Saturday, December 5, 2009

Laura Geller Face Glow Box

I ordered Laura Geller's Face Glow Box ($39) last week. Am I glad! I have worn it every day since it arrived. It's love - a blusher and highlighter in one neat little package.

Use Laura Geller's Glow Box, and you won't look "made up." The effect is very natural. Nestled side by side are the fabulous baked Ethereal Rose Baked Face Powder, which I own as a "single," and a Baked Highlighter. The highlighter adds subtle strokes of illumination (no glitter!). Included in the Glow Box are a mirror underneath the lid and a half-moon brush tucked inside its own special compartment, in case you want to travel with the Glow Box. I use a professional blusher brush with both shades.

Ethereal Rose is a perfect shade for me (fair skin). It provides a pretty, natural blush that stays on all day. I was happy to find it paired with a highlighter. I'm thinking about taking this box to work for late-day touch-ups (for days when I plan to head off from work to a social event) since I have an Ethereal Rose I can use at home.

Want to try one? You can purchase the Glow Box directly from Laura Geller's Web site. They always throw a sample or two in your box. Also, they give great phone advice (really professional and nice) if you aren't sure about shades that will work for you. Love those gals!

Here's another nice thing. Laura Geller has joined forces with Uniting Against Lung Cancer, and her company has donated almost $300,000 to support lung cancer research.

Laura Geller's products are also available select Macy's, Beauty 360, and QVC, but with the exception of last weekend, I haven't figured out how to get free shipping from QVC. Free shipping is important to me. So, if any of you know how I can save that money, please tell me!

Photo courtesy of Laura Geller


Unknown said...

the only thing I heard of this brand so far is "baked" makeup line... what exactly is so special about baked makeup?

Charlestongirl said...

It's all the rage! Here's how Laura Geller explains her baked makeup.

Laura Geller is a true innovator, and has pioneered this category in makeup -- “Baked.” It’s no wonder that Laura Geller’s Baked Collection of products rank amongst the line’s best-selling items. These lusciously formulated products are exclusively made for Laura in Italy, and are saturated with skin glowing color to immediately enliven the skin and create a youthful aura. Every product begins as a smooth liquid that is then infused with vibrant, skin flattering colors. The colors are then swirled together and “baked” for 24 hours in terracotta pans to create rich textures and vibrancy. No two are ever identical, but one thing is for sure…each will deliver breath-taking, breathable coverage and unparalleled blendability.

I find the colors to have a complexity that "non-baked" colors can lack.

Alyson @ The Gloss Menagerie said...

As best I can figure, anything baked is awesome. Blushes, bronzers, cookies, etc. If it's baked, it's going on my face or in my mouth.

Charlestongirl said...

Ohhh...cookies! Never thought of that! Now I'm craving chocolate chip. :)

Unknown said...

interesting way of making makeup! thanks for the info