Friday, December 2, 2011

The Friday Forum - December 2

It's too bad frost doesn't preserve nature's bounty - the colors of autumn! Instead, it turns the flowers and foliage to a limp mess as the sun rises and the day warms the ground. I know there's no denying Old Man Winter his season, but frost reminds me that he's on his way.

Yesterday was a very bad day (Alexander had them too). Don't ask. I get anxious about things sometimes, and I was anxious. Then it turned into a very good day when Kathy Shoreman brought me my bottle of CREED's Royal Service on her way home from work. Actually, that was good and bad. I adore the fragrance, and I feel so privileged to own bottle #402 out of 1,000. I get anxious, though, when I think about what I paid for it - or what I will pay when my American Express bill is due. More about Royal Service later.

This week, I've tried to find two things in my house: an eye shadow palette and a bronzer. I need one for a review and the other for a friend. I know that they must be in one of two rooms, but buried. The search was frustrating. My "filing system" isn't a system - for the most part - and it must be improved as one of my life's endeavors. I spend too much time looking for things. The beauty products that overwhelm me, my passion in life these days, shouldn't be a source of frustration, right? If I had more time, I could methodically file my lovelies in the shoe-box-sized plastic boxes I do use for storing makeup by brand - when I have time. Each weekend, I vow to start organizing, but the enormity of the task overwhelms me. Anyhow, I did find some wonderful Armani makeup that had been put out of my way in preparation for last December's knee surgery. Can you believe 11 months have passed since that "event"?

Poor Nicole Kidman. I searched Google images for "makeup mess," and many photos of her face powder disaster came up. I'm glad there's no one around to document most of my bad days!

You may have seen that one of my beautiful readers notified me in a comment yesterday that yet another "blog" is stealing my features - word for word, picture for picture. When I investigated, I found that she (possibly named Carol) has stolen just about every post I've written since April. Since she went to NYU, according to her profile on one photo site, so she ought to understand the illegality of copyright infringement. I have reported her to Google in a formal legal DMCA notice. Google hosts her "blog" with my content (including my Friday Forums) on Blogger. Let's see if the thief publishes this feature!

Dustin Lujan's Le Métier de Beauté's limited-edition Antiquité Poupée Kaleidoscope Eye Kit ($95) sold out on its first day at the counter (with plenty of pre-sales too). The good news (I got an e-mail from Dustin last night) is that Bergdorf Goodman has asked Le Métier de Beauté to provide 60 more of them. If you want one, after seeing the swatches here yesterday, call Dustin at (212) 872-8612. We rarely get second chances on limited editions! Additional news - I got the shade names for the Capitol Kaleidoscope and updated my feature.

Speaking of second chances, I won't be giving one to Urban Decay. Their new Naked II eye palette was slated to be available yesterday. Early in the day, I went to their site to order it. It hadn't been published. When I returned to the site later in the day, it has sold out. Will I wait for the second batch to arrive? Nope! In this case, they don't get a second chance (not that they need me). I love neutral eye shadows, but I was so frustrated by their inability to predict demand for a new version of the most successful palette they've ever created that I decided to boycott the palette entirely. As you've figured out, I have plenty of makeup.

It's time for The Friday Forum, our open chat. What new products did you discover this week? Did you find any deals you couldn't resist? Are you using a fabulous product and want to sing its praises? Did you find a beauty product disappointing? Do you have a question others might be able to answer? Want to talk about skin care? What's new in your life? Just use the comments. Don't be shy. Just make sure to ask any question you might have over the weekend. By early the next week, most (not all) readers have moved on.

This week's giveaway contest is Sephora's Give Me Some Lip Volume II. Just leave a comment here to enter. The deadline is tomorrow, December 3, at midnight. It's a cute little set.

Since the thief of the week is stripping the copyright notice that goes out with my feed, if you read this feature in its entirety anywhere other than Best Things in Beauty, it was stolen.

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lovethescents said...

