Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Marc Jacobs Beauty Remedy Concealer Pen

I've been dipping my toes into Marc Jacobs Beauty, choosing wisely, I think, and so far I've been very happy with my selections. I really didn't want to get "hooked on" another makeup brand. I already have too many on my must-buy list.

I was intrigued by Remedy Concealer Pen ($39). soI purchased one sight unseen in the lightest shade, 00 Stand Corrected. I am extremely happy with it.

This an all-in-one eraser, brightener, and corrector works as advertised: it remedies the signs of aging, dehydration, and fatigue, while brightening the skin around the eyes. One of Marc’s favorite products, they say, Remedy Concealer Pen is the perfect fix for the sins of a carefree youth (guilty) or just the aftermath of last night (not guilty). Formulated with advanced pigments, powerful antioxidants, and Remedy Complex, a unique blend of hydrating and anti-aging ingredients, this next-generation concealer brightens, hydrates, and soothes the skin while providing the coverage you need for a fresh, bright-eyed finish. The patented palladium applicator cools on contact to reduce puffiness, and one click is all it takes for the perfect amount of product.

Remedy is available in nine shades - from the lightest that I purchased, 00 to the darkest, 7. I guessed and guessed well. The one thing I really like about the applicator is not the metal applicator, but the window that shows me the color and how much product I have left. I really like those user-friendly touches.

I took swatch photos in full sun. I applied Stand Corrected without blending it. That photo is shown directly above. As you can see on my arm, Stand Corrected leans yellow.

After I took unblended swatch photos, I blended the swatch with my finger and took more photos. The blended photo above shows that Stand Corrected almost blends into my skin perfectly. The yellow tone takes any redness away from around my eyes. It's a very nice shade for me.

I use Remedy under my eyes. I'm still enamored with the Edward Bess Illuminating Eyeshadow Base over my eyes. Remedy is easy to apply, covers nicely, and lasts all day. I have found a new favorite.

Have you tried Marc Jacobs Beauty Remedy Concealer Pen? Do you like it as much as I do? You can purchase it at Sephora or select Marc Jacobs boutiques.

Photo at top courtesy of Sephora; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Jo said...

I have this and like it too. I don't use it every day but I do think it is a good concealer.

Quirky Busy Beauty said...

I haven't tried this yet, although I've been loving the Marc Jacobs Genus Gel foundation so much that I'm on my second bottle (Ivory Light). CG, we have similar skintone- what foundation shades are generally a match for you? When I looked at the Marc Jacobs potted concealer in-store, it was too dark for me. I'm hopeful that this pen runs lighter than that?

Kiss & Make-up said...

You sound enthusiastic! Good! :-)

bisbee said...

I've had this for quite a while...using the window on the side (I agree - great feature!) it looks like I'm halfway through. This is in my regular rotation - I have quite a few concealers, since darkness under the eyes is a major problem for me. I'm also very pleased with this one - same shade as you have - packed with pigment and I love the brightening! The cool metal applicator is unique - great product!

LoveSugarBabyDoll said...

Perfect timing. I need a new concealer. Perhaps I should try the gel foundation also? Have you tried it CG?