Friday, December 30, 2011

Le Métier de Beauté's Erin Lockard - A Makeup Artist Rock Star

One of the joys of my year was meeting Erin Lockard, Le Métier de Beauté makeup artist extraordinaire! Erin is one of the most delightful people on earth - and enormously talented. She is shown at right above with Lisa Lingis, our wonderful Le Métier de Beauté regional representative.

We've been very lucky this year. Erin has traveled east from her usual Southern California hang-outs to help us celebrate special occasions. Just in the last few months, she was here for Nordstrom's Trend Show at Montgomery Mall (and the launch of Come One, Come All); she helped Michael Reinhardt introduce his beautiful new Capitol Kaleidoscope at Neiman Marcus Mazza Gallerie; and most recently, she was making women gorgeous, using Jan's Jewel, of course, at Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria (I left as she was working with Deborah Ourisman, a delightful gal). I have followed Erin around, like a groupie follows a rock star. At Mazza, Erin spent about an hour working meticulously on my makeup, and I loved the results. She's a perfectionist.

Erin is an artist. She knew it at age three. One day, her parents wouldn't let her watch Cinderella, so she got even. She took her crayons and drew a mural on her parents' bedroom wall! She studied art (trading her crayons for pastels) in school and painted before she became a makeup artist. She has always loved paining animals and eyes - even before she raised a makeup brush. If you watch Erin do someone's makeup, you'll see that she spends more time on the eyes (the windows to the soul) than any other part of the face.

She has promised to send me a photo of one of her animal pictures. She's a strong proponent for animal rights (e.g., whales and tigers), so Erin and I have something dear in common - besides a love for Le Métier de Beauté. We both wish we had been in those small boats challenging whalers.

Erin worked for other lines before she joined Le Métier de Beauté (thanks to Mikey's keen judge of talent). She was the manager for Giorgio Armani Beauty at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California, and she was a manager for an agency for makeup artists. Over a couple of years, she also worked for several Estée Lauder companies and Fresh. Like other extremely successful makeup artists, Erin did makeup for weddings and magazines. She also went to nursing school, but her makeup artistry pulled her away. Will she go back some day? Maybe. She loves to help people, so she's be a perfect nurse.

You might not know that, more than anything else, Erin loves to brighten our days. She's a terrific people person, and she knows that when someone sits in her chair, she has an opportunity to make that woman's day special. That's the part of her work she loves the most - making us feel good about ourselves. No matter where you find Erin, you'll find big smiles.

Here's Erin above with Carol Schutte, a Best Things in Beauty reader. By the time I started taking photos of Erin and all of her new friends, it was dark outside, so I had to use my flash for these photos. Below, you'll see the finished look Erin perfected on Violet Lucas. Check out the eyes! Although I have smiling photos of Violet too, I wanted to show you her eyes - pretty before, but stunning after Erin's work.

Naturally, Erin and I chatted about Le Métier de Beauté color! Erin wants an eye shadow named for her. That sounds like a reasonable request, right? I asked her what the color would be like. She described a gold tone, somewhere in between Nutmeg and Sugar. I'll buy that. She also wants the company to bring back Bella Bronze, one of her favorite shades. See? Even company reps have wish lists!

If you get the opportunity to make an appointment with Erin Lockard, do it! I'm reminded of a local menswear advertisement on our local TV channel. "You'll love the way you look." More than that, you'll have a wonderful time.

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Nemo said...

Oh, Charleston girl, this is the best New Year's send-off ever! I love Erin! I love animals and tigers and once donated $500 to Exxon for their tiger project. Anyway, I love LMDB, and I want to tell you how much it has meant to me to buy it and use it this year, all 100% thanks to YOU! I have the Come One, Come All, and the Capitol eye kits and others. I would love to know her and, thanks to you, I do! The best of New Year's to you, too, Charleston girl! Don't know what I'd do without you!

Unknown said...

