Sunday, March 9, 2014

Clé de Peau Beauté Eye Color Quad in Peach-Brown (#211) for Spring-Summer 2014

For spring, Clé de Peau Beauté introduced two new Eye Color Quads ($55 in refill, $80 with case). The new quads were inspired by the hues of romantic peaches and plums. They are subtle, extraordinarily wearable colors.  These new colors create a youthful, no-drama softness around the eye area. Argan tree oil and exclusive Hydro-Wrap Complex keep the colors in place and moisturize for long-lasting wear. The velvety formulation and matte finish in both offer many possibilities for varying your look. I purchased both (in refills) at Neiman Marcus, and I'll start show and tell with Peach Brown (#211), shown above in a case.

This shadow collection highlights and defines the eyes with the ultimate in color sophistication and luxury care. Light-reflecting technology enhances natural eye-area contours. The finish is silky and flawless, resistant to smudging, creasing, and fading.

I guess I'm a cheapskate, but I will not pay $25 for a ho-hum case. It's the eye shadow I want, and since I don't travel, the chintzy little plastic case "does me" just fine. The #211 refill is shown at my house directly below, sans plastic. My photos were taken in full, mid-day sun.

The subtle colors weren't easy to swatch. I had to apply them heavily with a sponge-tipped applicator. If you are a Clé de Peau fan, you already know that the gorgeous logos disappear with the first use. I wish they hung around longer; I think they are classy.

The pink, the largest color at left in the quad, is a pink that gives light and life to the eyelids without making you look like you have a disease. The beige shade is a beautiful base color - one you can wear to work on a day when you only have time for one swipe before you charge out the door. It evens the skin tone and adds a slight gold highlight - even though it offers no sparkle.

The warm brown shade is an interesting color. It has, to my eye, a slight mahogany - perhaps autumn bronze -  tinge to it, fortunately not enough to add a red hue to your eyelids. I'm struggling for the right description of the color. It serves perfectly as both an eyeliner and a crease/contour shade. Why the peach shade is the smallest in the quad mystifies me. I would have provided more peach and less brown in designing the quad. What do you think? Which of the two rightmost colors would you choose for the #3 placement?

I was really looking forward to trying these new palettes. I'm accustomed to some glimmer and gleam in my Clé de Peau colors, so I was anxious to see how the company translates matte - the marketing description of the shades. I'm happy to report that they are not flat matte. I'd say they have a satin finish (silky works too), one that shows me some life when the sun or light hits them directly.

Clé de Peau Beauté's stunning Spring-Summer 2014 Collection is available at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, and select Saks Fifth Avenue stores. I have more to show you - soon.

Photo at top courtesy of Clé de Peau Beauté; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Hilaria said...

Did you buy the other Spring CdP eye quad? I'd love to see your review. I'm going to be in the States and want to know if it is worth tracking down. This one is pretty but too peachy/pink earthy brown for me. I do LOVE CdP quads but funds are limited this trip so not sure if I want to spurge on this or something else. Thanks for posting.

Charlestongirl said...

Sure did, Hilaria. I'll try to show it tomorrow.

Meredith said...

Usually, I would have sprung for the purple one but I have so much of that shade so I bought the one featured here. Love it! I have finally found a shade of brown that doesn't make me look tired. On me, it's a cocoa brown, not too dark, so it gives my eyes some definition without looking hard or overdone. The other 3 shades in the palette are very wearable and so silky soft! I can't usually wear Cle de Peau's quads because the sparkle, which is pretty, irritates my delicate eyelids but this palette isn't sparkly so it's comfortable for me. I really happy with this purchase.

Charlestongirl said...

Meredith, I like this one more than 212. 212 is nice, though.

Unknown said...

Thank you for reviewing this quad.I own six Cle de Peau quads. You are so right,they are mostly sparkle or shimmer. Still they are soft and silky. Never powdery. My favorite color is quite often the smallest one! I am tempted, but this year there are so many beautiful options.

Jennifer Pellicone said...

You've done it again. I WANT THIS because of your great review!

Eileen said...