Well my goodness!! I'm glad you finally got your Creed. You've been aching for it since you first sniffed it. Pricey? Definitely. Worth it? Of course! Enjoy it and you can always start "pimping out" your cats' services at local hospices, no?

What a headache for you regarding your hunting. That would be me with my perfumes. I have SO many samples, decants and bottles. I have a relatively good system for my samples: I keep them in nailboxes, alphabetical order according to house. But the boxes are getting VERY full. The decants are everywhere. I need more space!!

On the beauty front, someone sent me a gorgeous new Chanel Enigma quad. A friend recommended I use it with EB's Storm. I'm looking forward to trying that/those and playing....that will have to wait as I'm still intermittently getting styes. This is endless but I'm sure it's due to averaging 3hours sleep per night. Silly styes!!! I shouldn't complain because they are truly short-lived: 3 days max.

Oh well, enough infectious banter :-) Have a great weekend, Charlestongirl!

Anonymous said...

So sorry someone has been stealing your hard work. I hope that it ends. I really enjoy reading your blog, your friends and family are blessed to have you in their lives. Thank you for all the effort and time you put in your reviews. Have a wonderful weekend. Katheryn R., McRae, Georgia

Delmy Sabio said...

I recently discover your blog while I was looking for a review for the Tarte Clay Illuminating Serum and I added it to my google reader immediately. I found your blog to be very classy and sophisticated with great reviews. Unfortunately, my limited income does not allow me to try a lot of the products that you review, but maybe one day. I did purchase though the Youth Eye Complex from Is Clinical. I got if for $95.00 and so far so good.
I am also leaving this comment for a chance to with the Sephoras giveaway. I hope to be lucky and thanks for your beautiful blog. Happy weekend.


Charlestongirl said...

Hi Lovethescents,

I'm treating that box like it's gold! It might as well be. :)

My samples are also out of control. I need more space too! Maybe a five-bedroom house for me and the two cats? Then Savannah could have a room that isn't filled with makeup.

You are going to plop over if you don't get some rest in between work nights! Then you'll have to lie down in a patient bed. The hospital will probably frown on that (plopping over, needing care, etc.). Is there anyone who could do 2-3 hours/day of child care while you sleep?

Charlestongirl said...

That's so sweet, Katheryn - thank you!

I'll eventually get the stolen content taken down. What frustrates me is how difficult it is to get Google to take down an entire site. They want me to send URLs for each of my posts and each stolen post. That takes days to assemble! Who has that kind of time?

Other hosts do not make us go to such extremes to prove theft. For example, Bluehost took down a content theft site in two days. It was clear to them the minute they looked. I'm afraid Google's legal department isn't that helpful. With the last one on Blogger, they took down only the 15 URLs I sent as an example that the site was methodically stealing every feature I wrote. They insisted I sent them hundreds of URLs. I gave up because the site appears to have gone out of business.

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Delmy! Glad you're out there reading!

Lately, with all the beautiful introductions I've bought, I'm not sure how I'm going to keep up the pace! I do love my skin care, and I'm not going to skimp there. I just ran out of the iS Clinical Youth Face Serum and need to order more. Love it!

Happy weekend - to you and everyone who stops by!

Gabby T. said...

Oh I think Urban Decay knows exactly what they are doing. By only selling a limited number in the first batch they create a higher demand and a cult following of people obsessed with getting it. I find it infuriating and it is one of the main reasons I seldom purchase their products. After seeing comparisons between Naked 1 & Naked 2 though, I opted out of purchasing the second one. There were so many dupes and the colors leaned a bit warmer than Naked 1. So I say no loss!

Nemo said...

Hi, Charleston girl! Please advise: Which would be better for my coloring (fair skin, rosy tones, blue/green/gray eyes and honey blonde hair: Dustin's eye kit or the capitol one? Also, I am glad you took time to talk about the rust-colored shade that appears in the dustin eye kit. Some bloggers have been ripping LMDB for having the same shades in different eye kits; I think all makeup companies do this to an extent and I think as you do that a beautiful shade is a beautiful shade.

Sophia1105 said...

