Monday, March 10, 2014

Clé de Peau Beauté Eye Color Quad in Plum-Brown (#212) from the La Bohème Collection for Spring-Summer 2014

Clé de Peau Beauté introduced two Eye Color Quads (#55 in refill, $80 with case) with its La Bohème Collection for Spring-Summer 2014. I showed you #211 the other day; today is my first opportunity to show you Plum Brown (#212). The new colors were inspired by the hues of romantic peaches and plums. These new colors create a youthful yet bold softness around the eye area. Argan tree oil and exclusive Hydro-Wrap Complex keep the colors in place and moisturize for long-lasting wear. The velvety formulation and matte finish offer many possibilities for varying your look.  Plum Brown (#212) is shown above.

I purchased both (in refills) at Neiman Marcus. I guess I'm a cheapskate, but I will not pay $25 for a ho-hum case. It's the eye shadow I want, and since I don't travel, the chintzy little plastic case "does me" just fine. The #212 refill is shown at my house below, sans plastic. My photos were taken in full, mid-day sun.

This shadow collection highlights and defines the eyes with the ultimate in color sophistication and luxury care. Light-reflecting technology enhances natural eye-area contours. The finish is silky and flawless, resistant to smudging, creasing, and fading.

The subtle colors weren't easy to swatch. I had to apply the two left-most colors heavily with a sponge-tipped applicator. If you are a Clé de Peau fan, you already know that the gorgeous logos disappear with the first use. I wish they hung around longer; I think they are classy.

The pink at left in the quad almost matches my skin. It's very hard to see at the top of my arm. The mauve-pink shade coordinates beautifully with all the other shades.

The violet color is a good blue-toned lavender, especially for people like me whose eyes don't take well to red-lavender shades. The mauve, the smallest in the quad, is a great eyeliner color. It does make my eyes look red. Hopefully, you don't suffer the same problem. If I had to select only one of the two palettes, now that I've tested them, I would have chosen #211. You know I love neutrals and shy away from plums.

As I said earlier, I was really looking forward to trying these new palettes. I'm accustomed to some glimmer and gleam in my Clé de Peau colors, so I was anxious to see how the company translates matte - the marketing description of the shades. I'm happy to report that they are not flat matte. I'd say they have a satin finish (silky works too), one that shows me some life when the sun or light hits them directly.

Clé de Peau Beauté's stunning Spring-Summer 2014 Collection is available at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, and select Saks Fifth Avenue stores. I have more to show you from La Bohème - soon, I hope.

Photo at top courtesy of Clé de Peau Beauté; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Anonymous said...

This is my favorite out of two I got at the moment. Love Love Love it. Great quality , can not get enough of it! Thank you Cle de Peau for making us happy and looking forward always for something new:)from this line

Eileen said...

Hi Anonymous@5:45,

We're birds of a feather :-). This one is my favorite, too, especially when worn with the Delicate Pink luminizing powder swept over the brow bone and wrapped around over the cheekbone. When I want to punch up the violet a bit, I use a deep purple like the one in Guerlain's Two Gossip smoked along the lashline. Sublime!

Gauri said...

Such beautiful shades..CdP has remained untried by me for far too long!!!

Karen said...

Hi Eileen,

What is your coloring?
(If I may ask)

Thanks, Karen

Eileen said...

Hi Karen,

I'm fair with warm (peachy) undertones. MAC pegs me as NC15. I have dark warm green eyes with black lashes and brows. My hair used to be almost black but is now entirely silver at the crown and then progressively becomes darker so that about 60% of my hair is still deep brunette. I have naturally pink cheeks and medium rose lips. I'm hard to categorize as warm or cool because I have elements of both and love playing with warm and cool variations of makeup. I love the Plum Brown quad with the Delicate Pink luminizing powder and a light pop of Tom Ford Wicked on the cheeks. When I wear the Peach Brown quad, I substitute my Gold luminizing powder (from last spring) and a pop of TF Frantic Pink on my cheeks. Both of these quads are winners for me but I like the Plum Brown a bit better because it can be skewed towards rich plum or cool violet.

Karen said...

Thanks so much for your detailed reply, Eileen!
My coloring is more similar to CG'S, but I thought she would prefer the Plum Brown as well. I am going to only purchase one so I want to choose wisely.
On a side note, you write the best comments! Your writings are always so well composed and very
enlightening. I can forward CG's blog to others without warning them not to read the comments.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Eileen for all the good tips:)! it is so much fun to play with good makeup. TF Wicked blush is on my list for sure. Did you mean lumizing powder #13 from last spring?

Eileen said...

Hi Anonymous@5:53,

Mea culpa! I meant Spring 2012. I wear Gold #12 with the Peach Brown quad. Sorry for the confusion. I was having a senior moment :-)

Hi Karen,

Amanda Seyfried is wearing the Plum Brown quad in the La Bohème promo pictures so you can see how it looks on a blond :-)

RAEview said...

I am so excited about these new palettes! I usually only buy them for my grandmother since they're easy on her sensitive eyelids, but I may have to grab myself both! Your swatches look lovely <3

Anonymous said...

Thank you Eileen! I will try tomorrow to do this combination. I have all the necessary ingredients for it:). I meant Luminizing powder in gold and TF Frantic pink and the eyeshadow of course:))