I totally agree with you about Erin! Not only did I look good when she finished my makeover, I felt good after chatting with her. Her positive energy chanels through her makeovers. I'm sorry I missed seeing her the last couple of times she was in town. Erin is a also a great teacher, and of course she's gorgeous. I'd love to see her art work!

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Nemo! You would have more money. Tee hee...

That was a very generous donation. Tigers are becoming endangered, and we need to save them! I can't wait to get the photo of Erin's tiger art. :)

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Ava,

Happy New Year to you and everyone!

Erin is a delight. I hope LMdB will send her back to us before too long. I know the traveling can get old, but it's so much fun when she's here.

lovethescents said...

Oh how amazing!

Adore that picture of you....leopard print looks stunning on you

Charlestongirl said...

Thanks, Lovethescents!

I adore that jacket. It is a Roberto Cavalli that I bought years ago and still wear and love. It was such a splurge. There it was, full price, and I couldn't leave it. Those ruffles really grabbed me, and it fit perfectly! I've worn it so many times, it has earned the price, but oh, did I feel guilty about that purchase. In the last 10 years, I've tried to buy my designer clothing on sale.

Nemo said...

Is there an outlet for purchasing Erin's animal art? That would be nice. But all this confirms my theory that women who love makeup (and some men too) love beauty, be it beauty in people, animals, nature, divine creations like a sunset,theatre and especially I think visual and dramatic arts. Often we are dramatic ourselves and/or artists ourselves. We love beautiful things, like the handbags you lust over (remember that Valentino red one?). And recall too that beauty in every form comes from God. He is beauty's self and beauty's giver or so says Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Charlestongirl said...

Hi Nemo,

I'm sure Erin would be flattered to think there was a market for her art. :)

The answer is, "Not that I know about." Next time I see her, though, I'll ask. I do know that with the constant travel for LMdB, she doesn't have any time to paint these days.

We can just appreciate her love of animals.

Oh yes, I haven't forgotten that Valentino bag. I saw one at another store, and I liked it (different color), but I didn't feel I needed it. Good thing, right?

Antonella said...

Thank you for posting this! Can you tell me which lipstick/gloss Erin is wearing in the photos? It seems to be a lovely bright pink.

Charlestongirl said...

Gosh, Antonella, I have no idea. I can e-mail and ask her, but I think she went home for the holidays.

It is pretty! :)

DivaDebbi said...

You both look amazing! Good choice on that fab Cavalli and good for you for not leaving it would have haunted you! Special pieces like this have no shelf life! Truly timeless.
I have you to thank for introducing me to le Metier de Beaute. I met with their artist during Beauty Week at NM in Sept. She took great care to bring me up to speed.
Have you tried their liquid liner in the Mont Blanc designed applicator? Despite all my years of trying, I still have a hard time with liquid liner. This makes it goof proof! I just included it my DivaDebbi Best of Beauty 2011-Eyes round up. Just like that Cavalli jacket, its pricey but worth every penny!

Wishing you, your lovely pussycat andyour loyal readers,(and for sure, - am one) a Happy, Healthy New Year!


Charlestongirl said...

Hi Debbi! Happy New Year!

I only had Cavalli guilt for a short time. Really, I can't count the number of times I've worn that jacket. I have a few jackets that I cherish, and that's one of them.

Isn't that Liquid Liner the cat's meow? Everything about it, as you noted, is perfect. It lasts forever. Even after scrubbing my eyelids and showering, I still have a nice thin line the second day. That's a durable liner!

I need to get over to read your "bests." For anyone who needs the link, head over to read about Debbi's faves in multiple posts at - and have fun!

Debbi, sending you hugs and happy wishes for 2012!

Suselew said...

I loved your comment about being on one of those boats! I'm a big supporter of Sea Shepherd and Big Cat Rescue. I've told my husband MANY times, if I was 21 again, you'd find me on a boat fighting to save whales.

Charlestongirl said...


Erin kindly responded while on vacation. She was wearing Paris Moisture Stain Lipstick with Cap d'Antibes Sheer Brillance Lip Gloss on top.

Anonymous said...

I love the look you posted that Erin did can you find out what colors she used?