Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Laurence Dumont Les Senteurs Gourmandes

Laurence Dumont Laboratories in southwestern France produces some of the nicest vanilla-based fragrances I have tried this year. The company's founder, Nadine Petit, produces sensuous perfumes using high-quality, classic essences from around the world. The result is a unique range of scents that are warm and voluptuous.

Some of Laurence Dumont's best-selling scents are included in the Les Senteurs Gourmandes line. The company has combined vanilla with everything from bourbon, chocolate, apricot, and figs to blueberries and orchids to create soul-warming fragrances.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to play with all of Les Senteurs Gourmandes at Art with Flowers in the Tysons Galleria. I had a blast! Each of them took me to an imaginary kitchen, scented with baked goods, fruits, and flowers. They are all dive-in fragrances. Spray one into the crook of your arm, and your nose will find its way there every few minutes for a whiff. Vanilla has that effect on people - it's comfort food in a bottle.

Imagine Vanille Monoi, like the generous caress of a summer sun. A beautiful blend of vanilla, tiare, and coconut-scented air mixed with citrus fruits and island breezes carrying a light mist of sweet rose and jasmine. I'm sure this one was made for me!

Vanille Frangipanier, shown here, is my second favorite. It has top notes of lemon, almond, and toffee; middle notes of ylang ylang, spices, and milk; and base notes of white musc, woods, and big-time vanilla.

Could I stop with two? No! There's Vanille Bourbon, a melange of bourbon vanilla, anise, toffee, red berries, coconut, and white musc. This is José's (Art with Flowers) favorite of the line, and it's seductive. I was also taken with Tendre Madeline until I detected a faint note of cinnamon. I know the world loves cinnamon, but it makes me run for cover. Then there's Fig Sauvage, the scent of "sun-drenched fruit," with green notes, ylang ylang, fig, and violet over the vanilla base. It's a beauty.

Each of the 10 eau de parfums in the line is long-lasting, giving you a day's worth of fragrance with just one or two sprays. A 100-ml eau de parfum spray costs $50.00 - a recent price reduction with the relaunch of the line after a multi-year absence. Some of the scents are available in shower gels.

If you like vanilla-based fragrances, you should look these up. There's one for every taste. Art with Flowers at the Tysons Galleria has the full range of Laurence Dumont's Les Senteurs Gourmandes. Other sources can be found at this link. If there is no source near you, give Bill a call at Art with Flowers (703-903-6837). He will be glad to help you select a favorite and ship it to you. The line is also available at the Lush Oasis Web site, but it appears you will pay a little more than you would at Art with Flowers (Lush Oasis doesn't reflect the recent price reduction).

Photo courtesy of Laurence Dumont


Unknown said...

I am usually not a vanilla fan (i must be a rare minority) but the Frangipanier sounds quite lovely

Charlestongirl said...

I'm not either, Anna. I usually avoid them (I don't want to smell like a cupcake), but these are intoxicating!