Sunday, March 30, 2014

Guerlain Muguet 2014

Today, it is dark, cold, windy, and raining. What is keeping up my spirits? The knowledge that the 2014 Guerlain Muguet ($550) will be arriving at my doorstep in April. I have a hobby - perhaps a habit - of buying each year's Muguet release around this time of year. I'm on the waiting list at the Las Vegas Guerlain Boutique to be one of the first to receive the 2014 edition. I can't describe how excited I am. Would it be hyperbole to say it makes working worthwhile?

Each year since 1998 (with a few lapses), Guerlain has introduced a collectable edition of Muguet on the first of May. May Day’s tradition dates back to May 1, 1561 when King Charles IX of France received a lily of the valley as a lucky charm. He decided to offer the flower to the ladies of his court each year. It is now customary to give a lily of the valley on May 1. In truth, Muguet arrives at the Guerlain Boutiques in early April - and it may be sold out by the first of May because the release is limited to 1,872 numbered, 125 ml bottles.

The fragrance is not the same as Jacques Guerlain's original 1908 creation (oh, how I would love to smell that!), but the new Muguet is popular because the lily of the valley fragrance is divine and the bottle changes from year to year, making it collectable. For the first time this year, Guerlain has used its famous bee bottle for Muguet, perhaps as a follow-up to the recent bee bottle anniversary.

The presentation for 2014 includes a handmade white porcelain holder decorated with lily of the valley motifs. It was conceived by Parisian ceramic artist Brigitte de Bazelaire, who is associated with Porcelaines de la Fabrique - the company that has manufactured Limoges china since 1825. With the porcelain container serving as a superior holder for the bee bottle, it's the most exquisite presentation I've seen - and most of them have been first class.

Adorned with a white bow, the white porcelain container requires a double baking at more than 1,000 degrees Centigrade. Nestled inside the idyllic creation, the bee bottle is filled with a pale green precious liquid. After the bottle is empty, the porcelain can be repurposed and serve as a reminder to get on the waiting list for the next year's release. I plan to use mine to hold flowers. It looks much like a small Wedgwood container I have. When not in use, it will go in a display cabinet with antique silver. I think it will look at home there.

Even though the Muguet fragrance smells like an effervescent lily of the valley soliflore, it is a blend. The fragrance opens with a top note of bergamot. The middle notes are lily of the valley, jasmine, rose, and "green notes." The base note is a pure and lighthearted musk - one I can barely smell. I've read it contains a touch of lilac, but have no way to verify that.

This floral masterpiece is the most accomplished lily of the valley blend I have ever worn, and I wear it a lot. Need a pick me up on a day like this? Turn to Muguet. Need to dream of spring when the ground is covered by a foot of snow? Wear Muguet. Greet spring with class? Reach for Muguet. I get compliments every time I wear it.

I call the boutique every few days to see if Muguet has arrived. Jonathan knows I'm a fanatic, so he humors me. Actually, I think he's as excited about its arrival as I am. If you would like to reserve a bottle, give him a call at (702) 732-7008. He will take great care of you. Make sure to ask for Jonathan. He usually works late, so I often call around 7:30 pm ET (remember, there is a time difference). The 2014 Muguet will be available at the Guerlain Boutiques and, I'm told, a limited selection of Guerlain retailers.

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LoveSugarBabyDoll said...

What a fabulous idea for Mother's Day! Or any day really. :)

wendy said...

hi charleston girl! enjoy and use the beautiful guerlain perfume in the best of health! everything from guerlain is always so beautiful and elegant. i heard that guerlain will come out with many fragrances for summer. is the one "naheme" (a twist on the classic)? and, a "terracotta fragrance"? i live in a small city so i have only seen 1 aqua allegoria at my local sephora. the salesperson told me they are no longer going to be carrying guerlain (at my location) very soon. i was excited to see a new display of rouge g's at my local guerlain counter at dillard's. if i'm not wrong, this will be the only place to get anything by guerlain. i saw some coordinating blushes, nail polishes, and lip glosses. everything was completely sold out! across the counter, i was very distracted by chanel. they just received new matte foundations, 2 blushes, and there were concealers. the picture of the model on the display unit was gorgeous. i purchased the lip color and eye shadow and liner she was wearing. the fabulous sales associate just knows i must have the colors for the ad campaign. don't you wish they would put the details on the back of the tester unit? maybe it's just me. i hope the foundation works. love, wendy. p.s. did you notice chantecaille's website has changed?! they also have the summer collection look posted. i'm not comfortable with the aqua eye liner (it's sooo gorgeous on olivia) but, love the rest. that mango lip gloss is on my wish list as well as anything from guerlain. wishing a happy, healthy, and fabulous week!!

Charlestongirl said...

Wendy, Terracotta is coming out any day. I am purchasing it.

Sephora has never carried the full line of Guerlain. Wouldn't surprise me if it went away entirely.

Info about Nahéma:

Evelyn said...

So beautiful! I think I should put aside funds to buy a bottle next year - my Guerlain Muguet fund! I definitely want the new terracotta, it's too beautiful to pass up. Wish Sephora carried more Guerlain, it's a little easier to access in person there rather than having to go to the fancier Saks, etc. and get the hard sell from staff.

Anonymous said...

How I wish I could smell this! It sounds wonderful and one of my first fragrances was Nina Ricci's L'Air du Temps with lily of the valley.
I tried the new Chanel mat foundation. It is nice. Was going to buy the TF foundation stick but they were out of my color. I really want the new Chanel eye quads to arrive.
Best, Tanja