Thursday, December 3, 2009

I Love Chocolate - Candles to Delight

I used to turn down sweets, including chocolate. I was the salt queen! Then, I discovered Fran's Gray Salt Caramels ($24 for 20 pieces). I was sold! I order these divine treats from Fran's Chocolates in Seattle. I was eating them years before they became the hottest chocolate around because President Obama loves them.

These days, if you are a foodie, you know that you can find chocolate with salt just about anywhere. Recently, I bought chocolate-covered pretzel thins (very good). I credit Fran Bigelow with first capturing my attention. She has been credited with sparking the artisan chocolate renaissance in the United States and is considered one of the best chocolatiers in the nation. Her chocolates are divine.

By now you are thinking, "Where is she headed with this? What does this have to do with beauty?" Last weekend, I discovered Godiva's new Scented Candles ($22.50) at Nordstrom. Chris Coles asked it I had seen them, and when I said I hadn't, he led me right over to the display. Even without a match (or a burn permit), they were intoxicating. Burning, as one is now next to my computer, they are an unbelievable treat for chocoholics - and plain old candle lovers too.

I am burning White Chocolate Magnolia. Imagine the subtle scent of white chocolate mixed with the fragrant magnolia blossom, and you are there. These are deluxe and beautiful candles, with dark chocolate glass containers beautifully branded Godiva. They are made by Laura Slatkin for Godiva.

The candles are available in five sumptuous flavors: Milk Chocolate Truffle, Raspberry Ganache, Black Almond Truffle, White Chocolate Magnolia, and Peppermint Bark.

Want a treat without calories? Try one! You can find them at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bath & Body Works, and other stores, I'm sure.

Photo courtesy of Godiva


Unknown said...

i always crave something sweet, so i would have to buy chocolate along with the candles :)

Charlestongirl said...

Try Fran's! Her chocolates are so good. Click on the gray salt caramel link to get to her Web site. Yummy!