Thursday, March 10, 2011

La Prairie Cellular Power Infusion

I didn't want to love La Prairie's Cellular Power Infusion ($475), despite the intrigue of La Prairie's advertising that it's their most brilliant scientific breakthrough to date. I already use a lot of very expensive skin-care products, and I wasn't keen on the idea of adding another to the bank account in my bathroom. Unfortunately, La Prairie knew what they were doing when they gave us a full vial of Cellular Power Infusion at the blogger party at Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallerie. Who wouldn't try it?

After using it, I ask, "Who wouldn't love it?" I'll skip to the end of the story right away. After using the first vial, I purchased Cellular Power Infusion so that I could keep using it for the recommended course of 28-40 days.

If you don't have good skin, what good will makeup do? For many years, I have worked hard to have the best skin I can. I have tried many products, and I have adopted some permanently. Most of my keepers are very expensive, like Sisley's Supremÿa, which costs $750 and lasts about six months. I have recently added some superb products from RéVive, Natura Bissé, and Kate Somerville, all of them pricey. So I wasn't "looking for" another expensive treatment.

As we age, we lose energy (tell me about it!). The life cycle of skin cells slows. Tissues collapse into wrinkles. Firmness, bounce, and glow diminish because vital energy is being relentlessly depleted by time. To radically alter this downward spiral, La Prairie's scientists created Cellular Power Infusion, a cell energizer that protects the skin against aging in an entirely new way.

Born of three patent-pending biotechnologies, Cellular Power Infusion awakens, recharges, and helps renew the power of our cells, supposedly even on stem cells. As it boosts the cellular "power stations," newborn cells rise to the surface quickly, and our skin is enlivened and illuminated. It's a moisture and energy rush, designed to make you look younger and stay that way. La Prairie promises your dull, tired complexion will bloom with luminous clarity. You will be shielded against external stressors and free radicals. Irritation and redness will be relieved, and your skin will be charged with vital energy.

So what's in this miracle?

Skin Renewal Peptide - An energizing peptide (peptides are the darling of the skin-care world right now) helps activate the renewal processes of your own skin stem cells and cellular power stations. It ensures a fresh supply of newborn cells; excites cellular energy; and stimulates collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid so that structure, firmness, and elasticity are boosted.

Swiss Snow Algae - This amazing algae survives and flourishes in extreme glacial conditions in the Swiss Alps. Its super-power survival extract activates longevity in your skin cells. It helps protect the cellular power stations from UV stress and gives dull, tired skin luminous clarity.

Tissue Guidance Matrix - La Prairie's new biotech breakthrough supports the restructuring of skin tissue. It integrates younger skin cells with aging skin cells, guiding tissue renewal, firmness, and elasticity.

Phyto Stem Cell Extract - The remarkable stem cells of Swiss Red Grapes help protect your own newborn epidermal stem cells, making "timelessness" a quality of your own skin.

I went into my test skeptical. Often, claims made for skin care are hyped/exaggerated, so one should never take marketing materials at face value. Only a test can determine whether a product will work as specified. You activate a vial of Cellular Power Infusion (a few shakes), and then apply just enough to cover your face and neck morning and evening. I was afraid that my super-dry skin would slurp too much, as it often does with serums, but the first vial lasted 10 days.

Normally, when I awaken in the morning, my face is colorless - bland really. It's often a little wrinkled from my pillow, and sometimes fluid will have collected in my cheekbones because I sleep on my side. Not a pretty sight! The first morning I awakened after using Cellular Power Infusion, I examined my face in the bathroom mirror and had one of those "holy moly" moments. I had a glow! This was impossible, I thought at the time. How could this product have a positive effect in only one night? It takes many weeks to build new cells and renew skin! I have no idea. Since I had used the same moisturizer over it that I had used the previous night, I had changed nothing else. My use of Cellular Power Infusion was the only explanation. Naturally, I kept using it (I purchased it). I have now used it for three weeks, and I believe my skin looks great.

I have only one very minor criticism of Cellular Power Infusion. It does contain fragrance. I prefer my skin care to be unscented. That said, the fragrance is light and very pleasant. It dissipates quickly, so all things considered, the scent is not an issue for me.

Cellular Power Infusion is meant to be used intermittently, one month out of three, along with a regular skin-care regime. I don't think I can afford to spend $475 every three months, so I will see how this first regimen goes and how long the effects persist. I'll check back with you again. At that time, I will try to dig a little deeper into the science of the ingredients. For now, I have to conclude that La Prairie is onto something great. If you are concerned with aging and your skin needs a boost, you should visit your La Prairie counter and allow the product specialists to introduce you to Cellular Power Infusion.

Photos courtesy of La Prairie


Pink Sith said...

Ah ha! You got sucked in too! I am almost done with my sample. I tell you I am THIS close to buying a full set. The Cellular Power Infusion really does work! Great Review!!!

Charlestongirl said...

Last Saturday at NM, they were giving a free vial to anyone who purchased the set of four. Call Kathy Shoreman and see if they have any left!

Eileen said...

Whoever thought up the idea of giving you ladies a full size vile to try should get the genius award :-) It will be interesting to read the reviews that begin to pop up as more and more of you finish your sample vile.

Finding ways to "energize" cells, getting older skin to react to stressors like younger skin, studying so-called "youth" genes, etc. seem to be amongst the latest approaches to skin care. And what is particularly nice is that effective, good quality skin care is available at so many different price points. That's not to say that all products are created equal, but there's no reason now for anyone to have dry, parched, splotchy, skin.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen,

Yep! Those are the buzz words of the day in skin care. Unfortunately, when you start reading ingredients, you find that sometimes they can't be interpreted (e.g., patented code names for ingredient combos).

When I do compare, I find some great ingredients in drugstore products and some awful ones in high-end products. An educated consumer can make the best decisions. Unfortunately, most women don't have time to learn chemistry. :)

1955nurse said...

O-M-G! I want to try this in the worst way!!! Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to get my hands on a sample -- and I CERTAINLY won't be purchasing something this expensive w/out trying 1st!!! I'm such a beauty product fanatic, and I've spent SOOOO much in the past on products that either 1 - Didn't live up to their claims, OR 2 - I couldn't use for some reason (reaction, etc.)

Laetitia said...

I let the guilt go regarding my skin care obsession a long time ago. Someone as knowledgeable and interested in proper skin maintenance as you should indulge her passion. Now thanks to your excellent (and intriguing) review, my decision between trying Guerlain's four-week Orchidee treatment, Dior's 21-day ampoule series, and La Prairie's infusion has become a bit more difficult :). I love how all of these top companies are coming out with these treatment series at around the same time.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi 1955 Nurse!

I will have to ask what kind of sampling program they have. I know they won't be giving away too many 10-day supplies, but I would hope they have or will make some packet samples. It sells itself.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Laetitia,

I have tried all the ones you listed. The La Prairie serum is the best (at least for me). I can't handle the scent of Guerlain's skin care, and the Dior product didn't make a genuine difference in my skin. Of course, everyone's different.

Glad to hear you feel as passionately as I do about skin care!

lisaroberts said...

Any update? I just got a "set" of this during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and will begin my test tonight. Also, can you tell us your current skincare regime?



Unknown said...

Did you use the Cellular Pwer Charge Night Serum following the treatment? That's when you're really supposed to reap the benefits. I'm on vial 3 and I have the serum at the ready. My skin feels like silk! I've also noticed that my pores are remarkably tighter. A keeper for sure.