Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope Santa was good to you, tucking some beauty-full goodies into your stocking. You did hang it by the chimney with care, right?

Last night, I gave Charlie and Savvy their catnip "cigars." I'm not sure what Savvy did with hers. She may have taken it under the guest room bed for private enjoyment. Charlie got cat-drunk with me. He played for a long time, licking it, attacking it, throwing it into the air and leaping with joy. I have a small puncture wound to prove his enthusiasm. Good kitty!

I've left the morning meal for the foxes and raccoons, and I'll be headed out soon with food for the birds and squirrels. Charlie and Savannah have eaten. I'm looking forward to a mimosa and ham and eggs for breakfast. Yesterday in the late afternoon, I ventured out to the Honey Baked Ham store, where they had hired off-duty police officers to keep order in the store. Can you believe it? Apparently, people behave badly everywhere at Christmas, whether it's buying sneakers or ham. At least all is well at my house.

Later, I'll be headed to Mom's to make Christmas dinner. She "ordered" standing rib roast. That's easy to cook. We're also having macaroni and cheese (apparently by popular request - no Southerners here!), baked potatoes (and sweet potatoes) at my instigation, French green bean casserole (yes the one with the crispy French's onions - we love it), the yummy jellied salad that Mom still makes, and the strawberry mousse cake I purchased at the bakery Friday. Also, plenty of wine and French soft cheese. It's going to be a delicious day.

After all that activity (cooking and eating), I doubt I'll be back to write today. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Please stop by later to let us know how you celebrated.

If you'd like to go off to YouTube to hear one of my all time favorite Christmas carols sung by Barbara Padilla, check out this link. Incredibly hard to sing - hard to believe I used to be able sing it. I'll never forget that this song brought tears to my father's eyes. Remembering that brings tears to mine.

It will be a happy day!

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Charlestongirl said...

I should start "The Wisdom of Christmas."

Rule #1: Try really hard to avoid getting up to go to the bathroom. When you do, your cat will take over your heating pad.

Eileen said...

Oh, my God! That is just too funny for words :-) Merry Christmas, Charlestongirl. Have a wonderful day.

Nemo said...

Well, Charleston girl, you did it again, but this time not with makeup, believe it or not! I loved your Christmas menu, replete with your Christmas traditions. Especially the kitty ones! What did I do? Went to the gym, worked out with my husband, then home and he made baked ham and mashed potatoes from Trader Joe's in Ann Arbor, Michigan; then I did something smart. I clicked on your link to O Holy Night sung by Barbara Padilla. Oh, the tears streamed down my face, I blubbered like a child, all at her amazing voice and the words of that wondrous Christmas song itself. Down on your knees; yes! We should all spend more time on our knees. I learned that early on from an Episcopal priest and I have come to know that there is nothing God likes better than seeing one of his beloved children on their knees thanking him for his Grace. Thank you for yours, and Barbara for her exquisite voice. Merry Christmas!

Charlestongirl said...

Merry Christmas, Eileen! :)

Charlestongirl said...

Merry Christmas, Nemo! Isn't Barbara's rendition of that song tear-worthy? It's such beautiful music, and her voice is amazing! I can't listen to that song without crying, thanks to my father. Also Ave Maria.

I am now so stuffed (and so tired) that I'm on the heating pad again. I just can't go to the bathroom. :)

Nemo said...

Now you're making me laugh!

lovethescents said...

What a busy day! I'm going to have to ask you about some of your food items/recipes. Green bean casserole? Macaroni and cheese?????---as in Kraft???? :-)

Merry Christmas, Charlestongirl, and have an extra drink for me :-)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents,

The recipe for the green bean casserole is on the Frenches fried onions can.

Mac and cheese? By hand - never out of a box! Horrors! No offense to Kraft, but it's too easy to make macaroni with hand-grated cheese (and a little hot sauce or pepper thrown in for good measure).

I had extra drinks for everyone. :)