Yikes, that identity theft is still going on? I can't believe they're hosting her. I give you credit for all the time and effort you put into hosting a blog, let alone to have to fight for your words to remain yours! Keep posting us on how things go. Your blog is such a pleasure to read, thank you for all you do!

I am thinking about some new LMdB lipsticks, but I have really been indulging lately (add snow tires and a Rosetta Stone into the mix and I have to be selective for a while). How do you like Bondi Beach? I read you picked it up, any lingering thoughts?

Anyone who can recommend a new cream e/l, I'd be very appreciative. Have used BB, MAC, MUFE, CdP, and just curious to try something new and non-flaking.

I am going to have to check out the perfume you listed, sounds like just the perfect thing for a cold winter day when I want to think of spring.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Evelyn said...

Every time I need something, I'm sorting through my makeup drawers - I really need to find a better system...and have my sister take at least half of my sample stock when she comes for Christmas.

I'm still waiting for some perfume decants to arrive so I can test them out. My skin can do odd things to perfume sometimes. I got in my Armani order and I'm very happy with everything. yay!

As for the complaints to Le Metier de Beaute, I'd say it's a good thing to repeat shades because it gives more people the chance to try them out and get enticed by the brand. If you already have a palette with most of the colors, you won't buy the new one and the company gets another new customer instead. Of course in the future if they can make more than 100 at a time, it would be lovely. :)

It's sad to see someone so lacking in talent and initiative that they would steal someone else' work (at least the thief had good taste). You have more than enough evidence for that blog to be shut down and let it's owner prove that they haven't stolen your work!

Ah well, to thoughts of a relaxing and happier weekend!

b.clay1 said...

i have wanted to try this, by sephora, so please enter me. thank you, i'm still on that no-buy, and i am usually buying some beauty, sometimes on a daily basis! i hope i win!

Charlestongirl said...

Hey there, everyone, please put your entry comments in the giveaway feature, not here! Thanks!

Charlestongirl said...

Gabby, I think you are spot-on! Glad you agree - also glad you didn't find the swatches alluring. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Nemo, you need both! Really, you expect that I could choose? LOL!

Any Kaleidoscope that works for me will work for you.

Charlestongirl said...

Yes, Sophia, it's still going on! Just as soon as I flush out one thief, another one turns up. Makes me wonder if they are all in cahoots. Don't get me going on how despicable I think they are.

Did you get the lip palette, the Écumes D'or Kaleidoscope? We all loved that one. If you didn't, maybe we can find one for you.

I adore the YSL eyeliner cream. Did you look at it yet? Comes in a little pot. Cherry Black is pretty scarce, but you ought to be able to find most of the shades.

Happy weekend!

Charlestongirl said...


I am providing everyone's feedback to LMdB, and they are taking it all very seriously. Thanks for the comment.

Now, you'll have to lock up those samples before your sister shows up again. :)

Thanks for the support on the thief. I am so beyond annoyed. Plus, MikkiD discovered that the thief's site is virus-laden. So don't anyone else go looking at it. I reported that too to Google this afternoon.

Going makeup shopping this weekend?

Eileen said...

Do you think you can stand one more comment on the great LMdB debacle? I think its obvious that LMdB has succumbed to the pressure of creating so many new and exclusive kaleidoscopes and, in the process, has resorted to repromotes. That three of the four colors in Come One Come All had already been issued was a terrible disappointment and a blow to LMdB's image of being ultra creative. If LMdB knew that colors were being duped, then the women who felt like they had paid $95 for a fraud were justified in their disgust. If it was an unfortunate accident, then LMdB needs to take a serious look at how decisions are being made when colors are being selected for kaleidoscopes.

The easy fix is for LMdB to christen each color with a number and stick to it. They also need a system for checking the colors to see how and when they might have been previously used. If there are dupes, they should be clearly identified as such. Reusing a color and simply changing its name is an exercise in obfuscation. Come on LMdB! This isn't rocket science! It's common sense and good business practices. End of rant.

