Monday, March 28, 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine - New Swatches

Rouge Coco Shine ($32) may already be old news to you - even though the only shade to have hit the counters in the United States is Boy, which was released as a special teaser in February at Nordstrom and

Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine, the company's newest lip colors from Peter Philips, Chanel's Creative Director for Makeup, is a fresh, delightfully sheer, and luminous new lipstick. Chanel has discontinued my old favorite, Aqualumiére, and this is its replacement. When I learned that Aqualumiére was history, I started buying any shades I could find. I liked it so much I bought shades that weren't perfect for my coloring and tastes. I couldn't imagine life without Aqualumiére. Now I can.

Rouge Coco Shine is a beautiful, lasting, moisturizing, sheer, shiny lip color with an incredible lightweight texture. It is completely different from Rouge Coco, a highly pigmented lip color, and it's very different from Aqualumiére. While Aqualumiére required frequent re-application, Rouge Coco Shine is long-lasting. As the hours go by, the shine does fade, but the color stays true. You can refresh the shine with a clear gloss or lip balm - or more of the lipstick.

I like everything about Rouge Coco Shine, from the slender tube to the sheer shine. This is a fabulous lipstick. I can't wait until April 6, when the full line of shades will become available at Chanel counters. I have seen them all, thanks to a sweetheart at a Chanel counter, but the only shades I have worn are those on a sample card, which I have swatched for you.

My photo at right was taken in bright outdoor sunlight. I applied the shades from the sample card with a lip brush. Sorry about my reflection at the bottom. It shows Boy at the top - straight from my tube. In order top to bottom below Boy are the sample card shades: #62, Monte-Carlo; #54, Boy (again); #46, Liberté; and #57, Adventure. All but Liberté are pinks.

There is a slighter darker exposure of the same shades below left. It may show the differences in the colors a little better.

I have pre-ordered these (with the exception of Boy) and about five others at Neiman Marcus. I predict that some of the Rouge Coco Shine shades are going to sell out at Chanel counters in a jiffy. They will be in great demand, and the department stores never order enough of anything anymore!

What do you think? Will you be buying? If you live in the DC area, Saks Chevy Chase is having a Chanel event on April 6 all day. You might want to call and make an appointment with Loyd Cassler. He is moving over to Chanel this week.

Photo at top courtesy of Chanel


lovethescents said...

I had no idea they were not available in the US. I wonder why? Anyway, I bought Elise. Love the coraly-red yet neutral colour. Does that last sentence make sense? Anyway, I did try Boy and wasn't in love with it on me at the time. I think I want to retry, though, because it's bluish tint is calling me :-)

The formula is wonderful. It's so moisturizing! Now tell us, Charlestongirl, have you tried layering Boy with Mademoiselle?

Charlestongirl said...

I guess we are slow! It's interesting, Lovethescents, I wanted this lipstick to "do it all," so I hadn't planned to layer it. I do find, unfortunately, that after an hour or two, I need gloss.

lovethescents said...

The Chanel SA told me about the layering. In fact, when Boy was first released, a Mademoiselle mini was given for every Boy purchased. That sad romance between Coco and Boy lives on in lip products :-)

You need gloss for moisture? So what say you, Dior Addict more moisturizing?

Charlestongirl said...

I didn't get a mini from Nordies!

Yes, Dior Addict is more hydrating, but less long-lasting. Always a trade-off. :)

lovethescents said...

I bet those Nordstrom SAs are selling those minis on 'bay :-(

Thank you for the tip on Addict. I'll defo have to try it now.

Eileen said...

This is going to sound bizarre, but I've already received the two colors which I ordered on-line from Nordstrom! Go figure. They're not available at the counter, but they are available on-line. Anyway, I purchased Aventure and Chance. I bought those on my aunt's recommendation. She lives in France and e-mailed me some great pics of the Shine collection and suggested a few she thought would look nice with my coloring. She was spot on. The colors are gorgeous and blend beautifully with my medium rose lips. They're both light, sheer pinks and your swatch of Aventure captures the color well. It will look outstanding with your coloring. Chance is another beauty for us light skinned gals. It's similar to Aventure but cooler in tone. I'm sure that when Shine arrives at the counter, there will be plenty of others that I won't be able to resist. I love the casual, effortless chic that the Shine formula imparts and how it makes my lips feel so smooth and comfortable without any slippery, greasy feel. As for reapplying frequently, since I'm a balm/gloss addict, that doesn't bother me in the least. Will Shine replace my beloved Clé de Peau Extra Silky? Nah, but Shine will fair better once the weather heats up. See? I need them both :-)

waftbyCarol said...

remember , if you need to find a home for those Aqualumiere shades you can't wear...
The Coco shine in Riviera is calling...I'll go check these out when they arrive in stores .

