Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meet FBR Cosmetics

There is nothing like a great makeup artist, and even though I've never met her, I can tell Rozz J. is a great makeup artist! Her new makeup line, FBR Cosmetics, impressed me - made for women by a woman who knows what we like. Just look at the three beautiful faces above, and you'll get a sense for Rozz J.'s tastes. Although these are gorgeous women, their makeup enhances their natural beauty.

Rozz J. is an Atlanta-based celebrity makeup artist. She founded her new company after assembling a network of professionals to formulate special blends of products that would feel good and look good. She started with lip gloss, everyone's instant pick-me-up.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of all?

"Just like the queen in Snow White," explains Rozz J., "women secretly ask themselves this same question every time they gaze at their reflections. Knowing this, I set out to create a line of products that not only enhances the beautiful you, but really makes you shine." Shine you will! With the recent launch of Shimmer Shine lip gloss, we can choose an array of colors from natural to dramatic.

As customer demand for Rozz J.'s products grew, the FRB Cosmetics line grew, with more natural, lightweight products that are enormously pleasing. Not only that, the prices are fabulous! For only pennies more than drugstore prices, you can purchase department store quality.

I had a recent opportunity, through the marvels of Twitter, to make contact with Rozz J., and she sent me two of her products. I love them both! I'm wearing Crème Brilliance Lip Gloss in Cupids Charm ($10.50) as I write. When it arrived, my first reaction was "Oh oh, coral!" I have a difficult relationship with coral. I had looked at the FBR Web site, and I had lusted after French Bloom and Pink Oasis. The second I applied Cupids Charm, I had a yippee moment. I was struck by three things. It's a gorgeous rose-coral on my lips - more rose than coral. It doesn't have a flavor (I think that's fabulous), and it has a heavenly, moisturizing feel. The gloss is lightweight on my lips, but offers me high-wattage shine. It has a nice doe-foot applicator too. It couldn't be more perfect.

Rozz J. also generously sent me a Single Eye Shadow in Bleached Copper ($12). Since I love golden eyes, I was excited from the moment I looked at it, and once I applied it, I knew it was a keeper. The warm, shimmering copper will be perfect for every season. It has a nice smooth texture and applies like a dream (what else would you expect from a great makeup artist?). FBR currently offers single eye shadows in 12 shades and some fun five-shade kits with coordinated colors. Nice shadows! There's even an Artist's Palette for you artistic types who want (and need) every color option.

Naturally, I swatched my gifties for you. At the top of my arm, Bleached Copper shows off its warm, golden glow. Below is the rosy coral that works for me; I can't tell you how exciting that is. Cupids Charm is a little rosier on my lips than it is on my arm. You can probably see that my photo was taken in sunlight outdoors. I applied the shadow with a sponge-tipped applicator. It would be more sheer had I used a brush.

Stroll through FBR's Web site and see what catches your fancy. I'll bet you'll find something that will light up your day. With the rain today on the East Coast, it's a perfect time for online beauty shopping. I see on Twitter that some of you are surfing.

If you want to keep up with the company and the growth that's sure to follow, check out @fbrcosmetics on Twitter and FBR's Facebook page.

Photos at top courtesy of FBR Cosmetics


Anonymous said...

This is a must try :-)

Eva Diva said...

I never leave home without my FBR gloss in a must have shade called Heaven! Its great quality and only takes a little for great coverage so it lasts long!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous, these are definitely worth a look! Enjoy!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Narkieta!

I love the way the gloss lasts! One quick apppplication, and I've got color for hours. Pretty cool! Glad you found FBR before I did. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I did not find FBR website is not set up well. I was unable to enter"matte eyeshadow" and get a result....I am sure I'd like to try some FBF, but if I can't even find the actual colors of the lip paint, how can I order it? (Just a for instance...)

Charlestongirl said...

It's a small company, and Rozz J. doesn't have the resources of Sephora. :)

It's possible the Lip Paints are not out yet. I didn't have any trouble getting to the colors of the gloss and eye shadow, but I couldn't get to Lip Paint colors either. I will ask FBR for you and comment again.

RJ said...

Thanks so much Charlestongirl, You are right, We are a new growing company *YaY*!!! We are aware of the issue with the "Search field" and will get the issues resolved soon. And our Lip Paints are not available at this time. (Will be Very Soon). We would like to thank you again Charlestongirl for your great review on our product. I am so glad you enjoy it as much as I do.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Rozz, and thanks for providing the answer! You're the best!

Anonymous, try the lip gloss - it's a wonderful product! Who doesn't like great lip gloss? :)

Bonnie C. said...

I have problems with corals too, I can't tell you how much the coral/orange lips that are the rage this spring scream "no" to my coloring, but this lip color does seem lovely. The three models look like blissful angels. :-) I too enjoy the pale golds/pale taupes for eye colors. :-)