Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend Zoom around the Internet - December 4

What does this gorgeous white tiger have to do with a beauty roundup? I think he's beautiful. My weekend browse had to be fast this weekend. I had a busy schedule. Come along with me.

Fruity Lashes featured the Dolce & Gabbana Ruby Collection for Holiday 2011. Drool!

I don't know how The Non-Blonde found Mirabella (actually I think they found her), but I've fallen for the lip colors she's been featuring. Daydream Colour Sheer is my kind of lipstick. You can also see Sarah Jessica Parker in one of her increasingly frequent fashion victim moments at The Non-Blonde.

AVEENO Ambassadors (I'm privileged to be one) are given access to beauty industry experts so that we can share information with our readers. I'm feeling somewhat guilty about missing the latest, greatest hair news from Patrick Melville, but Fab over Forty didn't. Her feature on hair styles for women over forty left me thinking, "These are great styles for any age!"

Wish I could have been with GlowyJoeyBunny and Oflactoria's Travels when they went fragrance shopping in New York this week!

I didn't think I'd buy the bareMinerals The Glamorous Life collection until I saw Gouldylox Reviews.

Check out the new Benefit blush at Product Girl! I may "need" it. I wouldn't mind having the Butter London Glitter Trio either. So pretty!

Beauty Black Book featured a pretty new makeup palette by Smashbox. It contains cream liners, glosses, lipsticks, and powder blush - nice!

Head over to Blondy Candy to see swatches of two of my favorite cream blushes - from La Prairie.

Time4Beauty was also on the La Prairie beat with a review of their Anti-Aging Foundation.

Finally, for your weekend entertainment, read "cranky" DivaDebbi's Rules of Beauty Salon Etiquette.

Don't forget this last week of the Beauty Bloggers (and Brands) for Charity Auction!

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Evelyn said...

I'd have to agree with DivaDebbie, a salon is a bad place for a baby. I tolerate the fumes and such but I'm an adult; I wouldn't subject a baby to them. No wonder he or she was crying! Please leave the children and babies at home unless it's a child-friendly salon.

Beautella said...

Thank you so much. I wanted the Ruby collection from the moment I saw first promo images, And how gorgeous does that blush look on Blondy Candy. It's so going to my never ending wish list:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish you could have been with us too!
But there is no better reason to come to the DC area than a shopping trip with you! I hope to make that happen eventually!

Charlestongirl said...

Totally, Evelyn! People who take their infants to beauty salons/spas, restaurants, and other places where they can ruin the experience of every surrounding person have no manners. I guess they think the world revolves around them.

I suppose it would be considered discrimination to ban children under the age of 10? There's no way to tell in advance whether they are well-behaved or screamers.

I haven't had this unfortunate experience at the salon, but I've experienced it too many times in nice restaurants that don't cater to families. One family with wild children can run everyone else's evening.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Beautella!

D&G doesn't send me their PR, so I was very pleased to see the pics. So luscious!

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Olfactoriastravels!

You won't find DC anywhere near as exciting as NY was. NY is fragrance mecca for the U.S.