Sunday, March 20, 2011

Josie Maran Argan Blend Concealer

New for Spring 2011, Josie Maran's two-shade Argan Blend Concealer ($28) provides long-lasting, repairing coverage that hides imperfections while hydrating the skin with Josie’s signature ingredient, organic argan oil. The dual shades are intended to work together to correct and conceal flaws and highlight skin tone, helping women address the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and discoloration, while concealing dark circles, blemishes, age spots, and redness.

You probably know that argan oil - a hot skin care and hair care ingredient - is produced from the argan tree from Morocco. The oil is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which have anti-aging properties. This organic ingredient is known to help and prevent dehydration, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and sebum production. It's the basis for Josie Maran's fabulous line of beauty products, many of which I love.

Argan Blend Concealer is a very nice, creamy, long-lasting concealer. I have only one problem with it. The lightest color duo is too dark for my skin. It's available in three color combinations, Sand (light), Suede (medium), and Chestnut (dark). I purchased Sand from Sephora online.

The concealer duo has two shades, one yellow-based and one pink-based. You can use them alone or mix them - theoretically to customize a shade that's perfect for your skin tone or the place on your face where you need concealer. With Sand, both shades are too dark for my skin, and they are no lighter when mixed.

It's not going to be easy for you to see that in my swatch photo. I applied the shades with a sponge-tipped applicator to try to show the shades adequately. At the top - if you can see it at all - is the yellow-toned shade. The pink one is in the middle. A mixture of the two is shown at the bottom. My photo was taken in full sun. The yellow shade is very yellow. The pink one is very pink - almost unnatural. Mixed, they are no better on my skin.

It's really too bad because I like the texture, consistency, and blendability of this concealer. I prefer concealers that are just slightly lighter than my own skin tone because they brighten while they conceal. When a concealer is too dark, it draws attention to the areas I'm trying to conceal, making them look muddy. I wish Josie Maran had introduced a color that would work for us extremely fair types.

If you are interested in Argan Blend Concealer, don't buy it online, sight unseen like I did. Go to Sephora and test it to make sure one of the three shade duos will work for you. You can also order Argan Blend Concealer online from Josie Maran's own Web site.

Photo at top courtesy of Josie Maran


lovethescents said...

I'm sorry this didn't work for you! Can you return it?

Looking at the photo swatch, all I see a bit of goldish shimmer. Is this shimmery at all?

Looks like I'll have to head over to Sephora for try these out. I'm a medium skin tone so these just might work for me.

My current concealer is a bit too dark for me. I stupidly bought it last summer when I had a tan. I do like the formula though, it's an EL one. I've tried so many different concealers and have yet to find a HG one. Laura Mercier was too greasy and sank into my fine lines, same with Lancome and Dior. Clinique was too cakey, if you know what I mean. Maybe Josie Maran might be just it? Good thing I have a Sephora giftcard :-)

Clarisse said...

@lovethescents: have you tried Bobby Brown or Estée Lauder concealers? BB has all sorts of shades and I found the one which matches my everyday skin (I am never tanned)and a friend of mine swears EL concealers are wonderfuland she is darker than me!
Good luck:-)

Charlestongirl said...

I suppose I could return it, Lovethescents, but I was the one who ordered it - sight unseen - so I feel responsible for it.

The shimmer you see on my arm was from the sunlight. The concealer is not at all shimmery.

I would recommend four concealers, right off the top of my head: Clé de Peau, Bobbi Brown, Giorgio Armani, and Le Métier de Beauté.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Clarisse, I agree that the EL one is good. Of the two you mentioned, I like Bobbi's the best.

lovethescents said...

Thank you so much, Clarisse and Charlestongirl, for your advice! Looks like I'll have to bundle up the children and head downtown to try BB's, Armani's and Cle's concealers :-)

Unknown said...

i always have the worst luck with concealers. even if i get to test them in the store, the lighting there is usually deceiving and i end up with a shade a bit darker than my own. i have been trying to mix and match my foundations with concealers but so far no luck. i love argan oil so i would gladly buy a concealer like that but the i am guessing they don't have a really light concealer.

Charlestongirl said...

Anna, it's a real challenge. I always go outside after applying one. Then I'm not dependent on those awful store lights.