Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Storm - Shopping at Home

Retailers in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast have to be dying. In the DC area, our prediction for snow accumulation is now at 16-24 inches - with a blizzard warning for the day. The consensus is that we will break a 70-year record for December (and possibly my back as I shovel).

Anyone who planned to shop may have to hit the online sites, many of which are prepared for procrastinators. There are free and expedited shipping offers flying into my inbox, so I will update this posting all day with beauty offers - and maybe a few others that look interesting - after I head outside to put bird and squirrel food at the feeding stations.

YSL Beauty still has Friends & Family. They are offering free two-day shipping to ensure that you get your items in time for Christmas. Use code FF2009.

Bobbi Brown has free two-day shipping with any order through December 21. Use code 2DAY9 at checkout.

Prescriptives is offering free two-day shipping and a free sample trio of three best sellers with any purchase. The offer is good until December 22. Use code SHIP2DAY at checkout. What are the samples? Colorscope Lip Gloss in Sassy, Lash Envy Volumizing Mascara, and Double-sided Eye Pencil.

Ulta has extended free shipping through Sunday on orders of $25 or more. Use code 33069.

MAC us offering free two-day shipping if you place your order today.

Place your order at Lancome, and you will receive it by December 24. Not only that, through Monday, you will receive a six-piece sample collection with any $40 purchase. Use code HOLIDAY bonus at checkout.

With a $100 order until 1:00 pm PST December 21, Beautyhabit will give you two-day shipping when you select ground. Use code BH2DAY.

Target is offering delivery by Christmas if you spend $50 through December 21.

Michael Kors will upgrade shipping on orders over $100. Use code UPGRADE at checkout.

At Sephora, enter code UPS2DAY and select UPS 2nd Day Air shipping to get your gifts by December 24. Offer good through December 21.

Estee Lauder has free second-day shipping. Use code FREE2DAY. Order by 3:00 pm ET on the 22nd, select 2nd Day Service. Order by 1:00 pm on the 23rd, select overnight.

Free shipping from Ralph Lauren through December 20. Use code RLSHP9.

Bare Escentuals is offering free rush shipping with a $100 purchase. Use code HURRY at checkout. It's valid through December 20.

Levenger - great gift site - guarantees delivery by Christmas. Choose FedEx 2nd Day no later than noon December 22. No additional charge to you. There's a sale running too!

Free express shipping from Shu Uemura with any order over $50. Use code EXPRESS at checkout through December 20.

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Charlestongirl said...

Just came back inside from putting out food for the animals. There is a huge red-tailed hawk looking for breakfast - he's perched right over the bird feeder. I wish he would hunt somewhere else. It is cold and miserable out there. Pretty, but...

I'm going to have to go out again before long to brush the snow off my English boxwoods. I'll start shoveling my driveway and flagstone walk then to get ahead of the task. Good thing we have a guy who plows our private road!

Charlie thinks he should go out on the porch. Jungle Boy is a wild man! Won't he be surprised when the snow blows in on his furry little butt?

Charlestongirl said...

Just announced on NBC4 that it is snowing at a rate of an inch per hour. This is absurd.

Charlestongirl said...

I keep commenting my own posts! Tacky, huh? I just saw on the news that Tysons Corner Center - Tysons Galleria too - the blockbuster malls in our area, have empty parking lots. I feel for those stores. They had hoped the holidays would save them from a bad year. I feel really awful for my friend Kiki at Firenze Gems. The Intergem show out near Dulles Airport has to be empty. I'm even getting e-mails from restaurants I frequent telling me they are closed for the day.

Still snowing hard, and it's predicted to continue all day. I did go out and gently clean off my boxwoods, but I haven't shoveled much. What I did shovel was slow going. The snow is heavy. We have white-out conditions right now, and the snow is coming down in every direction but up. We are just not used to this so early in the winter season! I'm sure readers in the north are chuckling, thinking we are silly.

Unknown said...

So Prescriptives are not going out of business? It seems they keep having sales...
I guess I should be lucky i live in the midwest. We havent seen any snow yet, and it looks like we wont even on Xmas... I actually like snow days when i can stay at home with a nice book/movie and cook nice dinner! But we rarely do get those- and when we do, its a disaster...

Charlestongirl said...

Yep - Prescriptives is kaput in January. If you use a custom-blend foundation or powder and know the recipe, you will be able to order it until supplies are exhausted. The company as we know it is history. I think too many of us had wandered away.

Anonymous said...

This snow is crazy right! I really do love the snow but I was kinda bummed it was gonna be this severe the weekend before Christmas... no shopping this weekend, but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze some in next week.

Charlestongirl said...

Ditto! Even if you could have gotten there, the malls closed! I'm totally bummed. There are two important gifts I haven't selected, much less bought. Maybe Monday?

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed!! :) My worst fear... hearing another storm is heading our way next week!

Charlestongirl said...

Don't even think it! Did they clear overnight? Not here! I'm a light sleeper, and I didn't hear a single plow. This is a shopper's nightmare.

Jen said...

I've been following coverage of the storm from way out West! Brrr... I feel for you! As a former DC resident, I know that the one snow plow that services the entire DC metro area won't help out any time soon. LOL. Thank goodness for internet fun, right?

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, Jen!

The West Coast is the place to be right now! This area is paralyzed. Most side roads in all jurisdictions (except Arlington) have not been plowed, and there is no way to drive through 2-ft high snow! Many people are walking, but walking in the street (the only place) is VERY dangerous. I just saw a video on the news that showed an SUV spinning out and almost taking a pedestrian with it.

Even though the District has more than one plow now (thanks to the mayor), one of my colleagues at work lives off Connecticut Avenue in DC, and her street hasn't been plowed. She said she had no idea how she is going to dig out her car once the plows come by.

I am furious with VDOT. The main street near me (and I live near Metro) was plowed (once?), but ordinarily, they would have plowed it multiple times so that it would be bare pavement now. No such luck this time! I guess a "budget crisis" brings you neglect of critical services.

You know when the feds close, it's bad. My office is closed today too. I will be venturing out later, but staying close to home.