Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New from Revlon: CustomEyes Shadow & Liner - Part 2

Finding a new mass market beauty product I really like is exciting, so I couldn't wait to tell you about Revlon's CustomEyes Shadow & Liner ($8.99). I rushed the first feature into print two days ago. Just scroll down to read it.

I received three CustomEyes color palettes to test. The verdict? Very nice and definitely worth a look-see! Party Pop, shown here at left, is designed for lavender lovers. With contrasting pops of peach and green, it's a pretty palette for many women, but not me. Sweet Innocence is the second of the three palettes that does work with my coloring. It's very pretty - and discreet.

Sweet Innocence was made for taupe and mauve lovers everywhere. Shown at right, it features four neutral shadows and one brown liner. The looks you'll create with Sweet Innocence will be soft. It's a great palette to wear to work.

I swatched it, but the results were unsatisfactory because two of the shades blend into my arm color. I applied the shadows with a sponge-tipped applicator (to get a lot of pigment on my arm), and I snapped my photo outdoors in sunlight. I could see the lightest shades on my arm, but my camera couldn't.

The top shade is the liner, a medium brown with just a hint of mauve. You could certainly wear this as an accent shadow. The peach shade disappears into my arm below the liner. The ivory shade does show; it's light enough to provide highlighting contrast to my skin. The mauve-taupe is below. It coordinates perfectly with the liner. You can barely see the pink shadow at the bottom. It's very neutral and only slightly pinker than my arm.

All of the shadows (liner included) have a nice texture. They glide onto the lids easily, and there's no fallout. They are long-lasting. They stay with me all day; they should for you too.

I haven't seen a better bargain this season. The CustomEyes Shadow & Liner Palettes are definitely worth trying. A few of my friends ask me often,"What's a good drugstore beauty product I can try?" I would recommend Revlon's latest palettes to them.

You can find CustomEyes at your local drugstore (or Ulta) to see these new palettes for yourself. They are also available at Amazon and

Photo at top courtesy of Revlon; Sweet Innocence photo courtesy of Amazon

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