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Cosmedicine's Medi-morphosis Self-Adjusting Exfoliator

"Oh the weather outside is frightful..."

The weather we have had in the Mid-Atlantic will do a number on anyone's skin, but it's been especially harsh for us dry, sensitive types. This is the time of year when exfoliation should be an essential part of everyone's routine. It's not enough to slather on serums and creams. We need to exfoliate to keep the flakes at bay and keep our skin looking and feeling good.

Cosmedicine's Medi-morphosis is a deep-pore exfoliator with "stop-action crystals" that are supposed to dissolve when they hit healthy skin, customizing their action. More on that below. Cosmedicine promises zero irritation, based on test results with 217 participants, and recommends Medi-morphosis for even the most sensitive skin.

I like Cosmedicine products, so I purchased Medi-morphosis a few months ago, and I have used it twice a week for the last two weeks. I am wary of physical exfoliators - many are so harsh. I can recommend this one. I have been very pleased with the results.

Here are the features and benefits Cosmedicine attributes to Medi-morphosis.
  • Refines pores - a 12% immediate reduction in pore size
  • Accelerates the release of cellular debris, roughness, dullness, and skin damage
  • Eliminates potential for overdoing - the exfoliation process automatically stops when the dry skin cells have been sloughed off
  • Leaves skin smoother, brighter, more luminous, and never over-exfoliated
  • Helps erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps fade pigmentation and age spots
The key ingredients are witch hazel, a natural toner with potent antioxidant and anti-irritant properties; sodium dehydroacetate, made from organic salt and used to fight bacteria and fungi on the skin; and silica, a special form of crystal derived from sea algae.

The "smart crystals" are said to be only strong enough to slough away flaky, dead skin, and they are supposed to immediately break down when they come into contact with strong, healthy skin.
Here's how you should apply it.
  • Massage a quarter-size amount of product over wet or dry face after cleansing (use larger amount if using on dry skin) until all the exfoliants dissolve and you no longer feel crystals.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Do not use on active breakouts.
  • May be used on lips, decollete, the back of your hand - anywhere except your eyelids.
  • Use twice or three times a week.
I like it. It does a great job of exfoliation, and my skin has absolutely no redness or other signs of irritation after I use it. I'm a little concerned, though, at the message that I don't have strong, healthy skin! I apply Medi-morphosis on wet skin in the shower and massage gently as long as I think my skin can take it (about a minute and a half). It does feel "sandy." The crystals do not dissolve completely, but I stop anyhow. I haven't been brave enough to continue (I know my skin), and, honestly, I don't have more time to give it. No matter! It works. My skin is nicely exfoliated after I use it, and my glow returns.

I know the products I use to protect my skin absorb better after I've removed that layer of dead skin cells. That's why exfoliation is essential all of the time, but even more important in the cold, dry winter air. You must have a base of healthy skin cells for optimal performance from your skin care products and makeup.

You can see a sales video about Medi-morphosis at this link. It's worth watching if you are interested in learning more or thinking about trying it.

Medi-morphosis is not a new product, so it's available at many sources. Here are just a few in different sizes: Sephora ($15 for 1.5 oz), Cosmedicine or ($38 for 3.4 oz), and DermStore ($42 for 4.2 oz).

Photo courtesy of Cosmedicine

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