Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sisley Paris SUPREMŸA - It Really Works

I have written about Sisley's SUPREMŸA ($750) before. Last time, I told you that I would most certainly purchase it after using the many samples that my wonderful Sisley reps at Saks and Neiman Marcus had given me.

I did finally purchase the real deal, although I'll admit that I waited for Saks Friends & Family to do so (hey, a discount is a discount). Several months have passed since I started using SUPREMŸA, and I can report, after using it every night, that it is the first product I have ever used that delivered on its promise to reduce wrinkles. Not simply the "appearance" of wrinkles, but the actual wrinkles.

The downturned wrinkles at the corners of my mouth had started to deepen from "expression lines" to real wrinkles. I hated them. I had talked to my dermatologist about Restylane. He thought that was the perfect idea, but when he quoted me the price, I gasped. Then I thought about bruising, swelling, and mistakes. I was the perfect candidate for SUPREMŸA.

SUPREMŸA is meant to be used at night, when our skin cells have an opportunity to rest and regenerate, without stress, light, or other environmental assaults. When we are young, the natural repair mechanisms of cells in the basal layer of the skin are able to handle what life throws at them. As we age, the skin's natural capacity to repair itself diminishes, slowing cell reproduction and making damaged cells less capable of defensive maneuvers. The result? Wrinkles, along with loss of suppleness, firmness, and/or radiance.

SUPREMŸA "pushes back the skin's genetically programmed clock," allowing cells to function at "full capacity." SUPREMŸA is made up of Photo-Complex LC12 (ingredients in that seem to be "classified" information) and the benefits of 25 synergistic anti-aging actions in the highest concentration ever designed by Sisley.

The premise for its effectiveness is that SUPREMŸA doubles the life span of cells, increases their capacity to resist environmental assault, and prompts them to create new, healthy cells at an accelerated rate.

Plain and simple, it works. I just don't know how I'm going to be able to afford to buy one every three to four months. At some point, I'm going to have to buy a second one. The problem is that my paycheck "windfall" of no social security taxes will end January 1, and I will take home less money each month than I have since I reached the magic threshold. So, how on earth am I going to feed my habits? There's my Crème de la Mer ($230), La Mer's The Concentrate ($350), and now SUPREMŸA ($750) too. All to look younger than I really am! I'll figure it out - somehow. Maybe if I stop eating a la Kate Moss?

You can purchase SUPREMŸA at Saks, Neiman Marcus, and wherever Sisley's newest products are sold. Addicts love company!

Oh, and the dermatologist? Love him dearly, but if I continue to use SUPREMŸA, I won't need his injections.

Photo courtesy of Sisley


Unknown said...

that is an expensive cream- but if it works and you can afford it somehow then I am all for it. I have been thinking of trying La Mer but I am sort of worried I will end up addicted to it

Charlestongirl said...

If I were you, I would go to a Sisley counter and "beg" for a few samples. No one should spend that kind of money without trying first!

One nice thing about Supremya is that it's light, and you don't have to put another cream over it - unless you want to.

I hope the stores replenished their original supplies of samples (which were depleted at one point).

I know you can get La Mer samples if you ask. Sometimes they run out too, but they always receive more.

Worrying about addiction is why I had to stop trying on Armani suits! I have plenty of them (they are kind of timeless), and my addiction was adding up to a serious dent in my so-called budget. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it as well!!!!!

It's definitely worth the money!!!

I was able to see the difference in

only one night!!!

My skin was super dehydrated from the

over exfoliating my face!

I got a sample at Bergdorf Goodman

and only in one night the

dehydration was almost gone!!!

This product is definitely


It's on my Christmas "wish" list.

Charlestongirl said...

Oh, how I wish someone would give me one for Christmas! Unfortunately, no one is going to spend that kind of money on me. I'm on my own. :)