Monday, December 26, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Excesses Glassy Gloss in Trifle Rich

There are six gorgeous shades of Rouge Bunny Rouge's Sweet Excesses Glassy Gloss ($34.29 at today's exchange rate) available at Zuneta.
  • Jungle Fudge
  • Fleur Parfait
  • Frappe Forever
  • Sweet Souffle
  • Trifle Rich
  • Crisp Sorbet
Last summer, imagining the sweet treats after which they are named, I had selected Crisp Sorbet (#055) and Fleur Parfait (#056). Those are two of the desserts I would have ordered in a restaurant. It was a tough selection process. Each of the shades looked delicious. Last week, I received a thoroughly unexpected gift of a third Glassy Gloss from Zuneta and Rouge Bunny Rouge: Trifle Rich (#059). I was sure I had been transported to the Enchanted Garden!

If you've been reading my odyssey through the entire Rouge Bunny Rouge line, you'll know there's a unique story to go with each item. With Sweet Excesses Glassy Gloss, there are fewer butterflies and bunnies. The Enchanted Garden has a dessert bar - perfect for the holidays.

This line of glosses is an exceptionally tempting interpretation of the ambrosial table of sweets in the Enchanted Garden. Naughty, but oh-so-nice!

Think of lusciously ripe fruit dipped in the shiniest of honeys. Your lips will be optically plumped to a mouth-watering fullness and a lavish dream-star shine. Irresistible. Like a scrumptious dessert that cheers you to the bones just by inhaling it, these glassy glosses radiate spicy sweetness and utter intoxicating decadence.

All of these candy drops of color are heaped with exotic ingredients, and some abound with minute pearlized particles to sparkle your lips with glittering bejeweled effects. People will gaze at you with shiny-eyed infatuation, longing that you will possibly get ... a ... little ... bit ... closer.

Ultra-glossy finish with a soothing and protective blend of paper birch extract and woodland figwort speaks of the wild freshness, naturally. Antioxidant and anti-aging, our formula also contains cotton tree fruit extract to hydrate and revitalize.

What unusual ingredients! The boxes, as all Rouge Bunny Rouge boxes, are delightful. I hate to recycle them! So far, I've kept each, but know that at some point they will have to go. The glosses? Here was my first view of Trifle Rich taken through a camera's lens. The description at Zuneta calls Trifle Rich cushiony-soft, semi-sheer, iridescent rosewood, with the finest pink and silver reflections.

The color was hard for me to photograph in the tube. I think the oval shape of the tube presented a smaller surface to the sun than a round or squared tube might have, yielding only the central part of the tube to show the color in my picture. You'll have to take my word for my delight when I pulled Trifle Rich out of its box.

I took swatch photos over multiple days, hoping I could capture enough light during a mostly cloudy week to show you how pretty it is. Nothing I could do would perfectly depict the magic of Trifle Rich.

The color is a complex golden rose to my eye, with a gleam that enlivens my lips with saturated gloss. I can see the silver reflections on my lips, but the overall effect can't be reduced to simplistic descriptors. Trifle Rich has a lot going on!

Even in my own photos, you may see two different overall effects - the one at the top more golden, and the one at left showing its silver glimmer. In photos I took today (not shown), the color showed me yet another hue. I've decided it adjusts to my mood and clothing - or maybe the dessert enjoyed last night in the Enchanted Garden. The shade is scrumptious.

You can purchase Rouge Bunny Rouge at Zuneta - Eden for for beauty addicts. Trifle Rich is something like a genie in a bottle.

Photo at top courtesy of Zuneta; other photos by Best Things in Beauty


Leigh said...

Sumptuous! I like Fleur Parfait, too.

Evelyn said...

Yet another thing I should try! (just after I put in another Zuneta order for the Cashmere & Mink Fire drops). I can't recycle the boxes either, they are too pretty.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Leigh!

This is one amazing shade. I think it will work for everyone.

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, Evelyn,

My orders at Zuneta have become about monthly. Sale going on now, so take advantage!

morelikespace said...

Zuneta has a pretty awesome sale going on. Just placed my my first RBR order and now I think I'm going to have to go back for a gloss!

Anonymous said...

Could you please describe the fragrance of these glosses?

Evelyn said...

I would say anonymous, based on the company's description, that they smell like the lovely desserts they describe. I'd prefer that they'd smell like flowers but that's just me.

That's what got my attention Charlestongirl, I got a discount code in my email so I hit the site. lol Such pretty makeup!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Flora Mundi!

You'll find yourself going back, and back, and back... :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Anonymous and Evelyn!

There is virtually no smell or taste. Whatever is there naturally from the ingredients disappears almost instantly.