Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Apivita Express Calming Face Mask with Dittany of Crete

After the day I've had, I needed a "calming" product. I did my mother's grocery shopping (the store was crazy-crowded at 9:30 am), then got to her house for the first time since the blizzard. Found sheets of ice on the hill I had to navigate to get the groceries into the house. Fell on the fourth trip from the car, and I was being very careful. That left me sore and out of sorts - made worse by the fact that Mom had no heat. Oh yeah, the oil delivery company seems to have forgotten her since they last came in October. Urge to fire someone. name it...everywhere I went today. I needed to relax.

Fortunately, I had a sample of the Apivita Express Calming Face Mask with Dittany of Crete ($28), and masks make me happy. This mask promises to gently banish redness and irritation (either from cold weather or frustration?) and leave you with flawless, smooth, and clear skin. The key ingredients are Dittany of Crete (an herb that grows wild only on the remote Aegean island of Crete) to soothe and heal, olive oil to hydrate and nourish, and aloe vera to calm and cool. It's also formulated with other natural ingredients known to have beneficial effects on the skin. The mask is ideal for those with hypersensitive skin who want to soothe and soften their skin. Or for frustrated people who just want to calm body and spirit!

The mask has a fresh and natural fragrance - not at all perfumey. It's very cooling when you apply it. Then, as it starts to dry, it has a slight firming feeling. I rinsed it very well - it seemed to want to stay with me!

I love the packaging. The mask comes in packets so that it stays fresh. You get two treatments from each packet. Very travel-friendly!

So, how do I feel now that I've used the mask? Better, but it may have been the drink I had. My skin? Looks great! Refreshed and relaxed, smooth and clear. I'll use this one again. It's very nice.

Apivita, a Greek natural products company founded in 1979, makes a mask for every skin condition. There's bound to be one that catches your eye. I first wrote about Apivita's products in July when I reviewed their Propoline Lip Aids. The masks belong to the company's Express line, a complete range of creams and masks that use fruit and vegetable extracts to provide a unique "nutritional menu" for the face, body, and hair. You can see the mask lineup at Apivita, SkinCareRx, b~glowing, Amazon, and other online sources.

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Marley's Mom said...

OMG are you OK?

Charlestongirl said...

Hi there,

That's so sweet of you to ask! I am OK. I broke my fall with my left hand, so it hit the blacktop before my back did. At first I was worried I might have broken my hand or wrist. I already broke a bone in my hand once this year (falling). Now, my "only" symptoms are a wrenched-out back and left knee. Since those two body parts always hurt, what's a little additional pain? This "former athlete" is used to it.

I did go buy ice melt and applied it liberally to Mom's driveway. We had some melting today, so it should be clear for Christmas. Unless we get the freezing rain they are predicting for that morning.

I hope you are somewhere warm! Thanks for asking. I hope you have a joyous holiday!

Unknown said...

Hope you are feeling all better now! So, another brand I never heard of but really want to try after your description- I am on organic kick lately and I have a weakness for all things Greek. Do they sell Apivita in stores too or just online?

Charlestongirl said...

Anna, there's a list of stores at this link.

I don't think all of them have all the products, though. For example, I don't see Apitiva skin care at my local Nordstrom. At least it's plentiful online.