Monday, March 7, 2011

New from Revlon: CustomEyes Shadow & Liner

Finding a new mass market beauty product I really like is exciting, so I couldn't wait to tell you about Revlon's CustomEyes Shadow & Liner ($8.99). I received three color palettes to test. Some of the colors were perfect for me, so I started playing immediately. The verdict? Very nice and definitely worth a look-see!

Want an eye palette that will allow you to change from day to night in a heartbeat? CustomEyes shadows and liners will take you from simple and classic to bold and playful. Each palette includes a how-to guide on the back to show you Revlon's recommendations for using each shade. You shouldn't feel constrained, though. These palettes offer a lot of looks.

There are six color-coordinated palettes, each with four eye shadows and one powder liner, which can be used as a shadow if you wish. There is a dual-ended sponge-tipped applicator in each palette.

The shades are Metallic Chic, Naturally Glamorous, Party Pops, Rich Temptations, Smoky Sexy, and Sweet Innocence. I have Metallic Chic (the one that made my heart race), Sweet Innocence (perfect for neutral lovers), and Party Pops (possibly a little racy for me).

Here is Metallic Chic at right. The colors shimmer; they aren't at all "metallic" to my eye. I found all of them irresistible. I swatched them as soon as the sun reappeared this morning. My swatch photo below was taken outdoors in sunlight. I applied each shade with a sponge-tipped applicator. I swatched from left to right in the palette, as shown above.

The first shade, charcoal, is clearly intended to be the liner. The second two, copper and gold, are as pretty as any of the new golden spring/summer shades I've seen. The green shade is a gorgeous emerald with just a hint of grey, and the last shade is a blue-toned grey.

All of the shadows (liner included) have a nice texture. They glide onto the lids easily, and there's no fallout. They are long-lasting. They stay with me all day; they should for you too.

I haven't seen a better bargain this season. I'll show you Sweet Innocence tomorrow. In the meantime, you might want to head over to your local drugstore (or Ulta) to see these new palettes for yourself. They are worth the little trip.

Photo at top courtesy of Revlon

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