Friday, December 2, 2011

Beyond the Looking Glass: The Latest from Rouge Bunny Rouge

I got a new newsletter from Rouge Bunny Rouge and decided to share it with you - slightly edited. You can purchase the Rouge Bunny Rouge items mentioned here at Zuneta.

Dreamy and seductive, with a telling glance, Beyond the Looking Glass, the latest look by Rouge Bunny Rouge, captures light and forms a glamorous liaison with natural colors, creating graceful festive-season makeup. Rouge Bunny Rouge makeup artists chose only the lightest textures for a perfecting look and combined them with Rouge Bunny Rouge's two new Loose Glitter Pigment colors in soft, dusty shades to recreate a scintillating but subtle version of smoky eyes.

The makeup artists recommend using light versions of makeup without foundation if you're looking for the effortless (while still glamorous) look of Beyond the Looking Glass. They emphasize the naturalness of the skin and cover it only with a moisturizing and mattifying primer, with a hint of Luminous Skin Wand and Glide Concealer to achieve an even skin tone without any mask-like effect. Champagne gold combined with scintillating taupe tones around the eyes add a festiveness to the look, while the lips appear naturally glossy with a shimmering Sheer Lipstick.

According to Rouge Bunny Rouge, an even, matte tan is absolutely required if you skip foundation. That doesn't mean you have to get your color from the sun. Using their Mattifying Primer METAMORPHOSES removes unwanted shine completely for a suede glow. The lightweight, reflective formula of the Luminous Skin Wand FINE-SPUN LIGHT, available in two colors, brightens and balances skin tone. It can also give brows a slightly bleached appearance, as seen at runway shows. To cover anything that should remain unseen, the makeup artists recommend the Glide Concealer in NAKED DISGUISE, which lays a gentle but impenetrable, flawless veil over the skin while its texture blends effortlessly with the natural skin glow and color. The satin finish on cheekbones, temples, and chin can be achieved with a swirl of Bronzing Glow Powder AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL…. The health and beauty of the face are emphasized by a natural illuminating effect with a flush of warmth.

Onto this perfect canvas Rouge Bunny Rouge recommends eye makeup providing exceptional 12-hour wear with truly non-crease and smudge-proof texture - their Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadows SILK AETHER. The lightest shade Brocade Skipper coats the eyelids with a hint of champagne cream and will safeguard the longevity of other eye shadows. The two new shades of FIRE DROPS Loose Glitter Pigments brighten the eyes with a golden dust in the inner corners and give the smoky look in the crease. Both colors, the light Embrace of Cashmere in a scintillating light gold champagne and Caress of Mink, a scintillating medium taupe-brown with pewter-plum highlights, can be combined perfectly together in any look. Thanks to their special nuances, they match any eye color and skin tone.

For an extra touch of glow around the eyes their makeup artists used Highlighting Liquid Sea of Showers in a mixture with the two new Loose Glitter Pigments. The creamy Long-lasting Eye Pencil and Eye Khol FELINE GAZE in Lola is a nice addition with its light copper reflections for the upper and lower lashes. For a more dramatic effect with striking and beautiful lashes, multiple layers of Modelling Mascara WITCHERY are recommended.

For these soft, shining, very healthy lips, the makeup artists used the SUCCULENCE OF DEW Sheer Lipstick in Dark Juices, applied with fingertips to achieve the most natural result possible. Depending on your own lip color and personal comfort zone, you can pick any other color from Rouge Bunny Rouge's Sheer Lipsticks.

Two New Fiery Lava Dust Loose Glitter Pigments
If you're looking for special nuances of eye shadows to match any eye color and skin tone, try the new FIRE DROPS Loose Glitter Pigments in Embrace of Cashmere and Caress of Mink. Both shades will accessorize your eyes with a vibrant sheen that's perfect for the upcoming holiday season and for glamorous evening makeup any time of year.

The scintillating light gold-champagne Embrace of Cashmere is the new bright light in Rouge Bunny Rouge's Loose Glitter Pigment collection, while Caress of Mink, with its pewter-plum highlights in the scintillating medium taupe-brown, gives a more dusty appearance.

The fiery lava dust Loose Glitter Pigments contain a very high percentage of pearl, which will grace your eyes with the intense brightness of the blossoms' luminescent shades - with a weightless feel. You can wear them alone for a translucent effect or mixed with one of the Highlighting Liquids SEAS OF ILLUMINATION for a very luminous result. Try any of the five other rich and lustrous shades, which can be combined with each other or with your favorite eye shadow.

Check out the video on Beyond the Looking Glass at this link or you can visit the Zuneta Blog for more information. I've never been tempted to purchase Loose Glitter Pigments before, but I am now! Use the code ROUGEXMAS at Zuneta for a 20% discount through December 5. The code FREESHIPXMAS will give you free international shipping. Unfortunately, you can't combine the codes.

Photos and text courtesy of Rouge Bunny Rouge and Zuneta


pretty addicted said...

Love this collection! It's smokey but not overdone. Such a wearable look for so many people.

If you decide to try the pigments, I am sure you won't be disappointed. They are very sophisticated, not glittery at all. More like a very finely milled multi-dimensional shimmer powder, and very easy to work with. I recently tried one and was very pleasantly surprised :)

Charlestongirl said...

Pretty addicted, I just ordered three of them! I decided after thorough investigation that they would be exactly as you've described them. Thanks!

I love the look - so naturally gorgeous. Has nothing to do with the model... :)

pretty addicted said...

Oh yay! I hope you will post about them after they arrive :) Can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Charlestongirl said...

I will for sure!

Evelyn said...

*sigh* I missed purchasing Abyssinian Catbird shadow this morning so I shall wait until the next time!

Charlestongirl said...

Evelyn, why did you miss it? The sale and free shipping are still on.

The Blossom Shed said...

Wow. This whole collection looks so gorgeous! I'd never even heard of this brand before, but I think I'd like and wear everything you mentioned - lovely post!

Evelyn said...

Oh sorry, I meant that particular color sold out unfortunately although I'll check again. So...I consoled myself by buying the new spring blush from Chanel and the new April nail color! I love the color April! They were at my local Macy's counter. :)

Evelyn said...

P.S. I just checked again the 2 shadows I really want are available so they'll be coming home to me soon. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi there, Blossom Shed!

Hold onto your seat. You are going to fall in love.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Evelyn,

I am soooo jealous. My stores don't have the Chanel yet. Maybe Monday.

Glad you got your RBR colors - yea!

The Beauty Bug said...

Oh Charlestongirl you are the best - I have been wanting to try RBR for so long and with the 20% discount it was a great deal. Thank you so much for posting this. I can't wait to try the products, they look just lovely.

Charlestongirl said...

I know, Beauty Bug! 20%! I ordered the foundation because of that. I wanted to try it. Hope I got the right shade.

Leigh said...

Tempting! Do deliveries to the US from Zuneta incur VAT/customs charges?

Charlestongirl said...

I don't think so, Leigh.

pretty addicted said...

Charlestongirl - I am in the process of writing a review for the foundation ... which shade did you get?

P.S. my RBR order should arrive Wednesday and I am way too excited about it :D