Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Armani Beauty Blending Blush Duo

Have you tried the Blending Blush Duo ($60) from Giorgio Armani Beauty? It's the ultimate in cream blushers, with two fabulous shades in each compact. Why two? Loyd Cassler at Saks uses the lighter shade to soften the edges, making the blusher look like a second skin.

The Blending Blush Duo is aptly named because it blends and layers so nicely. The Micro-fil cream texture allows the blusher to morph into fluid color on contact with the skin. The result? Soft, flushed, and natural color that subtly highlights and sculpts the face and cheeks.

The blush duo is perfect for women with dry skin because it doesn't sit on the surface of the skin like some blushers. When the Armani Team says it morphs into the skin, they are not exaggerating.

The duo is available in four shades combos. I'll bet there's one that's perfect for you!
  • 01 - Pink Rose/Sand
  • 02 - Coral/Warm Sand
  • 03 - Terra Cotta/Mocha
  • 04 - Rosewood/Raspberry
The last time Tim Quinn applied my makeup at Saks, he selected Blending Blush Duo in 01 - Pink Rose/Sand, a compact I already had. When he was done, I had prominent cheekbones and just the right amount of color on my cheeks. Someone who didn't know that one of the best makeup artists on earth had just applied my makeup might have thought I always looked that good. The effect was really natural and pretty.

Quality cream blushers will enhance your appearance if applied correctly, and this one's no exception. Start with a light application and layer as needed, blending well for a seamless look. It's that easy! I use Armani's Blender Brush ($47), but you can use any foundation brush to apply cream blushers.

I especially like the fact that there are two shades in the Blending Blush Duo, allowing me to use only one or blend them together. Depending on the look I'm trying to achieve, I can sculpt and/or add a glow. If I want a bronze look, I can use the brown-toned shade alone - just like a bronzer. If I want to add color to my cheeks, I can use the bright shade alone (Pink Rose most often for me) or modulate the brightness of the color by mixing it with the brown-toned shade. Depending on how you mix, you can achieve a "wardrobe of color" with just one compact.

I have purchased two of the Blending Blush Duos - the colors are versatile, and I love to mix and match. I highly recommend these blushers!

You can purchase them at the Armani Beauty Web site, Saks Fifth Avenue, and wherever there is an Armani Beauty counter.

Photo courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty

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