Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Art with Flowers - Favorite DC-Area Boutique

Interested in an elegant boutique that specializes in home and personal fragrances, flowers, gifts of all kinds, decorative accents for your home, and art? There is a fabulous one nearby if you live in the DC area. I am surprised at how many locals have never heard about Art with Flowers at the Tysons Galleria. Perhaps it's their third-floor location between Macy's and Crane & Co. (something akin to Siberia in the mall)?

Art with Flowers is my all-time favorite boutique - not only for the merchandise, but also for the friendly atmosphere and the ever-present, adorable Teacup Yorkie mascot, Bunchie, who fell asleep in my lap the other day. If you have a little extra time over the next few weeks, check it out! You won't be disappointed.

Where to start in describing the variety you'll find there? I'll start with the fragrances. Art with Flowers has brands you won't find in department stores. Unusual, classy, and something to please every taste - brands you won't see in other local boutiques. The owners, Bill and José, seek out chic, cult fragrances that may lead you to want one of everything. Some of the fragrances they carry can be found online at b~glowing, Beautyhabit, and LuckyScent, but you can smell them before you buy if you stop by Art with Flowers. Examples range from the well-known, but hard-to-find Kai, Maille, Laurence Dumont, L'Artisan, and Serge Lutens, to unique brands I haven't seen anywhere else, such as Pecksniff's, No 10, and 06130.

There are personal care products too, including Aesop, Organic Salvage (they even have a shampoo for your dog!), Diana B, and Pure Figi.

Not only do they have a vast array of choices to make you smell good, they also have the best selection of home fragrances around. Diffusers, candles, room sprays, and more are all available at every price point. My favorite, the pricey Rosso Nobile, came from Art with Flowers, but you don't have to spend that kind of money to brighten your home with fragrance. You could bring a touch of the tropics with Malie, or try something new with an Altru candle.

Art with Flowers creates the most elegant flower arrangements in Northern Virginia. They do the flowers for the Ritz Carlton at Tysons - a testament to their craft. Whenever I send flowers locally, I call Art with Flowers. I also buy the orchids for my office there. The orchids are of such high quality that they bloom for months and then rebloom after a rest. I took flower arranging classes in a "former life," and I am so impressed with the flush elegance of the arrangements they send out. On occasion, I have gasped as they left with flowers for a local customer - I would have killed to grab one and take it home! Instead, I headed into the flower cooler to appreciate the variety and color of the flowers ready to be part of someone's celebration.

You would think that would be enough, but Art with Flowers offers the most gorgeous accent rugs I have ever seen, cards (I stocked up on Christmas cards at a 50% discount a few days ago), chocolates, tea, small serving pieces, lamps, vases, pillows, shawls, CDs - you name it. There's a little of everything there.

Stop by, get yourself on their customer list, and you will be invited to their frequent parties - just like going to a party at a friend's house - only better. You meet so many new people, while eating and drinking a mix of catered and home-cooked food (José is a fab cook). In addition to being a great boutique, Art with Flowers has a reputation for being a diverse gathering place for people who appreciate beauty in all of its forms - friends from every nation who find themselves staying in the DC area. Recently, the boutique had a party to showcase local perfumers and jewelry designers. It was great fun meeting the artists whose passion for their work was evident in their beautiful and fragrant creations. Of course, the food and wine were divine.

Stop by Art with Flowers sometime soon. Or call them at (703-903-6837) if you need to order flowers or want help selecting a unique gift. Tell them Best Things in Beauty sent you. I'll bet you'll be glad you found a cool, new place to shop.

Photo courtesy of Art with Flowers


Angela said...

Sounds fun! I will visit next time I hit Tysons.

Unknown said...

this is a lovely review- i almost feel like i visited that store after reading :) i wish i lived a little closer to check it out!

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Anna. It really is a fun place to visit - for the people and the products!