Friday, March 14, 2014

The Friday Forum - March 14

There was an interesting article in yesterday's New York Times by Alice Gregory that started this way...

They call themselves lemmings. And like those mythic rodents, whose herd mentality is said to be so strong as to lead them off cliffs, these women are united in a mission that, to outsiders, may seem baffling and even berserk.

She could have been discussing makeup collectors, but she was talking about women who collect nail polish and women who will hunt down discontinued colors, paying at times up to $250 for a little bottle that no one else can find. Words such as "swatches," and "buildability." I got a laugh out of the article because with a few changes it could have been about women trying to find their long-lost favorite color products. Once something is discontinued, it takes on a value that only we understand. Read the article at the link above and see if it sounds familiar.

Right under that article was one about the use of African oils in beauty products. Written by Tatiana Boncompagni, it described how African oils have become exotic and, therefore, in demand. I suspect you will see much buzz around new oils and their benefits to skin care in coming months.

The latest celebrity fragrance will come from Sophia Vergara. According to WWD, the Modern Family superstar will call her fragrance Sophia. It is an oriental floral fragrance that was concocted by International Flavors & Fragrances perfumer Bruno Jovanovic and speaks to Vergara’s background and her fragrance preferences. The top notes are blackberry, sparkling cassis buds, and plum; middle notes are purple violet, Colombian Rose, and Colombian Orchid; and the base notes are earthy woods, vanilla, and sandalwood.

The juicy oriental floral fragrance concocted by International Flavors & Fragrances perfumer Bruno Jovanovic speaks to Vergara’s background and her fragrance preferences. The top notes are blackberry, sparkling cassis buds and plum; middle notes are purple violet, Colombian Rose and Colombian Orchid, and base notes are earthy woods, vanilla and sandalwood.

HSN will have an exclusive on Sophia through July, when it will begin to be available in "upper moderate" department stores - whatever those are. I think it sounds nice, so I'll have to wait for summer to smell it somewhere. I'm not going to blind buy it.

That's my news for today. It's time for the Friday Forum - our first in weeks. I love this part of our week. What new products did you discover this week? Did you find any deals you couldn't resist? Are you using a fabulous product and want to sing its praises? Did you find a beauty product disappointing? Do you have a question others might be able to answer? Want to talk about skin care? What's new in your life? Just use the comments. Don't be shy. Just make sure to ask any question you might have over the weekend. By early the next week, most (not all) readers will have moved on.

Photo courtesy of the New York Times


Lori Jenkins said...

Hi CG! Hope you have some sunshine your way! I read that article and laughed too. I'm recovering from spinal fusion surgery and I've really enjoyed catching up on blogs, especially all your swatches :) I have a question for you - I recently tried Dior rouge serum and was very disappointed. They look very similar to the CdP lipsticks you posted some swatches of this week - are you familiar with the dior formula to tell me if they're similar in consistency?

Charlestongirl said...

Lori, It has been so long since I used Rouge Serum, that I can't do a fair comparison.

They are long and slim, like these. I remember liking them, though. I found them creamy with a light feeling.

Nicolle said...

I finally broke down and bought the Sunday Riley Tinted Primer and also bought the new foundation - Liquid Light Color Correcting Luminous HD. I love both but really love the sample I received of the Artemis face oil. I've been using it for almost 2 weeks now and have noticed a difference :)

I am going to purchase a couple Biologique Recherche products later today.

Charlestongirl said...

FYI, Bergdorf Goodman gift card event coming up the last week in March.

Jo said...

My latest makeup find is Lancôme's Cils Tint lash tint. I can't remember the last time I bought anything from Lancôme but I love this tint. It is like getting your lashes tinted. It is such a great deep black and it really makes my blue eyes pop without giving me raccoon eyes. I was told not to expect any volume from it and I don't get any but it does give my lashes a little curl. The only place I've see it so far is Nordstrom. They had it in store so I was able to try it before I bought it. It is just great. I also splurged on the new Revive lip serum from Neiman's online this week. I am a sucker for lip treatment products and balms so I could not resist. I can't wait to get it next week and hope it's great as well.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Nathalie the Beauty Diva said...

What a terrific read, gosh this brings me down memory lane. In the early 70s Estee Lauder had this blush that I absolutely loved called Freshwater Rose, when they decided to discontinue it I hit every counter to stock up.... thanks for making me laugh. Have a great weekend! Nathalie

Miz_Em said...

Hi, funny you ask...and that you mentioned African oils... I was curious about an ingredient on the lotion I use, it's a generic copy of Cetephil and I liked that it has macadamia oil in it...but I forgot what dimethicone was and looked it up. I found out it's it's a non-water soluble silicone and some feel it can be drying...which I seemed to be experiencing because I was running out of my lotion and my hands felt drier than usual. I decided I don't want hair products, body lotions or anything actually, with dimethicone in it.
I've been looking at hair oils and many contain it as well. I received a suggestion to try Marula oil from Sally Beauty, on twitter. I have fine dyed red hair but I have a lot of hair. I used olive oil the other day on my wet hair and it got dirty too I hope this, new to me, oil won't end up having the same effect. (I think I applied too much anyway.)
I found a newly released Organic CC cream by Physicians Formula without silicone in it. I think silicone bothers my skin, so I am looking forward to trying that.
I am obsessed with nail polish too but not to the point of spending more than $23 on a bottle. Even that is steep to me.
(Sorry if this is a novel.)