory powder" enhanced with pink highlights, delicately illuminates the face with an imperceptible halo. Dusted over the cheekbones and across the high points of the face, the highlighting powder captures and reflects light for an exquisite radiance. In tribute to Mademoiselle Chanel’s favorite flower, a camellia is delicately embossed across its surface. This beautiful Jardin de Camélias Illuminating Powder ($70) is part of the limited-edition Jardin de Camélias Collection. I thought today, with our fresh six inches of snow on the ground, was the perfect day to feature it.

Most of you know I ordered from this collection blind. It is exclusive to At the time I ordered, I wondered how the almost-white powder would look on my face - and on those with darker complexions. Today, I can tell you it looks great on me, but I have reservations about how it will look on women with medium to dark complexions. I'm hoping one of you will tell me.

Have you noticed that one of the biggest trends for spring is white or nearly white eye shadow? Did you see it gracing the faces of actresses at the Academy Awards last night? This illuminating powder is as perfect as it gets for creating the bright-eyed look that is all the rage. On the face, it creates the soft glow of a pearl in candlelight, a woman's best friend.

As usual, I attempted the impossible: taking swatch photos on my pale skin, hoping you will see the color of Jardin de Camélias. I took my photos in full sun. I swatched heavily at the top of my arm with a sponge-tipped applicator, and I used a brush to create the larger swatch below. I made no attempt to blend the powder.

Fortunately, the slightly pink tint in the white Jardin de Camélias shows at the top of my arm, where I applied it very heavily. I can see it in the larger swatch below as well. At least my attempts weren't fruitless. (Sorry about the ugly Band-Aid; it's not as bad as the bruise.)

When I apply this powder on my face, it applies as white. I have to blend it lightly to lose the white overcast and transform it into a gleam. I think the slight pink hue helps. It is not at all sparkly on me, so those who love illuminators without micro-flecks will adore it.

I think of Jardin de Camélias Illuminating Powder as a novelty. I can create the same look with other products I have in my makeup museum. Nonetheless, I am pleased to own it. The compact is black with white double Cs, and it opens to a beautiful embossed camellia.

Jardin de Camélias is available at Chanel online, along with the rest of the Jardin de Camélias Collection. I've got more to show you, so stay tuned.

Photo at top courtesy of Chanel; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Chris said...

Hmm, CG, you have me a bit worried about my purchase, which is probably waiting at my doorstep as I type.

I knew this powder was going to be white with some gleam to it, and I'm pretty darn fair, but if it's white on you, it surely will be white on me. Plus, I have a yellow/olive complexion, so it'll probably show up against my skin tone a bit more than yours.

Here's to hoping that it looks good on my complexion. I do love a pearly glow!

Meredith said...

I love this on my middle aged skin. It gives it a youthful radiance without sparkle or shine. It reminds me of Guerlain's latest powder in the compact that came with the Crazy Paris collection. Along with my Armani Silk foundation, this does a great job at helping me look my best. I like it so much that I purchased a backup.

Jennifer Pellicone said...

Oh! This sounds perfect for my 58 year old skin that needs brightening, not sparkle!
Thanks for another great review!
cspmpm at gmail dot com

A Lovely Inconsequence said...

I love your blog...I don't know what I would do without you checking things out for me first. I also get strength from you. A strong single woman out in the world - I feel you're in the trenches with me! Thank you for your great reviews that tell me what's worth it and what's not! Can't wait for the promised perfume reviews soon.

Best wishes,