Monday, May 6, 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge Incantation Eau de Parfum

Rouge Bunny Rouge sent me a press sample of Incantation Eau de Parfum ($129 at Beautyhabit; 97 euros at Rouge Bunny Rouge), their dynamic new fragrance. The day it arrived a few weeks ago, I sprayed it on and swooned. I've been wearing my little spray sample every few days - today too - to see if the magic remains. It does. That means I must purchase a full bottle of Incantation.

I'll give you Rouge Bunny Rouge's interpretation of Incantation, and then I'll follow with mine. I will tell you up front that as much as I have enjoyed RBR's first three fragrances - I purchased them all - I love this newest even more.

I took a few editorial liberties with their description...
This darkly divine perfumed potion strikes a soothing yet arresting beat on the skin. In a synchronized rush, blackcurrant, mint, and spices instantly entice the senses. Although it has a bright, engaging temperament, Incantation also has a deep, inky edge that should come with a warning: don’t lie on the luscious green grass if the Enchanted Garden in delicious slumber, no matter how enticing, for something unknown may approach through the stirring foliage.

Drawn deeper down fruity bitter-green trailing vines, aroused by the pulse of life and concealed magic beyond, be tempted through a green foliage façade. Fresh, lush fans of fig leaf ignite the air with scented swathes of rich black fruits that boldly incite exhilaration. Succeeding the initial heady rush, a soft, otherworldly rose embraces the senses as it sways near the forest floor. The senses are beholden to this ancient floral rite as regal flowers sway amidst roots of enormous trees, in a spellbinding dance known only to themselves - the secrets of nature. Suspended on a base of spice and vetiver, this silky, sylvan aroma aims to fluctuate and tease as it blooms on the skin.

Follow this fragrant enchantress to a place of closely guarded secrets and succumb to the call of its aromatic adornment. If you follow, you will join a dancing band of merry revelers. I'll be in that line dance.

Inside this elegant bottle, you'll find the spellbinding scent of Incantation. The merriment starts with sparkling top notes of citrus accord, blackcurrent, fig leaves, and green tea. The heart notes are orange blossom, coriander, and cardamon (the spices are very light). The base notes, left after the flowers and fruits have danced further into the garden, are vetiver, cedarwood, beeswax, and musk. Incantation is a blend of some of my favorite notes.

Blackcurrent has recently become trendy in fragrances, even though it has been used for years (think Chamade by Guerlain or First by Van Cleef & Arpels). It doesn't knock you over with its hypnotic might, like jasmine does. Fragrantica called it shy, although it has a characteristic first impression, bourgeons de cassis in French. Fortunately, I don't "get" even a hint of that fleeting cat box odor with Incantation. I do with another trendy blackcurrent fragrance (that everyone seems to love for its complexity). Instead, Incantation is dominated by fresh greens and citrus fruits.

I love Rouge Bunny Rouge's charming tales of mystical and whimsical wonder. I'll admit that I must read them twice to fully appreciate the nuances of each tale and the imaginations that fuel them. I have a mental image of the Enchanted Garden - one in which a symphony of nature exists unperturbed by human hands and the destruction we've wrought - where every plant and animal is bound to the natural rhythms of its magic.

Abstract stories can only give you a hint at the enchanting scent of Incantation. This very green fragrance opens with an effervescent blend of greens and fruits. It's dry, fresh, and enormously appealing. I think it's a unisex fragrance, one that will captivate men as well as women. To my nose, it has an Italian essence, one you'll recognize if you are an Italian fragrance lover.

As it dries down, the florals, fruits, and roots reveal themselves, but the freshness never departs. The more complex finish leaves my nose remembering the beginning of my journey through the garden as I enter the protective woods of the forest. The base notes never smell "woody," the way fragrance experts define woods, but they ground the scent during its last hour.

Incantation lasts about three hours on me -  maybe four. I don't think that means much because longevity depends on many factors, including skin type (e.g., oily vs. dry), environmental conditions, and the speed with which individuals develop anosmia. They might not be able to smell it on themselves, but others can. When a fragrance smells as fresh, bright, and captivating as Incantation, I'm happy to reapply it during the day to re-enter the garden and woods by the same delightful path. Many thanks to Rouge Bunny Rouge for this delightful frolic.

Incantation Eau de Parfum is available at Rouge Bunny Rouge, where you will receive a purse spray with your purchase. It's also available at Zuneta and Beautyhabit. All bases are covered, no matter where you live. I'd highly recommend you sample it. You may fall in love as I did.

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Sujaan said...

The bottle looks beautiful! Very in depth review, makes me want to seek it out.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Sujaan,

I did ramble a bit. Glad it worked. :)

Sujaan said...

Love the rambling!!

Mamavalveeta03 said...

I adore green scents. You've piqued my interest. Now I have to decide between Jo Malone's Wild Bluebell or Orange Blossom or Incantation as my summer fragrance. Hmm...