Sunday, March 16, 2014

Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Beautifying Foundation SPF20 from the Summer 2014 Collection

In 1984, Guerlain revolutionized the way a beautiful bronzed look was achieved. The endless hours in the sun to attain that perfect glow, while also causing damage to the skin, could be traded in for a healthier, much quicker way to “tan.” Terracotta was born and with it, a natural-looking glow season after season that never betrays your secret. On the strength of 30 years of expertise and innovation, Guerlain is now introducing a new collection of beauty must-haves as part of the Terracotta collection. Step into the secret of a healthy glow with Joli Teint.

Guerlain has started to introduce its Summer 2014 colors, and I lept at the chance to try a few of them, which I featured with an introduction on March 3. I was drawn to Terracotta Joli Teint Beautifying Foundation SPF20 ($53) (it's name on the tube is actually longer) when Jonathan at the Guerlain Las Vegas Boutique told me it had arrived and described it. The snow was still on the ground here, but I needed a mental dose of summertime.

Comparable to sunshine in a tube, this magical, lightweight fluid gives skin an instant touch of summer, leaving behind a perfectly radiant glow. Used on its own or paired with Terracotta Powder for buildable color, there is no easier and healthier way to create the perfect customizable tan for every complexion. Terracotta Joli Teint has a feather-light texture that glides on, leaving an incredibly fine and silky veil over the skin. It contains nourishing natural ingredients that counter the visible effects of fatigue, reviving dull skin for a radiant, even complexion. It is available in five shades: Clair (Light), Natural, Moyen (Medium), Fonce (Dark), and Ebony.

The key ingredients feature pigments coated with a biomimetic filmogenic polymer - these very closely resemble the structure of the proteins in the skin. They work harmoniously with the epidermis; the luxurious texture blends effortlessly blends into the skin for a smooth, natural finish. Chlorella extract, a micro-algae rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, activates microcirculation to nourish and tone the skin. Nasturtium extract comes from a flower; it is rich in sucrose and vitamin C and stimulates cell oxidation to boost the complexion’s radiance and vitality.

Taking photos on Clair in early-afternoon sun, wasn't easy. There is no good way to picture a foundation without blending it, and then you shouldn't really see it. I decided to show you a dot of Joli Teint and then blend the dot on my arm to show you how well it blended into my skin.

The beige dot of foundation leans yellow against my skin. Clair, the lightest color, is the only one I could possibly wear. After I got the close-up photo above, I blended Clair with my finger. The results are shown below.

Clair is darker then my light, inner-arm skin tone, but my face has more color, so I can blend the shade into my face for a slightly healthy - dare I say tan - appearance. If I want to add color to my face for summer, this Joli Teint color will be perfect. It adds color in a blendable, believable shade. I can add my Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder on top, and I'll have a perfect look.

I'm pretty happy with the way Joli Teint looks on my skin. It also feels good - nice and hydrating. I will admit to putting it away until the season brightens. Right now, it is extremely cloudy. Later today, it will start to rain, with the rain turning quickly to snow. By tomorrow afternoon, we could have six more inches of snow on the ground. That does nothing for my mood - or my thoughts of summer looks.

If you would like to read a review that gives and excellent description with swatches of all the shades, check out MonsiieurAlex. He wrote a very thorough review, with plenty of pictures of himself modeling the product. Of course, he's in Southern California, where I'll bet it's not "fixin' to snow."

You can purchase the new Joli Teint at Guerlain's Boutique in Las Vegas. Call Jonathan at (702) 732-7008. You can also find it a Guerlain counters at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, and Bergdorf Goodman.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


LilyBiscuit said...

This looks great! I'm so fair and I'll need some spring glow soon! This shade looks perfect too :) Thank you.

Eileen said...

I played with these yesterday and brought Clair home with me. It definitely adds a hint of summer to my complexion (NC15); about as much as did Chanel's Les Beiges powder in #10. And, truth be told, this appears to be Guerlain's answer to the liquid Les Beiges foundation that Chanel will be releasing soon.

I think Teint Jolie will be perfect come summer for those days when I want to warm up my complexion. It adds some color, but not in the artificial way that using a darker foundation does. Instead, this produces a believable glow and sunkissed appearance. There's a lot of forgiveness in these shades so don't think you have to find a perfect match. They are intended to enhance a wide range of skintones. Charlestongirl's pictures--swatch and blended out--are an excellent representation of how Jolie Teint functions from the standpoint of producing warmth that enhances the complexion without looking artificial.

I took a look at Alex's review and he gives an excellent account of how this will work on younger complexions. I have dry, mature skin and wear an emollient serum and moisturizer so it does not set up as quickly on me as it did on him. This morning I pumped it onto my hand and used my TF cream foundation brush (slightly dampened with Tatcha moisturizing mist) to stipple then blend. So far, so good :-)