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen and Carol!

I think we will all be lined up at the counters! What is beyond annoying is that all the stores have their stock, and they have had it for weeks. No wonder Nordies is selling it! What's Chanel going to do? Pull out of the chain?

I'm glad you like it as much as I do! I don't mind reapplying either. I'm used to it.

I'll have to look at some of those light peach last purchases and let you know what they are, Carol!

Leonie said...

They seem to already be available in the UK, at least at airports.

I picked up one in Rivage, which is listed as a beige on the Chanel website, but is more of a coral-y pink.

Absolutely love it - very comfortable, and very natural looking (even on my naturally very dark red lips).

carollu said...

Sadly, I don't see these on the Nordstrom website! Wonder if they pulled them? Question about does Adventure compare to Boy? Also, Charlestongirl, I am loving the LMdB Lip Creme in Fraise that I ordered at your recommendation. Now I "need" more!

Eileen said...

Hi , Carollu. Eileen here. I guess either Nordstrom realized they had jumped the gun, or Chanel gave them a friendly call to remind them of the release date :-( I remember one of the department stores did that when Rouge Coco came out and had them on-line for a few days before pulling them back. Oh well, soon everyone will have access. Shine is worth the wait.

Soni said...

Those pics are lovely. I tried every single one of these on at Macy's last Friday (brand new testers! Woo-hoo!!). I (of course) wanted them all, but settled on 4. I had to do a pre-sale and couldn't take them home even though they had the product at the store. I hate waiting for things just because of a "release date". Especially when they are available elsewhere. =(
Elise, Unique, Monte-Carlo and Bel-Ami were the ones I bought. When I was swatching them, I found that they started looking the same. (maybe because they are sheer?) Anyway, when colors are THAT close then it's easier for me to realize that I don't *need* all of them. (for example, Boy and Fetiche were EXTREMELY similar on my hand)
They really are gorgeous though. And after trying on (and wiping off) 18+ shades, my lips were still moist and comfortable. (normally they would have been chapped and irritated from all of that) =)

That's also a great idea about layering! I will try that!

Goya said...

Hello, Charlestongirl,

Am quite wondering if this lipstick after an hour or two gets into liplines, at least this is the sad experience i usually used to have with shiny moisterising lipsticks...

Thank you,

Charlestongirl said...

Goya, I am not the best tester for that. I don't have an issue with lipsticks getting into my lip lines, which are virtually invisible.


Charlestongirl said...

Hi Soni,

Even though the new Dior Addicts I bought are very similar, it just means I can spread them around (desk at work, purse, bathroom). I'll use them all. :)

You were lucky to find new testers! I think I would have arm swatched.

Soni said...

Hi Charlestongirl,

Ok, I think I MUST check out those new Dior lipsticks. (plus they're slightly cheaper than Chanel's right?) They sound wonderful! (are they available everywhere?)

Also, I was wondering if you have reviewed that Cle de Peu foundation yet? Maybe I missed it?
I ended up not loving the Chanel vitalumiere aqua. (alcohol is the 3rd ingredient!) So now I'm on the hunt for something else.


Charlestongirl said...

Hi Soni,

Yes, $28 for Dior vs. $32 for Chanel. The Dior Addict lipsticks were exclusive to Sephora, but have now arrived at the department stores. The Neiman Marcus at Tysons got the display and some, but not all of the colors, the other day.

I promise, I will review that foundation by Saturday!

Soni said...

Oh Goody!!!
Thank you!!


Charlestongirl said...

Hi Carrollu!

That's the same way I felt after I tried the first of the LMdB Lip Crème shades. Loving them!

I think Aventure and Boy are fairly similar. The sheerness masks their differences. You would be happy with either. I used up my little sample; otherwise, I would go apply both for you now and report in. I will have to wait for NM to allow me to buy them. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Leonie, I think they are available throughout Europe. Unfair! LOL