Most of you have already read my comments about CdP's spring collection. Every time La Bohème is mentioned here or elsewhere, I start gushing with praise. As collections go, it is beautifully edited and a testament to refined elegance. (And, no repromotes which seem to be more common nowadays.) I bought both quads and the luminizing powder and couldn't be happier. Today, while waiting for a friend, I picked up two of the lip luminizers: Toffee Apple and Sweetie Pie. I just couldn't resist. When my friend saw them, she said lunch would have to wait until we visited the CdP counter :-)

La Bohème's color story is one of light and fragile blossoms, but it doesn't mean these shades are vapid or washed out. These colors have presence and combine to bring a glow to the eyes that is both delicate and dimensional. The look is further enhanced by the crystalline luminizing powder and the whisper soft lip colors. Did I mention how much I like this collection? LOL

Gauri said...

I ♥ CdP. All of their products are just so wonderful!

bisbee said...

I have decided I am more of an eyeliner person than a shadow person - I have gotten rid of most of my shadows...of course, I confess that I just purchased 3 shadows from Nars - a single and a double. But...I have to say after looking at your latest swatches...I can't even count how many swatches I have seen in the last several month from you and other bloggers that look almost identical. How many palettes of browns and rose colored shadows does anyone need? Are they really that different? Would anyone looking at you see a difference between when you are wearing shadows from one palette instead of another?

The "you" I refer to is not you, CG, it is the general "you", and I mention this because I've thought about it before, and this morning I saw your swatches, which look like SO MANY OTHERS I've seen lately!

Anonymous said...

Fran said:
Bisbee on the one hand I would agree. The majority of people would not know. I have a lot of eyelid and brow showing. Eyeshadow becomes critical in breaking up the expanse. Eyeliner alone on my eyes looks strange, light and dark colors look terrible, sparkly highlighters are a no no and matte shadows look harsh. Like it or not brown is the norm but I do get sick of wearing the same shade of brown so can understand this quest for the perfect shade.

Eileen said...

Hi Bisbee,

It's not so much about the colors as it is about the new formulas that continue to be introduced. Textures, finishes, complexity, undertones, dimension, longevity, degree of pigmentation, varying levels of shimmer, etc.--all those things can vary significantly. I have some beautiful palettes with similar colors but their difference in formulation does make a discernible difference in how the shadows look and how they perform. So, you see, those of us who love neutrals or particular colors can never get enough :-) We will always be looking for new and different interpretations of the shades we love. It is, in part, this attitude towards cosmetics that separates women who wear makeup from women who LOVE makeup. Also, many of us want similar color selections in a variety of finishes because we believe that different times and occasions require different looks. For example, a cool rose palette in mattes will create a visibly different effect from one with shimmery shades. The former might look lovely in the office but fall flat at night, whereas the latter might be outré for work but perfect for a special night out.

Practical consideration: Some people say powders will last "forever" and others say the quality deteriorates after a couple years and it's time to toss. I'm one of the latter and so I never have a gazillion palettes that are all that similar. I will occasionally keep an older palette for color reference until I find something similar but in an improved formula or--and this is fun part for me--I find something even better than my previous love. Call it the thrill of the hunt! LOL

Bottom line: There is no right or wrong, reasonable or unreasonable, when it comes to makeup. Makeup is, after all, a luxury and not a necessity. If a couple palettes satisfies you, that's great. If a couple dozen palettes is what satisfies you, that's great, too. There's no harm being done either way :-)

Evelyn said...

These are so pretty, I am very tempted!

Anonymous said...

Love this collection!!! I got almost everything except fabulous fig lip color. But...its on my list too. I am on no buy till the end of Great lent, but once its over I will zip strait to Cle de Peau counter.. and it will be mine. Colors just makes me cry that is How Beautiful this collection is. even just to open the case with the eyeshadow from this collection or Luminizer makes me very happy and brings unparalleled harmony to my eyesight and my heart.When you look at something that is really well and beautifully done, I think its a pleasure just to look. Its gorgeous. Dear Bisbee, you really need to try it in order to be able to understand the beauty of it. It really makes me look very beautiful in transparent natural way, what is very hard to archive with anything else that I have tried before (including TF, Chanel, Guerlain and even other eyeshadows from CDP). What can I say...Cle de peau is always a Joy and Luxurious treat.