I haven't made any beauty purchases for two weeks now. I'm being a good girl and saving my money for the spring collections. In the meantime, I've been enjoying my autumn and holiday goodies. I adore everything about this time of the year.

Have a relaxing and restful weekend everyone.

Rosamaria said...

So glad your Royal Service arrived, and don't have any second thoughts or regrets. Enjoy it! As for me, I've been loving my new LMdB kaleidoscope. The colors work together beautifully. I thought Dustin autographing the boxes was a very nice touch!

Laetitia said...

Nicole looks so cute in that picture! I cannot believe she will be turning 45 next year. I want to get on her anti-aging program -- aging in reverse. I've heard she uses Sublimage -- but after two years, I gave up and switched happily over to Orchidee Imperiale. For incredible makeup mishaps, try Gwyneth Paltrow (dry lines & acne) or Julia Ormond (even more dry lines & bad self tanner).

I'm sure your Creed will become indispensable. As a beauty fan, there are the everyday purchases, a nice palette or some lip glosses, and then there's the splurge. I always remember the splurge more than the everyday purchases. Good on you for taking the plunge!!

Evelyn said...

I had found someone swiping Gaia's posts as well. So, so sad.

I'm not sure if I will go makeup shopping. I did get the $20 gift card from Sephora so I'll have to see if there is anything else in there that I could use. The recent sales were great for gifts (one for them, one for me!). :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Eileen,

I wish I could say I'm saving for spring. I need an instant money infusion!

I am passing all the comments regarding colors and counter-specific exclusives to the president of LMdB. They are taking the thoughts of their customers very seriously. While I got one positive comment about color re-use, most of them have been negative. Those come from women who buy everything LMdB, and so finding duplicate or almost duplicate shades has been frustrating to many. Thanks!

Happy weekend!

Charlestongirl said...

Rosamaria, it WAS a nice touch! That's Dustin! He's such a sweetie.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi there, Laetitia!

It was so hard to believe a makeup artist let her leave her chair looking that way. I hope she never saw that MUA again!

I'm going to enjoy every drop of that bottle! I did promise to sell about three 5 ml vials to a few FB scent addicts, but that's all I want to spare. It's so "precious." :)

Charlestongirl said...


Gaia and I (and others) are so frustrated by the whole process Google puts us through. They make it almost impossible to entirely get rid of those thiefs - unless you want to spend days copying URLs. And, that one site is, apparently, seriously affected with a virus - probably on purpose. I told Google, but got no reply.

I'm trying to figure out how to spend that gift card too! Some of the things for which I'm waiting still aren't showing on the site. I NEED to spend it, though. It's too much free money to ignore.

Unknown said...

Charlestongirl- Have you put your feeds on short a la London Makeup Girl? I just did today. I suppose someone could still copy and paste entries directly from a blog, but this would be much harder to do.

Oh, lovethescents, please get some sleep! Lack of sleep can cause many serious health problems in addition to styes.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Ava,

My Feedburner feed has been set to short for years, but the Blogger feed is set to full. For some reason, Blogger won't let me set it to short. I can't figure out why.

Charlestongirl said...

Ava, problem solved. I had to go to help. Apparently, my copyright notice was messing up my ability to switch to a short feed. Now, I don't know what my Feedburner feed will look like! The grand experiment!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I really love your blog...I also wanted to let you know that if the thief still attends NYU and if the school has an honor code (which many private schools do)- she is in violation of it and could be subject to disciplinary action. These honor codes govern more than cheating on a test...
Just a thought--and perhaps a way for you to keep her from stealing your content via a nicely worded threat.
Thanks again for the wonderful posts and gorgeous images.

Charlestongirl said...

Thank you, Erin!

That's brilliant! I hope you didn't infect your computer finding that out. Each of us who went there had a virus attack that our anti-virus programs stopped. When I was copying the URLs, I had 115 threats!

I'm did you get her name? I've found different names on different sites. You could e-mail me at, if it's not too much trouble, to share. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Yea! Let's hope that cuts down the theft!

Charlestongirl said...

Success, everyone! The joke is now on ha ha girl. Google took down her whole site.